Sunday, August 26, 2012

Creative Searching

1. Go to WDYL websearch by Google and type in technology.  Look around.  Describe something you learned.  Do not repeat anyone else's post, if you do, you will lose half of your points on this question. YIKES!  Be sure to read previous posts!  (20)

2. Go to WDYL websearch and type in your own topic.  What did you pick? What did you learn? (20)

3. How useful is this? (10)


  1. 1. In December 25-31, 2011 for some reason there was a lot less interest in technology.

    2. I picked prom because I was curious how early in the school people would start searching it. People start searching prom in the beginning of December.

    3. Not very useful, Just fun.

  2. 1. I found that there is a patent for a voice recognition technology to capture geoscience data. It's interesting, it's a patent that is only used for inputing data like the weight of rocks... Weird.

    2. I picked frogs because I wanted to see how much people liked them, plus I absolutely love frogs. I found out that frogs are most commonly researched in Australia as well as the 3 top cities on the list were from Australia, just interesting.

    3. Quite useless, but ver fun to play around with and see what the news and trends are on certain things.

  3. 1) After searching for a couple of minutes, I discovered a news story about how Apple won a court case against Samsung regarding the similarity in smart phones. The Samsung company is now going to lose at least $1.05 Billion dollars.

    2) I decided to look up interesting aspects on the subject of Film. When I browsed through WYDL though, I found very little and learned about Film patents and how to say film in over 50 languages.

    3) This web search narrows any subject down, but some of the references are not very relevant. I wouldn't recommend this web search.


  4. 1. I found several patents that streamline security procedures.
    2. I picked games and I learned there is a place called samurai comics nearby.
    3. This is useful because I may go there one day.

  5. 1. I found that Apple has began to tackle Samsung in the Mobile Phone market.
    2. I chose giuitars and I found that there is currently a patent for an automatic guitar tuner for electric guitar.
    3. I believe that if there is a subject that you know nothing about, this is a way to begin research relevant to your topic.

  6. 1. I found a google application that allows you to view many items of technology in 3D. This can give people a better understanding of the piece of technology.

    2. I searched skateboarding and found out that the area with the most skateboarding traffic is New Zealand. It definitely surprised me seeing as that California is such a huge place for skateboarding.

    3. It is not a very useful search engine, but it can give you the latest news on the thing that you search and it gives you some interesting references.

  7. 1. I found out how to say technology in 57 different languages. It is cool, lots of interesting stuff in this program.

    2. I searched cessna 172. It was cool I learned all about a couple airplane crashes that happened in canada this weekend. It surprised me all the information that they had. Loved the 3D model of the aircraft.

    3. It is great if you love a certain subject. It can tell you almost anything you want to know. It would be useful if your doing a project on one subject or idea and you can find like everything on there.

  8. 1. Theres a lot of interesting things when you search you can find out how to say technology in 57 other languages and there were videos and pictures about technology it was pretty interesting

    2.I searched football and i didnt really learn anything because i already know a lot about football

    3. Its very useful if you want to find out about omething you know nothing about

  9. 1. I found a program called SketchUp that allowed you to view buildings in 3-D! You were able to scale the view as well as see a 360 degrees of whatever you were looking at.

    2. I researched football and found a graph that allow me to see the popularity of football on the internet.

    3. I saw it as not useful and honestly rather boring. It is the dumbest thing I have ever looked at.

  10. !. i learned about new technology for 3D movies scientist have found a way to watch 3D movies without glasses!!

    2.I searched for the nexus 7 and learned that its the newist tablet technology with a quad-core Tegra3proccessor that delivers very fast performance and is the future of tablets

    3.its very useful for lots of thing including this class which i hope to have the nexus 7's this year or next year

  11. 1. I learned about the original Steam engine and how it works internally.

    2. I searched Team Fortress 2, and I learned about the 3D models and the Cel Shaded graphics style.

    3. This is a very useful way to Google search if you need to search a lot in a small amount of time. The way it's set up is clear and easy to scan for useful and relevant info and pictures.

  12. 1. I learned of the massive campaign by Apple to cease all reproduction of its intellectual property by companies such as Samsung.

    2. I searched the Source engine and learned about its massive lineage of games and modifications that have surfaced on the basis of an engine with a lifespan of more than ten years.

    3. This web search places everything you could need to search on a subject on one page.

  13. 1.) I learned about google voice and how you can have a call go through to multiple phones, to leave on master voice mail.

    2.)I looked up skateboarding because it is a hobby of mine, and discovered that there are a large amount of pro skateboarders.

    3.)This type of search is much better than normal google because of the larger amount of and varied results.

  14. 1.) I learned that ICC harnesses iPad technology scrutinizes bowlers.

    2.) I searched "Google" and I learned that Google is extremely popular and doesn't mix with Apple any more.

    3.) This is really useful because people can learn more on a single object, category, or idea just by typing that ONE word in. The internet has evolved into the greatest thing on Earth! Look how easy it was for me to learn about Google and Technology!

  15. 1. I learned that India is a supporter of technology and that they show a lot of interest in it. A particular region is Chennai, India, and a specific language is Tagalog.

    2. I searched roleplaying, as I love to roleplay, and I found out that roleplaying was very popular from January 29th to February 4th, but then dropped considerably.

    3. I didn't find it useful because it was difficult to find the information I was looking for.

  16. 1. I found out that there a lot of books about technology so you can learn about technology with out learning to much

    2. I choose ONCE UPON A TIME and learned how to say once upon a time in different languages

    3. personally I think that it was very useful and I learned about a lot

  17. 1. I learned that technology isn't just with computer faced stuff and that it's also about things moving forward.
    2. I looked up muscle mass and learned that muscles weigh about 45% of your body weight.
    3. I think it is was very useful learning this it never hurt to learn and advancing in education is what keeps the world at a moving pace.

  18. 1. I learned that there is an app that will send e-mail updates to me about new technologies... Sign me up!
    2. I searched up the Dodge challenger srt8, and learned about the patents of it, along with places to find some, and news about the 2014 model of it.
    3. This is useful to an extent, because it only has about a page of search results and obviously needs many more results to be effective. But i t is definitely a cool concept and I look forward to seeing it grow in the future!

  19. 1. I found many places near me that can help with technology and sell and fix it too.

    2. I searched warriors shadow clan and i found tons of interesting thing like you can exsplore the camp in 3D!!!!!

    3. This website is very helpful because you can seach what you love and it will show you many things showing you what you love

  20. 1. I learned that there is a laptop the size of your finger, and there is technology .

    2. I searched FullMetal alchemist Brotherhood Humonculi and i learned nothing because i know a lot about the homunculi.

    3. This is not useful but it's awesome!!!!

  21. 1. There was a map that showed technology places and I learned that the word technology sounds simmilar in some languages.

    2. I typed in dragons because I love them a lot!! I learned that there was a dragon show based on the movie How to Train Your Dragon with robotic dragons that looked real and breathed fire!!
    All the dragons need hugs!

    3. The WDYL search is useful to narrow the topic down but not really helpful.

  22. 1. I learned about Google Voice. Google Voice is an app Google has made and it can be used just like a phone. You can make you own number, and have all the messages and calls to that number be sent to any number of phones.

    2. I searched up "Guitars" because it's an instrument that I like to play. I learned about the guitar and the different parts of it and the names of it in different languages.

    3. This can be useful because this makes it easier to stay on one topic instead of searching on regular Google which gets off topic after a while of searching.

  23. 1. Apparently, in the last 12 months the interest for technology has been gradually declining. Obviously a chart shows that the interest fluctuates, but averagely people aren't caring about technology gradually.

    2. I chose to search game programming and found that HTML5 might make a breakthrough as the new way of programming games.

    3. This is significant because programmers might have to learn the new language and games themselves might change as a result of this.

  24. 1. Wow i was kinda surprised to see that the interest in technology is declining, however interest in the iphone is currently going up. I guess that just kinda shows that people care more about a product then the methods used for making that product.
    2. I picked meme, the interest in that has spiked a ton in recent years, probably due to the fact that more bored teenagers have access to computers now. WDYL has some nifty tools but i dont find it very useful
    3. Personally i dont think WDYl is very good for research, i mean it would be good if you wanted to find pictures or send an email about that subject. Its just not a very useful tool

  25. 1. I learned that a cell phone deletes a voice mail after it hasn't been touched by anyone after 2 weeks! I've never heard anything like this before!

    2. I searched water parks into WDYL because it sounded like something fun to do. It let me watch videos of water slides and look at a 3D model of a water park!

    3. I would say this site could be useful depending on what your doing. If your doing a report on something, it could kind of help but if your doing a HUGE Project I just think it wouldn't help to much.

  26. 1)I discovered that by tying in technology, google provides different sources to find any information about Technology. One of these is Google News. In Google News I saw that NASA's "Mohawk Guy" is going to be hosting a radio show. It will be on a rock radio station created by NASA.
    2) I searched "Ford Bronco." I have a a Bronco and I knew they were popular but I didnt realize how many of them were clustered in certain areas. Phoenix has the second highest popularity When it comes to a Bronco, following behind Denver, Colorado.
    3) I feel that WDYL is very useful. It comes up with 3D diagrams, patents, news articles, pictures, and anything else relative to the searched topic. All you have to do is type in what you want and all your options pop up. Even when researching a topic, you could find books that will be helpful to read.

  27. 1. I found out i could start a large discussion on moderator over technology, and here opinions from people all over.
    2.I searched pencil sketching because i love drawing painting and just art related activity.
    3. I don't feel that WDYL is very useful, it seems to be a fun way to research topics but all together not very helpful when it comes to large quantities of information.

  28. 1. i learned Designers behind the Eisenhower Memorial are using cutting-edge technology to help tell the story of a man known for keeping an eye on the future.

    2. I searched soccer i found out there were soccer patents!?!!!

    3. this site can teach me about tech

  29. 1. I learned that you can set it up so that you can be alerted whenever something important about technology happens.
    2. I searched soccer and found out that you can start a debate about the happenings in the world of soccer.
    3. It is useful to find stuff out about various topics that you are interested in.

  30. 1.I learned about the new type od LCD display called IGZO it has 50% higher pixel quality then the I-Pad

    2. I chose gaming and I learned that game stop has considered selling classic cartridge games at there stores

    3.It is a little useful but I think the only thing you couldn't get from doing the same search is the internet popularity slide.

  31. I learned that the Egyptians used technology in their great architectural achievements. Technology does not mean electronic devices, but ideas and applied inventions which make life easier and more efficient.
    2 I picked House Music and I learned that Daft Punk has a new album coming out on 3 13 13.
    3This is very useful, i did not know about WDYL google until now, and I will be using it in the future.

  32. 1.i learned that Designers behind the Eisenhower Memorial are using cutting edge technology to help tell the story of a man known for keeping an eye on the future.

    2. I picked music technoloogy and i learned that the internet and technology really opened up a lot of possibilities for music.

    3. I have never used this site before but just from this one time i have used it, it can really help you with whatever technology you want to read up on more about.

  33. 1. First off, I read everyones posts and I realized that if there is enough inforation on thie search of technology for 33+ people to write on, it must be pretty cool. So I looked around for a bit and found that under the news section Walmart is trying a enw technology that will make it so people can scan their groceries as they shop and it would eventually lead to less cashiers being needed. COOL! :D

    2. Well, I searched Cody Simpson and I found out that I could, "Scour the earth for cody simpson" and which thats preety creepy I found that this site has a lot of info on it! From translating of languages to news aboiut your topic, its like a categorized google search!

    3. I sort of covered this in my last response but I feel that this could be useful for when I'm bored and I wanna just learn something new. It is really cool but not on my top five list of go to sites.

  34. 1. I found a funny video about how our technology is getting smaller and smaller and eventually we wont be able to use it, and about how it seems that right after we get a new piece of technology, a few days later there is a new piece ready to replace it.

    2. I searched music in the search box, and found a graph showing that interest in music has declined in the past 12 months.

    3. This is a pretty useful tool for searching about everything on a specific topic.

  35. 1. I learned that there are several technology related biliousness in my general area.

    2. I learned that you can view Minecraft models in Google Sketchup by searching 'Minecraft'

    3. This isn't very useful, it's more of a novelty item, but it's still fun to play around with.(7/10)

  36. 1. I learned that the videogame indistery makes billions of dollers every year.

    2. PC-BSD is a free os that is easy to work with.

    3. I'm going to go home and play with this OS to see how neat it is.

  37. 1. I found that google can now email you when something that is relevant to you're google results.
    2. I searched money and I found how to say money in 57 different languages.
    3. Not very use full.

  38. 1. I searched "Windows Phone".
    2. I learned that Windows Phone 8 is coming out in October.
    3. I thought this website was very helpful.

  39. 1. I have learned that when you use google talk you have the ability to call 3 or more phones at once.

    2. I searched in sonic, im a sonic fan and found a 3D model of sonic.

    3. Its kinda useful

  40. 1. What I learned about technology a recent spike in interest in December 2011. Seems weird!

    2. I searched half life. And its coming out in 10 days. Black mesa. Very cool

    3. This is useful if you want to search up a certain topic.

  41. 1: I learned that Nokia’s integration of Scalado technology begins with Smart Shoot and Cinemagraph Lumia Lense app. That sounds awesome

    2:I searched up Numark, which is a music supply company. I learned that they are coming out with a a new Dj console system called the NS6. It will have new features and more options for the Dj to choose from!

    3:It kinda fun and relatively useful!

  42. 1. I learned they are upgrading and making the next version of photoshop next. it will be cool because there are going to be huge advances in the quality.

    2. I typed runescape and learned that they made a new dungeon level.

    3. useful

  43. I searched planes and learned how so speak it in 20 other languages.

    We need them for transportation

  44. 1.) i found a 3D building design sites and a link that will let you take a virtual tour of any main building in the world.

    2.) i searched computers and in the last 2 years, popularity and ratios of people owning computers have increased 25%

    3.) if you didn't have a computer before its useful because you have one now.

  45. 1. I learned how to say technology in Italian. (Tecnologia)

    2. The topic i typed in was Nano Technology and learned that using Nano Technology Russia is developing flexible phones.

    3. I believe this is useful because you can type in literally anything and learn something from just typing in a word or two.

  46. 1-I learned a lot about the advancement in tech and even watched a video about different types of newer inventions.

    2-The topic I searched was dub step, some interesting stuff came up. I found how to say it in may languages, all of which was pretty much pronounced the same.

    3-This app is really useful because it really helps with trying to get a lot of information on one topic in a short amount of time.

  47. 1. I have learned about the IPhone 5 and why it is so good.

    2. The topic that i have looked up was the IPhone 5. I found out how it works, what kind of processor it works on, and the date of the release which is this Friday.

    3. I have really never been on this site but now with my experience with this site with the first time i think it is a very good site for people like me who like to learn about current or future technology.

  48. 1. I learned that the ar15 rifle can be piston driven.
    2. The topic i typed was the ar15 and learned there is a lot of different companies make the ar15 platform.
    3.I will use this more than google because it is so easy and it gives you a 3D modeling system along with everything.

  49. 1. I found out that you can call come one from a computer with Google Voice.

    2. I searched Halo 4 and I learned that you could explore it in 3D.

    3. It is not really useful, but it is fun if you are curious about a certain thing.

  50. 1 I just absolutely love the tiniest laptop in the world its so revolutionary!

    2 I thought it was interesting that they made a master cheif that is able to rotate 180 degrees because I LOVE HALO 3

    3 for the master chief model you can use it in a program like blender and other apps


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