Sunday, March 11, 2012

(S7) Gadgets

You guys really like gadgets! I've combined two student blog ideas for this weeks blog.

Find 3 of your favorite gadgets from some of the sites below. Describe why you picked each one and how you think it would improve our lives.

Please use this format:

1 Gadget .... is cool because... it would benefit or improve my life because...
2 Gadget .... is cool because... it would benefit or improve my life because...
3 Gadget .... is cool because... it would benefit or improve my life because...

* We are going to vote on the best submission of gadgets. Free Blog Pass to the winner. Ms K :)


  1. 1. The joystickit gadget was cool because it could be used for a lot of different types of games, it would improve my life because since i'm kinda old school sometimes and I think the arcade machine feel of it would be awesome.
    The grassy lawn charging station was cool because it could look cute in a house and it combines charging devices into one cool portable gadget. It would benefit me because I have a lot of ipod's and cell phones in my family and it gets to be a clutter sometimes.
    The radio portable xray machine was cool because you hold it over a body part and it's just a PORTABLE XRAY! I think this would be extremely beneficial in my life, mainly because i'm really REALLY clumsy and being able to have my own xray machine, WOW!

  2. The Casio Classic Calculator Watch is cool because it has a calculator on it. Look how many other watches have calculators on them? None. Zero. You always need a calculator now you have one on your watch!

    Portal Turret LED Flashlight w/ Sound is cool because its Portal. Everyone loves portal. "Don't make lemonade. Promethius was punished by the gods for giving the gift of knowledge to man. He was cast into the bowels of the earth and pecked by birds. Remember that. That's all I can say. Don't forget. It won't be enough. The answer is beneath us. Her name is Carolyn."

    Titanium straws are cool because they are just awesome. They are super ergonomic and looks amazing. They would benefit or improve my life in the longrun because they would overall be less expensive then tons of plastic straws.

    1. While I must agree with Tyler, I feel that he took the easy rout.

      While the Casio Classic Calculator Watch is very cool, I feel that the usb storage watch is a much cooler choice and more useful in today's society. It would benefit or improve my life by... what am I saying, I already have it and it's great! I never forget my usb on a desk or loose it.

      A Poral Turret LED Flashlight may be cool, but not nearly as nifty as the Portal 2 Potato OS kit . It not only is cool because it's a reference to an awesome game, it's also cool because I say it is. LOGIC! My life would be greatly improved by this product because it would boost my self esteem and make me feel a little less insignificant.

      Titanium straws suck! Cool people use titanium sporks! Cool because it never would break, improve my life by not forcing me to choose between fork or spoon.

  3. 1. The XM25 rifle is cool because it has a wide variety of ammunition to use in different situations. It would benefit me and others by giving soldiers more options to use in tactical situations.

    2. The Helo TC is cool because it is a helicopter you can fly from your iPhone. It would benedfit me because it's just plain fun. I love rc toys and wouldn't mind having one.

    3. The Digital Bolex Camera is cool because it allows people to film high quality movie fairly cheap. It would benefit me by allowing me to film a movie that is MUCH more high quality than the Flip camera that I have now.

  4. 1. the personal flying devise is cool because it allows a person to fly in a personal enclosed space that is also fast it would improve my life by allowing fast and cheep flight saving money and time.

    2. the radio personal x-ray machine is cool because it allows a safe accurate way to asses damage done to bones it would be beneficial in my life because if I got hurt it would allow me to ases the damage without having to schedule a vist to a larger X-ray machine

    3.the new one hundred dollar bill is cool because it is designed to be impossible to counterfeit I could use this in my life because it would remove the threat of accidentally ending up with a counterfeit bill

  5. 1. The phone with Windows on it. It's basically a portable computer with info at the tip of your hands. You have an advantage of downloading programs to a desktop and having documents on a desktop ready to go. It can help in the speeding of technology and further our progress in portable information.

    2. The robot car. It would be AWESOME to be able to control a robotic car with a touch screen controller. Even though I think it's only for fun it can help with the evolution in cars. It can help people learn to touch screen control things, then eventually cars, one problem the robot car uses military equipment which is a little impossible for me to get.

    3. A few days ago someone in my English mentioned SmartGlass. I can imagine SmartGlass as being very helpful. It causes less labor(read the news on the kitchen table) and drag files to a table to work on. It would help people have easier lives and it would be a big step to advanced technology.

  6. 1 Gadget iPad is cool because i has cool and fun apps, that could improve my school and home life experience it would benefit or improve my life because I would be able to use the internet on the go, with the screen size of a desktop or laptop

    2 Gadget The Army Pain Ray is cool because I could use it on criminals outside my home it would benefit or improve my life because I could have pain in the palm of my sound

    3 Gadget iPod joystick is cool because it allows me to use a physical joystick rather then the touch pad it would benefit or improve my life because i wouldn't dirty my screen as much

  7. Nissan Leaf is pretty cool because it doesn't have to use gasoline and can go around 100 miles without the need to charge. Not having to fill up on gasoline would help the world (although I don't know what the environmental cost of producing the batteries is) and it would remove the need to fill up once or more a week. Al you would have to do is plug it into your house.

    Not really a gadget but the Braille Typing App is a different way to type on phone keyboards. It takes a while to learn but is a different method to typing on a miniature qwerty keyboard. While everyone might be trained to use a computer keyboard I feel that phone keyboards have a lot of room for improvement. This might not be the best solution but it makes me glad to see people working to change and improve it.

    The final one would be the Acer A100 Tab. It is a small 7" tablet that is functional and not at the lowest level. I think it would be cool to have one just so I could learn a little bit more about how Android works without having to commit to a phone. The iPad is a bit to big for on the go in my opinion and this tablet's size makes it a better fit in that sense for me.

  8. 1) A video Swimmask is cool because you can take videos underwater which something you see very much. This would improve my life because I could take movies underwater and make really interesting movies.

    2) A Night Vision Mission Video Watch is so cool because you can see things at night and also record videos on the watch. I feel this would improve my daily activities because I could take videos and feel like I am spy.

    3) I think the staple free stapler is awesome because it staples without staples. My life would be improved by a long shot with this because I could staple papers without staples.


  9. 1. Tiny USB Car Power Adapter- it is cool because of its form factor, you almost cant notice it. It would improve my life because I use an ipad when I go flying to it would be an easy way to charge it in the airplane.

    2. Mini Universal remote - it is cool because you can connect it to any TV and control it. It would improve my life because it would bring my joy messing with people my changing their tv.

    3. ForkChops 3-in-1 Eating Utensils - it is cool because it has 3 eating utensils in 1! It would greatly improve my life because i could eat many foods at once! I love sushi so this would be great for when I eat rice.

  10. 1. Senseg new screen technology: This technology allows the user to feel different textures on the display. This means that apps can tell the screen what texture it wants at any place on the screen. This means that keys on a keyboard would feel different then the text box or the mountains in that video game are rough and the valley is smooth. This is simply cool and would come in handy with tablets and smartphones.

    2. Aluminum iPad Keyboard Case: I do not like the iPad, mainly because it is unpractical to type on and requires a learning curve. Zagg saw this problem and made a keyboard for the iPad. This simply connects a full keyboard to an iPad via Bluetooth and allows the user to type with more ease.

    3.Soundlazer speaker: This is a little speaker that hooks up to a sound device and plays music in a very limited direction. This would allow the user to play music with laser precision. So the user could play music to them self and only them self without the need for headphones. I personally hate headphones and earbuds and would really like this product.

  11. 1) XM25 smart rifle - the XM25 is cool because its in call of duty so it caught my eye and i think its awesome it can lock on distance and strength and targets, it will benefit the army but not me in specific i just thought it looked really cool
    2) Personal flying suit- the personal flying suit is an awesome ide who wouldnt like a flying suit it would benefit my life because i could get places faster
    3) Rear view spy sunglasses- the rear view sunglasses are cool because you could see behind yourself with out turning around so if ninjas are following you you dont hav toturn around to attack them and it would benefit life because its just cool and it might be able to save your life

  12. 1:The new iPad that recently just came out it is really awesome and is the best tablet to date. It will help children with learning because of new features this iPad provides. It also has a new camera and faster processor so you can take pictures on a 5mp camera and quickly upload them and share them with others.

    2:resonate dj controller. This thing is amazing for aspiringDJ's. This will help Djs with ease for mixing. I myself Dj, so i know for a fact having plastic mixers and wires everywhere gets pretty annoying when your DJing. With this touch screen mixer you will be able to learn and have fun while playing music.

    3:portable kitchen concept. it is cool because it a all in one portable kitchen with all the utensils you need to cook with. It would guaranteed help people to are on camping trips and want to be able to cook some food while they are out in the wild.

  13. the Joystick- IT is cool because it lets you use a physical joystick for games on your ipad. It would improve my life by helping me beat my high score on packman.n The bacon scented air freshener is cool because it smells like delicious greasy bacon!! It would benefit my life because I love bacon. The bacon and cupcake tooth paste is cool because it taste awsum. It would improve my life by making me want to brush my teeth more.

  14. 1. My first cool gadget is a personal scanner that you drag across whatever you are scanning and it records it on to its memory card which you can later connect to your computer.
    2.The next cool gadget that I found was an Ipad case made out of solar panels. all you need to do is use your Ipad in the sun and it will charge!
    3.the third gadget that I chose was a kind of gps tool where you attach the sensor (about thew size of a quarter) to things that you often loose (your keys, your dogs collar etc). You will never loose them again.

  15. 1. The soundlazer speaker gadget is cool because it can direct sound in a specific direction, it would improve my life because you could listen to music without disturbing anybody.

    2. XM25 smart rifle gadget is cool because it will greatly improve our armies precision, it would benefit our army because we will be able to size up our enemies easy and know what threat we have.

    3. The bullet proof clipboard gadget is cool because it can come in use in a survival situation, it can improve teachers lives in case some student flips. i just like the fact that it is basically impenetrable.

  16. 1. The first gadget is the new iPad (iPad 3 technically). I think that this would be better because, it's the new iPad, has 4G, new and better display, and I would be glad to have the new one to replace my iPad 2 any day!

    2. A bluetooth caller ID watch. I think this would be cool to have for when people call you in class or when you are too lazy and you don't want to take out your phone in class and see who is calling.

    3. The iPhone fisheye lense. This would be awesome to have because everyone has their phone on them, and some people complain about the iPhone and how it's not the best Camera.

    Carsen Vaughn

  17. 1. Gadget Fitnect – Interactive Virtual Fitting is cool because it helps people get fitted for clothes without the awkwardness of another human doing it. it would benefit or improve my life because i would be able to get a good fit from a computer and save time and face.
    2. Gadget The iPad 3 is cool because it has a Retina Display, A5X Chip, and 4G LTE, it would benefit or improve my life because it is a new and improved iPad that can be used in classrooms and at home to save time and entertain me.
    3. Gadget JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick is cool because it gives an old spin to the new iphone and lets you play old games with the joystick it would benefit or improve my life because it would help me get back to the classics.

  18. 1. The Lytro light-field camera is cool because it solves the problem of focusing a camera and it would improve my life by allowing me to shoot a picture with the wrong focus adjustment.
    2. The S3 Krypton is cool because it is the brightest handheld laser one can own and it would improve my life by possibly saving my life if I ever get stranded/lost in the wilderness.
    3. The Nokia 808 is cool because it boasts a 41 megapixel camera and it would improve my life because my smartphone would have about 5 to 8 times more megapixels than anyone else's phone or camera.

  19. 1. Universal Wrist Charger is cool because If you have an iphone or product similar to it, and you have no where to plug in and charge when it is dying, then you can use that. It would be like carrying another battery on you for your devices.

    2. Joystick Gadget is pretty awesome too, it great for gaming and such.

    3. I would also use the Calculator Watch, things always involve numbers and math and it would be quick and easy to use.

  20. 1.The fitnect is rather extravagant. It would improve my life by shortening mornings. I could choose what I want to wear and see what goes together.

    2. The Great Wall of multi-touch would really vamp up my life. It is an awesome way to view pictures and videos that are uploaded. You can sort and move through uploaded pictures with ease.

    3. The calculator watch is amazing. It allows you to avoid everyday math struggles by having a resource at your fingertips all day. It would probably be bulky but it would have many advantages as well.

  21. 1. The skin used as a computer input is cool because you could use the top of your hand to make a call and you need to look strate. It would improve my life by reducing the risk of someone messing with there car radio and not the road.

    2. The XM25 rifle is cool because it's bullets can change on the spot if needed, like if someone was in a house there is a "door breaching round" along with a few others. This will help improve the safety of the country.

    3. The New $100 bill is cool because of how they made it harder to counterfeit the bill. They put the following onto the bill:3-D security ribbon, Bell in an inkwell, Portrait watermark, Security thread, Color-shifting ink, and Design modification. This will improve my life by stoping counterfeiters and getting them off the streets.

  22. 1. The Magnetic Resonance Helmet Concept is cool because it is functional magnetic resonanceimaging (fMRI) helmet used by neurologists to diagnose the neuron-signalling patterns of a patient’s brain cortex.

    2. The Cybertecture Mirror is cool because it is a futuristic mirror that enables you to walk into the bathroom, turn on the light and screening your blog updates while doing your makeup routine, brushing your teeth, or wash your face. It’s connected wirelessly to the accompanying Sensor Pad and a remote control that allows it to reflect data of your current weight, body mass index (BMI), and any other general health state as well as historical records on your health.

    3. The Brain controlled prosthetic arm is cool because the arm relies on simple pneumatic pumps and valves, and a tank of compressed air to move, it would cost about ¼ the price of a traditional prosthetic limb to create.

  23. 1. The soundlazer speaker gadget is cool because it can direct sound in my direction, it would improve my life because you could listen to music without letting anyone know hat your listening to.
    2.Ipad case made out of solar panels. all you need to do is use your Ipad in the sun and it will charge. This would make being outdoors more enjoyable.
    3. ForkChops it is cool because it has 3 eating utensils in 1. It would greatly improve my life because i could eat many foods at once. I personally have a pair.

  24. USB Handbag Flash Drives: There has been many instances of a USB being disguised as something else, but this cute disguise designed as a handbag, which comes in an assortment of bright colors is worth possessing and is sure to capture everyone's attention.

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