Monday, April 4, 2011

(S8) Read it on Reddit

Go to reddit and click "register" in the upper right hand corner.  Explore the site.  Answer the questions below.  As always, number your responses.  

1. What is reddit? How does it compare to a blog?
2. Find an article that you think is interesting and appropriate.  Upvote it.  Read a few comments of that article.  Upvote the ones that you feel made good points.  List the article you chose.
3. Comment on the article. When you have submitted, click on the 'permalink' below your comment. Copy the url of the page it brings you to and save that link.  Paste the link to the comment you made.
4. How does the concept of "social news" appeal to you?  What are it's strengths and weaknesses?

NOTE: Everyone needs to submit valid answers before the "Monday Deal" goes into effect.


  1. 1. Reddit is a social blog. Anyone can add something they find cool. Reddit has a lot of social news on it.

    2. New 7.4 earthquake in Japan.


    4. I really enjoy social news. Some strengths of social new like reddit for example has news that i like, it also doesn't have the the bs that regular news has. Some weaknesses are that the news could be fake.

  2. 1. There is a long list of different topics/questions that users are allowed to comment on. Reddit is comparable to the blog because it has all the topics people have posted, and they are all in different categories.

    2. I chose; I found a pink softball and it promised me a free pizza.


    4.I like social news because it's interesting to read all the different discussions people post about topics I can search through. Some strengths of it are that it's easy and not that boring for people to collaborate that way and some weaknesses are that things can get out of hand.

  3. 1."reddit is a source for what's new and popular online. vote on links that you like or dislike and help decide what's popular, or submit your own!"

    2."My Bro lives in Fukuoka. I demanded he find the Zombie Fortress last night on Skype. Bro delivers."


    4. Social news is a good thing. although the strength is its weakness is the fact that you can get information out immediately.

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  5. Reddit is like a lame blog with no security, kind of like a somewhat more civilized 4chan. it's actually a lot like 4chan....just without the fun.

    Dead-Missing-Jailed BP WHISTLEBLOWERS

    It's like a bigger version of twitter, it's cool but it will never be as big as twitter or as popular as facebook

  6. 1) "reddit" is a social blog that people put up cool things that happened around the world. But it includes news, funny things, and sports.

    2) Japan: Earthquake prompts Fukushima evacuation. this was a very devastating day in the worlds history.


    4)Social news is a great thing because it helps people know watts going on in the world

  7. 1. Reddit is a more of a forum instead of a blog, it compares to the GesYes blog.

    2. What is a normal thing that you don't do, due to a ridiculous fear?


    4. I love reading and giving my feed back, it makes me feel good and get to have alot of fun with it!

  8. 1. Reddit is a social news site that is entirely user driven. It is much different than a blog because all the links and stories come from multiple sources and submitters, not just one.

    2."A human skull dated to about 2,684 years ago with an 'exceptionally preserved' human brain still inside of it was recently discovered in a waterlogged U.K. pit...The brain is the oldest known intact human brain from Europe and's one of the best-preserved ancient brains in the world."


    4.I like it. I like it's survival of the fittest attitude so only the best of the best appear on the front page. The only weakness I seem to have found is that people seem too concerned with "karma" and getting up votes and becoming popular.

  9. 1. Reddit is a news-like site where people can post just about whatever they want, occasionally with accompanied pictures. It is different than a blog in the way that the posts are more limited, and everyone can access it.


    3. Sent it to you.

    4. Social news doesn't necessarily appeal to me, since these days I believe it is mostly just horrifying stuff about how bad society is. When it is actually normal, it is useful.

  10. I couldnt load the page so i emailed you the article I read.
    To complete # 4: social news? whats the difference between that and something like CNN? and if its social news isnt it the same as "gossip"

  11. Reddit is an uncorrupted 4chan

    I like all of the articles, I like how anyone can do pretty much what every they like,

    I like the diversity

    Cool article

    The comments are nice too


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