Sunday, April 17, 2011

(S10) Transformice!

Yes it's true.  You, have before you, a homework assignment based on the game...Transformice!  Your teacher has gone over the edge!  Play the game.  Play it some more!  And more... and then...

1. Describe the key elements that make someone want to play this game.   Just what is "it" that makes it so fun?

2. Is there a mild addictive quality to it?  What drives to to open this game vs a movie or another game?

3. Suppose you were commissioned to develop a game by a competitor and your task was to create a game that was better than Transformice.  What would your game look like? How would you improve on it?

4. How would you build an audience to play it?


  1. 1) A key element that makes the game fun is the randomness of the levels, the fact that it's online and played with other real people. Plus I mean it's about mice!!!

    2)Yes there is a very addictive aspect to it. Nothing anymore lol

    3)I would give the mice lasrz and parashootz.

    4) Word of mouth just like how transformice grew.

  2. 1. It is so fun because there is one goal with constantly changing obstacles while giving the sense of accomplishment when you come in first place, yet finishing the race too.

    2. It is mildly addictive ill admit. I would rather play a game then watch a movie because im wasting my time bit I'm also actually doing something.

    3.technical aspect game where you can use engineering skills to build things for specific problems. Something more realistic...

    4. I would build an audience at engineering schools and a lot of blogs. Facebook is a great way to advertise.

  3. 1. It is a totally pointless game that is only fun because it wastes time and it is something to do with your friends in the room.

    2. The fact that you can sit in a room with your friends and socialize with them while you play is what makes this game so addictive. Also its not work so thats a good ploy. And its not Blender.

    3. Games that are fun and collaborative are the most popular. There needs to be a game that will present you with a challenge, but not enough of a challenge that you cannot move past it. Transformice presents you with a challenge that you can either beat, or you cannot. And if you can't, in less than 2 minutes, if moves on and starts over.

    4. Advertise on other websites with flash player ads that show along the side or while other things are loading. And also allow feed back to make the game better and retain the current audience while gaining new people.

  4. 1. First off, they are mice. Second; some times it requires teamwork using someones head to jump off of to get the cheese. Most of the time you have to strategize how to get to the cheese and score before your friends.

    2. Yes, it is addicting. This game is easy to open and just easy to play if you want to mess around.

    3. I would make a game more like a maze that has items that u can use to push other players away from the cheese as a power up or something.

    4. Advertisement and the use of word of mouth, if my game was fun people would love to play it. Minecraft is an amazing example!

  5. 1.The fun part of this game comes from the competitiveness of racing other people in real time, the simplicity of the goal of the game, and the surprisingly large depth Transformice has.

    2.The game is ever-changing. You're constantly up against new mice on new maps with new challenges that you need to over come in real time. Plus, the admins update the game several times a month, adding new methods of play, events, and shop items. The other thing that really drives me to keep playing is that there are so many ways to keep getting better at it. With most games, you play for hours and hours and eventually you reach the best that you can possibly be. But with Transformice, you can always be a better walljumper, cheese walljumper, corner jumper, chocolate turn-arounder etc. Even as the shaman, you can always work to get more mice to hole each time since there's an infinite amount of solutions to each map.

    3.I think it's difficult to make a game in the same genre of Transformice that's better, since Transformice fills such a unique niche in the gaming world. If I had to make a better game than Transformice it would be a similar premise, but much more flexible and allow the users to change the way the want to play instead of moderators only having that ability.

    4.Word of mouth and a little bit of online advertising. If a game is truly good the players will advertise it for you.

  6. 1like every game there is always a driving factor behind why people want to play video games. I personally have no desire to play this game because I have, to be honest, to much work to do. Wile looking in on the out side I can see how one might be drawn into the game I myself find an indifference to playing the game.
    2From what I have gathered, the object of the game is to "get the cheese" wile trying to stay alive during various levels. In each level there is a shaman who is supposed to help each player accomplish various tasks that allow them access to said cheese.
    3This game is almost the same concept as many online puzzle games out there. "complete the puzzle while having a specific goal in mind once completed and then move to the next stage." Using this format any individual is able to create there own "Transformice" so to speak. its a matter of simply applying a different theme to the game structure, sorta like putting "new clothes" on the game. while the general game pattern is still left intact it is subject to different rules depending on the game interface that is being applied.
    4. as all products are introduced to the market, the game needs to be adequately advertised to the public. How is someone going to know to buy a product if they dont even know it exists?

  7. 1. It allows a large number of people to play and compete together while working toward a common goal. It's not repetitive - you can always get better and play on new maps.

    2. It's simple to pick up and doesn't require a large time investment. It's not addictive because it doesn't require a large amount of time, but it does get you involved and make you work to win.

    3. It would be a flash game like transformice, probably with a combination of skill and strategy. Importantly, it would have to be lag-free and have a fun playing experience.

    4. Advertise on places like Reddit, or with Google and talk to different people so they would play it. Make it interactive and create a community of people that enjoy playing together.

  8. 1. I think the reason why we like to play the game so much is because there is no school work involved, we can just play the game and after a while you get addicted. I use to play it a lot, especially in the beginning of the year and I got addicted but now I don;t play it as much. Mainly because of the goals and it's interactive, fun, competitive, and I like competition.

    2. I believe there's a big addictive quality to this game. I personally have more of an interest to a game then a movie but that's because of the fact that I can get bored during a movie a lot quicker. Yes, you can et bored of a video game but it's the fact that your interacting and not sitting completely still.

    3. My game would look like a words with friends/ angry birds mix. I know both games are popular and so I would create a game of scrabble but while your waiting for the opponent, you could play some other game. Whether it be transformice or angry birds.

    4. Since both games are all ready popular, I would advertise by making facebook pages, etc..we all know that can get attention.

  9. 1) Part of what makes this game so fun is the challenge of figuring out how to get to the cheese and get back. The necessity of working together is fun and helps you appriciate the other players. This mix of teamwork and personal winning is what makes this game so much fun.

    2) The add-ons for the mice are a reward that promotes winning and getting better which drives the player to continue playing. Plus figuring out how to beat the puzzles keep the game interesting.

    3) My game would allow the players to interact with the level more by giving them certain tools that could be used in multiple ways to navigate the map. The maps would be bigger and scrolling to allow for more adventuring and exploration. I would still have achievements but they would be for completing the level in unique ways or with only certain items.

    4) I would market it on Facebook and other social sites with the draw that it is a competitive multiplayer game. Interactive ads that gave a sample of gameplay or videos showing what it looks like.

  10. 1) by yourself its not that fun, but with friends it can be a blast, the cheese, the challenge, what could be better?

    2) it is addictive, just as long as your friends are there with you. Trying to unlock all the titles, and trying to get more cheese than your friends.

    3) it would have no lag, easier to make levels, more levels, and better music!!

    4) I would buy a sports team and name the team after the game!! If that was out of budget maybe some adds on youtube, and other sites that teen boys would visit.

  11. 1: Its fun with a huge sum of friends because your ultimate goal is to get the cheese so with all the friends its fun to jump of their heads and run the the obstacles.

    2: Most games are more fun than watching a movie in my opinion. The addiction is insane!! I would go so hard to get the cheese everytime.

    3: My game would be have chickens and you have to try to grow your egg til it hatches then you fight other chics with your baby chicken. Then grow it to be the ULTRA CHICKEN!!!

    4: I would start with my friends to play it and if they liked it they would tell ten friends and so on.. I would also contact most fun games to try my game out and put in on their site for people to play

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