Sunday, November 6, 2011

Leading Technology in High School

Considering the cool things we are doing with our Innovation Projects and the development of our AMPLITUDE concept, I thought it would be interesting to investigate what other high schools are doing and how we compare.  Here are some results of my search:

Research some of these schools.  (You will need to uncover the schools real websites)

Pick ONE high school that hasn't been selected by someone posting before you. 

1.  What list was the school on that you picked?  Why do you think it made one (or more) of these lists?  What can we learn from this school?

2.  Do you think there is anything we are doing technologically at our school that they are not doing?  What?  What gives you the impression they are not doing it?!

3.  How does Shadow compare to these schools in general and specifically to the school you picked?

4.  Do you think we should make one of these lists?   How do we get there?

5.  Random thought....


  1. Biotechnology High School, Freehold, NJ:

    A public magnet high school, Biotech High offers students the chance to take a curriculum intensely focused on the sciences to better prepare students for a career in the biotechnology industry. Facilities are top notch, and include two biotechnology labs, a chemistry lab, physics lab and biology lab, each with state-of-the-art equipment. Students are expected to choose an area of concentration for their studies, which include genetics, biomedical research, environmental technology and agricultural science. Additionally, the school uses blogs to communicate with students and parents, and each teacher maintains a separate one for his or her courses. Qualified students can also take college classes at nearby Monmouth University and participate in such research while still in high school.

    1. 12 best high schools for ten education, it is very interactive, with state of the art technology and also it involves lots of blogging and staying in touch with others around the clock. We actually do a lot that this school does, he also use blogs and tare hands on, i guess they use it more to direct things to a certain career.

    2. Hmmm... not off the top of my head, i am sure that we have a lot more "fun" technology, xbox, wii, kinect etc., but they probably keep up computer areas for people and will help others that need it.

    3. The school i picked deals more with bio genetics and agriculture, so i sorta feel shadow doesn't relate? But both of us schools use blogs and are interactive.

    4. Yes, our program is amazing,and it will just take time to get noticed, that is how i feel we will make one of the these lists.

    5. elephants.

  2. 1. The school I picked was on the 12 BEST HIGH SCHOOLS FOR STEM EDUCATION article. I think it made the list as number 6 because they have a lot of cool technologies and different innovations for going green and building a better school. We can learn that on top of all of our efforts in the library, we could be doing other things to help our community and school and the earth as well! Their water Collection System using a cistern is actually pretty cool as well as the simple things, like they have solar powered faucets and I think that's a weird way of integrating technology all over their school.

    2. I don't think they are focusing on any real aspect of their school like we have the COMPASS lab that we're doing and we focus on our library. That's why you can see it all over our website. However, they are doing some cool stuff but I don't think they really have a technology focus. They actually say, "New Tech’s main goal is to prepare the students for college." Why don't they focus on the point of their school and not on what the kids are going to be doing after?

    3. I think they're cool and all but I like Shadow and the initiative we're taking in a direction that is really going to make our school change technology. A lot of the other schools had focus's on engineering and sciences when someone could be interested in other things so that's why our public school approach is better.

    4. Right now, I don't think we should simply because a lot of the other schools have some pretty cool things and we're kinda just getting started but the way things are going, I know we will eventually be on one :)

    5. December 2nd is a very important day in my life.
    Remember that.

  3. 1) Technology High School, Rohnert Park, California. Their integration of Web 2.0 tools like blogger and google docs in all aspects of the classroom as well as other projected based learning all throughout the school. So basically what we do in Genyes needs to be integrated into all of Shadow.

    2) I think the one thing we are doing is gaming. While some schools mentioned the use of wifi on the school bus we are going for teaching kids with games, not just as a relaxation time. Their use of tablet and smartphones seems to be enhancing the interaction between student and not to teach the subject matter.

    3) Shadow is pretty good but I think that we are still in a proto phase. Many of these schools were build specifically to be technology high schools. Shadow is an older school that is reshaping itself to be a computer/technology school. We have a harder time because the teachers need to transition the teachers to use more technology but we can do it.

    4) If we want to get on one of these lists we need to become a snobby and stuck up private school that is EXTREMELY competitive and only accept 4 students a year and change our name to High Tech, Tech High: High Technology and High Computers High School. But on a more serious note, these list are only looking at crazy single focus high schools, not regular public schools that have a high amount of technology. We would have to make every teacher use computers for every lesson everyday.

    5) In Time is a really good movie.

  4. 1. The school I picked is "Western School of Technology and Environmental Science" It was on the Top 10 high tech high school, ranked #10 I think that It made this list because of its Magnetic Program, which is essentially a group of CTE programs that they offer aimed at specific fields. This school is very good at integrating Technology without having it become too daunting.
    2.One thing that we have that they dont is GenYes! they do have a substantial list of classes and clubs , but none of them are GenYes .
    3. Shadow is not really similar to these schools very much because they are all focused on technology and all of their students are enrolled in tech classes. Here at Shadow we have a lot of students who take tech classes but Tech isn't the prime focus here at Shadow(as much as we want it to be)
    4.I think that in order to make one of these we need to get the rest of the school interested in what we are doing in GenYes and other tech classes. If we can get more people to enroll in our programs we can get up there.
    5.I love sugar gliders

  5. 1. High Technology High School

    They're a really exclusive school with really big advancements in technology... but that makes me worry-some. They have great and new technology, but they seem like they don't want to share it. 75 kids seem really and exclusive but it seems like they are trying to hard to be a top school. Also they're in New Jersey.

    2. We have a lot of kids using tech. They have about as many as one could count on his hands and toes.

    3. Our school is larger and not as exclusive. I think this brings more to the table then 75 kids a year.

    4. Maybe. We need, apparently, to be in Northeast part of the states. We need more awesome things like exclusion and HATRED TOWARDS THE MASSES.

    5. Arizona doesn't fund schools properly.

  6. Oh, By the way, I picked New Technology High School in Napa California haha :D

  7. 1.) Eureka High School. This high school made the list because it is a very average, run of the mill school with average test scores. We can learn that having "a new fitness area, three new science labs, three science classrooms as well as renovation of six other classrooms, a new darkroom for the photography program, renovation and expansion of the kitchen and cafeteria/commons area, a new instructional wing with 12 classrooms, a new gymnasium and a state-of-the-art 500-seat theatre" and bragging about it can make us on the top ten list.

    2.) We are using technology extensively, but they have us beat. from their website one can assume that they probably use their fancy credit cards to buy a ton of stuff to try and fill their 80 ache plot of land. As for as classroom technology, their school has nothing on their site that shows major advancement, but I'm sure they are going to buy some soon.

    3.) Shadow obviously can't compare to a 80 acre campus, several brand new renovations, and average students. They don't compare technology-wise at all.

    4.) I don't know if Shadow can make this list, with outstanding, revolutionary, inspiring, breathtaking schools like Eureka, Shadow could never make it. If Shadow wanted to make it on one of these lists, it would defiantly have to raise it's uses of technology to match or exceed those of Eureka's high level.

    5.) Of course I am not being extremely sarcastic.

  8. 1)12 best high schools for stem education (tech valley High School), i think it made the list because its all focused on technology, math, and science and the small amount of students in the school means its exclusive so you have to be very good with technology to get in. I dont know what we could learn from this school because we arent a just technology school.
    2)I dont think they are doing the kinect hacks and things like that like us. it looks like they are doing more of the telepresence and collaborating with people all around the world,which seems pretty cool,
    3)shadow compares to them because we are doing most of the same genyes stuff that they are doing there, that school is sort of a genyes school in a way
    4)i Dont know if we could make one of these lists because from what i saw most of these schools were pretty small and exclusively math science and technology, but we might with the telepresence and the kinect hack and all of the other cool things we are doing here
    5)no additional thoughts

  9. 1. School of the Future on the list "The Ten Most HighTech schools in the country." It was picked to be on the list because t is a school centered around technology. Microsoft helped form it and gave it funding. It is designed to teach students about new and emerging technologies in the world surrounding us. We can learn that nothing is too big or too hard to do if we put our minds to it.

    2. I am not sure if they use Cisco Telepresence because they dont have any reference to it on their website and that is quite an amazing piece of technology.

    3. I think Shadow has some better items with the Compass Lab and Cisco Telepresencing, but the School of the Future seems to be geared toward specifically technological student.

    4. Im not sure Shadow could have or should have made it onto the lists but we can definitely make it if we continue our technological course and continue to use innovative devices in innovative ways. Then we might just be researching us!

  10. The school I picked was on the 10-most high tech high schools in America. It is Technology high school. I think it made it because it uses project-based curriculum to focus on technology in a good light. We could learn how to apply technology to common carriers and activities in the work place.

    I didn’t get the impression that they were doing any thing different.

    These schools focuses mostly on technology in all classes shadow only focuses it on specific classes.

    We should make one of theses lists if not one of the best programs in the country then at least in the state. We would have to make the program more public and show people what we are doing.

  11. 1. Columbiana High School. Columbia High School made it onto the list because of their ranking of #1 connected class room.
    2. Our school is doing a lot more with technology like class room integration and online support (ie teachers with websites)
    3. I think Shadow is no worst than any of these schools, except in the aspect of funding and recognition.
    4. I don’t think that our name appearing on a list is that important or probable. We could contact the list makers and nominate ourselves for the next selection.
    5. Who pays attention to these kinds of lists?

  12. 1. that is on the High Schools And Technology: Top 10 Most Connected link I think Its vary cool they give out dell laptops to every student I think we need to learn to be for technology based.

    2.We are doing more in what we want to do the Crooms Academy of Information and Technology are more on the learning and putting technology into it

    3.We do more fun stuff with technology and the other schools are just putting it into learning.

    4.I think we definitely be on the list for learning about technology and what things can really be accomplished with technology in general

    5.Skyrim all the Way!!!!

  13. 1. The school i did was High Technology High School. They are a school that is very hard to get into and have made many Advancements in technology. The only problem is they are so exclusive, only 75 kids see their new technology and they are stationed in New Jersey, so not many people will be utilizing the technology.
    2. We are one of the few schools who have the telepresence so we win there. we also have around 100 times the kids at our school so there are more people to use the technologies in new and interesting ways.
    3. Shadow compares by also having new technology with the compass lab and the wii wall and things like that.
    4. i feel like we dont need to make a list because we already know we are awesome:)
    5. Skyrim withdrawals.

  14. 1:12 best high school for stem education...I picked TJHSST Thomas Jefferson high school of science and technology I think we can earn a lot from this school. We can learn how to bring other clases into technology such as biology and english.. because this school enrolls kids into a class called design tech which is just what i explained.

    2:I guarantee you they are not doing the projects that we are doing. such as chrome projects and working with the macs as well.

    3:I think we compare very well.We have very talented kids in our class and we work really hard to make our educations easier and better

    4:Yes we should be on these lists. I am sure if we talked to some of the head people of these sites and organizations to check out what we are about they would put us their no problem


  15. 1. The School that I have chosen is the Marine Academy of Science under the second link. It was the 5th school on the list. It is a school that specializes in marine technology. We can learn how to protect and develop better ways to protect our marine life and how we can cope with its drastic changes.

    2. I feel they are not doing anything close to what we are doing. They may have communication and computer tech , yet they may not apply the technology as we do.

    3. I think we are not compared very well.

    4. I think we can make a list for top new technology in school.

    5. Homework... work... school...repeat...

  16. 1) I Picked High Technology High School in Lincroft, New Jersey. This School was on multiple lists. They have course on how to use technology, and i think it will be cool if we showed other students how to use it better. This can help both of us. We can show them how to use the computers better, and we can see which students are actually good with computers and see if they will like to join the class.

    2) They seem like a very smart school, with multiple computer labs, and they way more students than we do. So if we are working on mac computers, then my guess is that they are also working on them, they are most likely doing way more than we are.

    3) I think that this school is doing way better than others but this school has as good as computer as we do if not better.

    4) I think that this school is doing way better than others and we are on our way to being on one of these lists, but not quite yet.

    5) Pencils.


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