Sunday, March 11, 2012

(S8) Lion vs Win8

The old mac vs PC debate has gotten a bit more complicated with the popularity of mobile devices using variations of these and new operating systems.

Apple is streamlining it's product offerings as a result of ipad/iphone trends. Tablets have soared in sales.

Many claim that "Mac is becoming more like PC and PC is becoming more like mac.
1. Do you agree? Disagree? Explain your reasoning.

2. Review Win8. What's cool? What's not?

3. What are the coolest things about Lion that launched? What don't you like about it.

4. What is the primary computing device that YOU use the most?

5. Do you think that mobile devices will completely replace desktop machines?


  1. 1.yes they are both getting to be used on smaller things like phones and tablets both are trying to make operating systems for smaller computers seems to be pretty cool there are rumors of eye sensors thats cool but it is also rumored to run better on things like tablets wich could be annoying for people who mainly use a desk top is has a lot of new features that improve productivity. it is slower then snow leperd
    4.i use my laptop the most because it is portable
    5.yes not all but a lot of them will go mobil

  2. 1.Yes because Microsoft is starting to make other products like phones.
    2.Win8 is cool because it is more focused on apps and if you have a touch screen laptop the software works with touch.
    3.With Lion you can have a lot more applications and have more of them open at once with out your computer getting slow. But to do this they did have to slow somethings down like the bootup, opening applications ect.
    4.My laptop.
    5.No because a lot of desktop machines are for gaming that can't really be done on tablets or phones.

  3. 1) I think in general the functionality of both OSs in terms of desktop accessibility and docs and quick app launching are shifting together. Sone of the smaller organization of folders and system preferences maybe different but the way you access and actually use the machine are very similar.

    2) I think the metro design is a refreshing change in the tablet market but I still don't see how it is going to fit with the overall desktop design. There are still too many people that use the desktop for applications to really take hold of the metro design. Also the idea behind a single unified OS for all Windows machines is admirable but I don't know if it will actually work out. Will tablets be left out of using the desktop and installing any app it wants from the internet and will the desktop be left of the metro app market? When the iPad first launched I was mad iOS and Mac OS didn't have more in common but now I think that the two different but similar interfaces maybe a good thing. It allows desktops to do what it does best and tablets to do what they do best.

    3) The folder group is pretty cool I guess…. They took out a few things that I really liked about Snow Leopard. I don't like Lion and I doubt I will like Mountain Lion.

    4) Probably my desktop iMac. Photoshop, Blender, StarCraft, internet, Final Cut Pro. Big screen, great guts to get the job done. I can move it if I have to but mainly stays in my room.

    5) Probably but not for a while.

  4. 1. I think that statement is true, Microsoft seems to be going more into phones, and mac only making 1 phone a year seem to be focusing on computers.
    2. It looks kind of cool. I dont like how its more focused around tablets.
    3. They seem to be more focused on productivity more.
    4. Well whenever i get on the computer it seems like im only on the internet browser like on Facebook or youtube. I really could deal with any computer with fast internet
    5. It seems like there making a lot of apps for people on the go. I like bigger screens and a keyboard every once in a while.

  5. 1. I think that statement is true for the most part for many reasons, I researched the windows 8 consumer preview and it looks like their trying to go more towards apple and vise versa. Apple is focusing on their computers because when they come out with their newer phones, they don't really change. "To compete with Apple, Windows has confirmed the introduction of a Windows Store, similar to Mac App Store, which allows users to browse through Windows applications, while developers can publish their Metro-style apps on Windows 8 devices." Was a direct quote from a website I found.

    2. Windows To Go is a really cool feature that I found. It basically allows you to access your data from their "Live USB" and that includes user’s programs, settings and files. They could also be creating a "Skdrive" similar to Apples' "Cloud".

    3. I personally really like Mission Control because it looks really easy to use and it saves a lot of space. Some not-so-cool features are; automator because it looks like something I wouldn't use.

    4. Definitely my Ipod. :D

    5. In most ways, I think they will eventually. Other then things such as essays, and other school projects, I primarily use a laptop but for like facebook, pictures, and easy access things, it's quicker to use my ipod.

  6. 1) macs are not turning like pcs and pcs arent turning like macs it wouldd be good if they added ideas on top of eachothers but not changed their ways completely but to add the no/harder to get viruses with macs and the really good gaming on pc would be very cool

    2)windows 8 looks really cool its going touch screen and getting apps they are kind of taking in ideas from google chromes and macs but thats a good thing because they might execute the thought of apps and toutch better then them

    3) Lion is pretty cool it added some cool new features but not as many features as windows 8 did but i think that its raphics are great andso are the cameras like always

    4)Either my xbox or my ipod because they are awesome

    5) I dont think so because with pc you have gaming and quicker streming because it has the better processor then a smart phone but one day they probably will because it will b basically a portable computer

  7. 1. Yes, it seams like the Windows Phone 7 line is really picking up speed and Mac is focusing on their Macbook Air and Macbook Pro lines.

    2. I love the Metro User Interface, also the ability to swich between that and a normal desktop.

    3. I liked how apple seamed to focus on productivity in Lion.

    4. My custom built Windows PC. Its a beast, 8Gigs of RAM gotta love it.

    5. No, atleast not for a long time, it is hard to type on ipods or an ipad so papers would be hard to write.

  8. 1. they are making the same products but the software is always going to be different in there unique way

    2. there learning to be innovative and are leaning more to apps and they are pushing it to tablets and xbox 360's there are vary cool scrolling if you have a tablet

    3. You can have more apps running at once but slows down i also

    4. my ipod touch it is the fastest and is very convenient

    5. they will make computers obsolete by making them faster and smaller the computers will only be used at peoples houses while mobile devices will be able to play anywhere

  9. 1. Do you agree? Disagree? Explain your reasoning.
    No because they are almost nothing alike in both format, and style.

    2. Review Win8. What's cool? What's not?
    It's very artistic. The style of this OS will be more tailored to tablets or other handheld devices, and it seems like it's more tailored to apps and casual use.

    3. What are the coolest things about Lion that launched? What don't you like about it.
    I like how it has newer features like the control panel.
    4. What is the primary computing device that YOU use the most?
    The Macbook I was rented by the school or my iPod

    5. Do you think that mobile devices will completely replace desktop machines?
    never. Desktop machines just have more power and comfortability.

  10. 1:Mac and PC are completely different. The idea is the same because it deals with operating systems although neither of them want to be the same their is too much competition between the two. They both try coming out with new ideas and try out doing each other therefore neither of them are becoming more like each other.

    2:Win 8 looks pretty cool. I really dig the touch screen feature and the apps that kind of remind me of chrome. Anyways the only problem I think they might encounter is the touch screen feature. No body really has came out with very accurate touch screens besides the I pad creation. We will see what happens.

    3:Lion is bar none the best operating system. Every feature on their runs clean and is totally awesome. I really like launch pad and mission control. launch pad is really cool because it lets you check out all your running applications. Mission control allows you to create new desktops so you can put anything you want on each one!

    4:my xbox and Hp laptop because they rock!

    5:No I hope they do not. I love being able to use both. I am pretty positive people wouldn't be too happy if mobile devices replaced desktop machines. Maybe some company will create a device that has features from both of them and create a super cool machine.

  11. 1. PC is becoming a bit more like MAC because there are a lot of similarities between lion and windows 7, so I agree.
    2. It looks pretty cool because it works more with apps, which I like.
    3. Lion also has a lot more application oriented OS, which is cool.I don't like that it is going to be slower than snow leopard.
    4. My I-Pod
    5. I think it is just personal preference if that will happen, because I personally like a desktop more because it just feels more comfortable. But in the next few years with the innovations in technology mobile products could become better than computers all together and wipe them out completely.

  12. 1. PC is definitely shifting more toward mac with its new trying to be user-friendly Windows 7. They are trying to appeal to the less computer savvy people.
    2. It looks pretty cool, its almost like Chrome which I really like and I think that with all the apps, it is a good step in the right direction.
    3. I really liked Lion with its new features. Some of my favorites were Airdrop, and Launchpad. Airdrop allows the user to connect to another Lion computer and share data which is awesome. Some not so good things is that its a bit slower.
    4. CPU's , whether it be a PC or a Mac.
    5. No, and I hope that it never does. Desktops are amazing machines that pack a lot of power and shouldn't ever be put away in a corner.

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  14. 1. PC is becoming somewhat more like Mac in it's recent changes. Apple is beginning to focus more on their computers while Windows is expanding.

    2. Win8 is nice because it focuses more on apps, though it wouldn't be as ice for those who like to use desktops.

    3. Lion has many new features that improve the productivity, but it does slow some things down.

    4. Definitely my laptop.

    5. I think that eventually mobile devices will start to be used more than desktops because of their portability, but I don't think they will completely replace them.

  15. 1) The two aren't similar in anyway. They have different operating systems and are made by two different companies. Competition can't exist if two products are exactly alike.

    2) Windows 8 has an awesome new Metro Interface Design. Thumbs up for that!

    3) Lion as some great features but I see some problems with computer space.

    4) My PC computer at home because of its great graphics card.

    5) No way! Such a small screen is bad for your eyes!


  16. 1. I think that windows has notices the Apples minimalist design has been working for them and then like any company hoping to get ahead they conformed to fit their buyers demands.
    2. Windows 8 really has nothing remarkable going for it. Everything in it has been done before. That being said it is a notable improvement from past windows os.
    3.Lion has a bit of a different. Other than that they really havnt changed anything major. one thing that I do like about lion is they added more to the touch gestures.
    4. I use my families widows 7 laptop the most but I hate it so much. I often find myself just using my GenYes laptop because even at 6 years old it is better than my dads 8 month old windows.
    5. I think that mobile devices will progress and become more useful but I think that they will never be able to replace desktops completely.

  17. 1. I feel that Mac an PC are not emulating each other, I think that they are both moving towards the mobile platform. With the advent of mobile devises soaring, traditional computer platforms want to verge their operating systems with them and simplify the computer interaction.

    2. Assuming this question is completely opinion based let me offer my own. I do not like the idea that Mac and PC are headed towards, especially Windows. I feel that they are taking away the control I have over my computer. Everything seems placed to me, I can not customize the interface like I want. I see that they want efficiency but it doesn't work for me.

    3. Again, I do not like the new system that they are creating, but I do like Mac's better. I like the traditional file, folder set up where I can organize my stuff how I like it. The new launchpad idea kind of takes this ability away from me. When I get a college laptop it will most likely be Mountain Lion and I don't like that, but we'll see how it goes.

    4. I use the GenYES computer given to me. The other computers in my house are a laptop just like this one and a 9 year old Windows XP desktop.

    5. I hope not, I like mobile devices but I don't think they should replace real computers. They do not have the abilities and customizations that computers have. They have a place and should stay there.

  18. 1.I believe that you are starting to see a trend in the Microsoft OS to be more user friendly and straight forward. When it come to the usage of the two devices the differences between them are still noticeable.
    2.The aesthetics of Windows 8 sure is cool. I don’t know if it would actually be cool to use, it looks too oversimplified to be useful. (but maybe that’s just me not wanting change)
    3.Looking at “ the world’s most advanced OS” I’m skeptical. Again the asthetics are cool, but it looks like with every new OS that Macintosh releases it looks a little cooler but loose functionality at each time.
    4.I use my Windows 7 PC at home.
    5.No, desktops have the nice advantage of a big screen (however big you want, it doesn’t have to travel around with you). As well, batteries will never last as long as a device plugged into an outlet.

  19. 1.) I disagree. In my view Macs are for easier uses, for people that hate wasting time trying to figure out how to click on the internet icon.(my parents)

    2.) Well Windows 8 seems to be good because it is more responsive when it comes to touch screen but on the comments people are nervous that no one will try it because they don't have the time to figure out how to open a file. (my parents)

    3.) Well it can be cool because it's new (who doesn't like new stuff?) but according to my classmate's judgements (yes mrs. k I looked but only to prove a point) it doesn't seem to important and that is the problem that the creators fear: people not wanting to try it. Oh well, sucks to suck.

    4.) I mainly use the laptop and my xbox 360(24/7/365!). It's medium and portable. I can go anywhere (except the bathroom) and pull it out to look up information.

    5.) I think it's a possibility but it better NOT! I think it's awesome to have a small device that can act like a computer, which in the english language is a S-M-A-R-T P-H-O-N-E. But computers are better for a home device which I would use. Just sit down and surf the web at home and plus the battery won't run out.

  20. 1. I agree because microsoft has always had cheap decent hardware and horror able software that has lots of flaws. They are trying to fix their software now because they hav gotten so many complaints about it. Apple n the other hand has great software and amazing hardware... but the prices for quality are much higher and most of the programs out there dont work on apple.

    2. It seems pretty cool and it now has a touch interface so it can be used on mobile devices but I still wouldn't get it simply because I haven't had a great experience with microsoft software.

    3. From what i have seen, Lion is a great OS. Which the addition of spaces and launchpad what's not to like.

    4. I use my laptop and ipod about the same. My ipod is mac and my laptop is microsoft.

    5. In my opinion, from the direction that things are going, I would say that eventually we will hav no big and bulky desktop hardware. All of the tech that we use will be small sleep and portable.

  21. 1. I do not believe Mac is become like PC, I think Mac is more user friendly and better then PC in my opinion. Although, I do believe PC is trying to be more like Mac.

    2. I like the look of the windows 8. I feel like they are trying to be more like apple by copying the ipad, but i think it looks better and more interactive than the ipad.

    3. Some of the things i really like about Lion is Launchpad, Mission Control, and i also like the idea of AirDrop.

    4. I use my Mac Book Pro Laptop.

    5. Yes, you can already do everything you do on a desktop, on a portable device. Also, you wouldnt need hard drive because of the cloud. It is very possible and i do believe it will happen.

  22. 1. Unfortunately, I have to agree, but I do believe there will still be windows loyalists.
    2. Windows 8 is just Windows 7 with a new start menu. I don't really like the new format for the start menu because it feels to much like the OS on windows phones.
    3. The thing I like the most was the ability to have multiple desktops which would help with clutter and organization when you open multiple programs. Although the removal of the scroll bar was a little strange.
    4. I use my desktop computer, laptop, and PS3 all equally as much as one another, so there isn't a clear winner except for maybe the laptop.
    5. I don't think they will, but I do think they may eventually have the same computing power. Some things require more precision or control to accomplish the task properly.

  23. 1. The software is becoming more similar but the operating systems are different and therefore they will never be the same..

    2. The touch screen look is pretty cool, and i like how they are leaning to more tablets as opposed to desktops.

    3. It has a lot more apps but it seems to be lagging more.

    4. My Itouch when im on the go, but at home i use my PC

    5. NO. desktops are bigger and easier then maobile and i do not feel the will ever compare with each other.

  24. 1.The software abilities are becoming very similar, but they will never be the same. There is so many distinct differences in which the rivalry will not allow them to change.

    2.Windows 8 is very extravagant, the way it allows the ability to interact with it. It is a very organized program and allows you to organize items and keep them in one area.

    3.Lion actually aired two programs, launchpad and mission control.

  25. 1) I don't think that PC is becoming anything like Mac/apple. I think they have their own things and they are making their customers happy with what they are doing.


    3) I think that the most frustrating item on Lion would have to be, if you have an older mac 2009 to 2010 macbook the two finger scrolling is inverted. Meaning you scroll up to go down, and vise versa.

    4) I use Mac/apple as my main computing device, but very rairly I use my desktop PC.

    5) To some extent I think that Windows and Mac will eventually make it so you can do just about everythin gon your mobile device. meaning you can already take pictures with your iDevice and then put it in iPhoto and then edit it.

    Carsen Vaughn

  26. 1.No I do not thing MAC and PC are nothing like each other.
    2.I think it is focusing more on apps like Google Chrome and will be nice.
    3.Sorry for my ignorance but i don't know what Lion is. :(
    4.I use both MACs and PCs about the same.
    5.Maybe, because isn't it already happening?


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