Monday, May 16, 2011

(S12) What's the best smart phone OS for the money? Droid? iphone?

1. List your phone

2. Costs, operating and phone cost

3. Why this phone is the best for the money

4. Significant features are...


  1. 1. I have a Motorola Droid. It works well.

    2. Android has more phone models at higher and lower prices than iPhone. Also, it is on more carriers that cost less.

    3. It does everything the iPhone does for less money.

    4. Calling. Internet Browsing. Applications. Text Messaging. GPS/Maps.

  2. 1) Android Thunderbolt

    2) Unlimited data plans for it on Verizon are $30 and only $10 for 75 magabytes. That is addition to the cost texting and plans.

    3) Because it is the one of the newest phones with the best hardware and most current software.

    4) It has a 8 mb pixel camera, 4.3" touch screen, and 4G

  3. 1. IPhone 4

    2. To get the iPhone 4 for the lowest price, you must sign up for a two-year service contract with AT&T. The 16GB iPhone 4 (Black or White): $199
    32GB iPhone 4 (Black or White): $299.

    3. This phone is the best for the money because it is guaranteed long lasting, it isn't as glitchy as the droid phones such as the Atrix. If you're going for a good phone why not pay a little more for something better?

    4. LOTS OF APPS, facetime!, retina display, two cameras, multi-tasking...many more

  4. 1. Droid 2

    2. $270 $70 for service $200 for phone

    3. More variety of droids better os

    4. keyboards mostly bigger screens. first to run flash

  5. 1) iPhone 3G

    2) No clue, my parents pay it

    3)....well it obviously isn't any more lol

    4) It has the app store, the good app store...not the knock off droid one. (Although if you jailbreak it you can have both.)

  6. 1, iPhone

    2.$570 for the 16 gig. $699 for the 32 gig.

    3. Because of all of the potential the machine has. Tons of apps and a great jailbreaking community behind it.

    4. Jailbreaking, Appstore, great compatibility with other Apple products.

  7. 1. Motorola Droid X

    2. $590-650

    3. The phone is lightweight, sturdy, and has good battery life, as well as a high quality camera for a good price.

    4. Android apps and many extra expansion features.

  8. 1) Android

    2)results may very from 250-599

    3) the phone is lighter then the iphone and the os in my opinion is better then the iphone

    4)All the apps and the reception gps ect......

  9. 1. Windows Phone 7

    2. from $300 to $500

    3. It is new, it has the same great apps as the iphone and droid. Its is getting more apps everyday. It has the Zune music service, which you pay $15 a month and get unlimited music, and you get to keep 10 free song a month forever.

    4. The apps, zune, every one has to have a fm radio, 5 mega pixel camera, 256 MB of RAM with at least 8 GB of Flash memory.

  10. 1:Droid Bionic (coming soon)

    2:price not set yet

    4: The phone will be the best phone on earth it has a 8mp camera ,1 GHz, and has a huge 4.3 inch display.

    3:price hasnt been set yet


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