Sunday, March 13, 2011

(S7) Paper vs Paperless teaching

1. How many of your classes are basically paperless, that is your classwork is delivered and completed online?

2. How many of your classes use paper handouts, packets, worksheets or paper tests all or most of the time?

3. Which do you prefer?    Paper or Paperless?  Why?

4. pvLearners / Google docs are good online environments, but there were some in class that disapproved. Do you think it's an efficient means to collaborate, communicate, teach/learn between teachers and students?  Why?  If not, what is a better idea?


  1. 1. 2 of my 4 classes are basically paperless. GenYes of course and English 101.

    2. The other 2 classes use hand outs, worksheets, and note taking in notebooks.

    3.I prefer paperless, it's a lot easier to organize and keep track of my work paperlessly. I also find I can get more work done faster on a computer than just writing by hand.

    4.For certain classes it's a very efficient means of operating. However, there are still class which I think operate better without pvLearners. My English 101 class I think is very efficient with it's way of getting out the assignments, writing and editing our papers, and turning them in all through google docs. I think without pvLearners, the pace of the class would be a lot slower and ultimately not as much would get done. However, my I like my Calculus class as it is without google docs. I find it much easier to just do work sheets by hand since they don't require much writing and I find it easier to show work by hand. I could see math classes changing in the future when a more math oriented equivalent of google docs comes around.

  2. 1) Genyes and my AP English class are my only paperless class. The things we do on the computer are essays, timed writing, and note taking.

    2) Three of my classes use papers and other hand outs.

    3) I like having a mixture of both in a class. I prefer to take notes by hand but the use of computers for teaching and writing is more interesting for me.

    4) I think that it is an effective and useful for collaboration between teachers and students but I do not think that it is the best way to teach kids new things. It is good for spreading information and turning in assignments but if you want a way to make class more interesting and better for teaching google docs won't work.

  3. 1.None of my classes are entirely paperless although genyes has the least amount of paper.

    2. 6/6 use hand outs and paper.

    3. I prefer paper because i feel that technology takes away from the personal effect of writing.

    4. I think that pvlearners and google docs is perfect for collaboration and open ended communication between teachers and peers. Although I do not feel it is is efficient to learn nor teach using pvlearners.

  4. 1. Only GenYES is "paperless," all other classes still use paper heavily.

    2. All of my classes still use paper handouts occasionally. GenYES uses them the least. The rest use them all the time.

    3. I don't really have a preference, it all depends on the situation that they are used in.

    4. Yes, people should definitely be using pvLearners more to collaborate. It's not perfect, but it is definitely easier to use for essays and assigments that can be done online. It's all about the pragmatic use of online resources.

  5. 1. 2 (GenYes and design tech)

    2. 3 of my classes. (Science, math, english)

    3. I like some of both, it all depends on the class. (Math- yes for notes, no for homework) (English- yes for all notes and essays)

    4. I really like collaborating in my classes over pvlearners because it provides an easy way to talk to everyone quickly. Especially between teachers and students because it's quick and easy since they usually reply quickly. If a student is absent who's sick for instance, they can go to chat and look the teacher up and send them a little message for example.

  6. 1. I have only 2 classes that are basically paperless, for the most part.

    2. 2 other classes are almost all paper stuff every day.

    3. Paperless is easier and better for the environment.

    4. I think that Google Docs is perfect for everything except maybe math. It is so complicated to input math problems into a word processor that it is just easier to use paper.

  7. 1. 0 of my classes are paperless, besides GenYes.

    2. All of the time, everyday we use paper.

    3. I totally prefer not using paper and love using computers and a keyboard.

    4. Its definitely a bonus and fun for using in the classroom and the fun for everyone.

  8. Some of my classes are really close to paper less, but not because the paper is substituted by computer work, but because the teacher lectures more.

    Other classes, like English for example, always seem to use paper, I would bet it is because teachers are thinking in the old way, English is old paper is old... duh

    I don't think paperless is perfect, but I suppose we could use more balance, worksheets are boring, but to much computer work will become boring too... idk

    The teaching tools online are a good tool, the major problem is that the teachers use them differently, it is hard to use a work sheet different then from another teacher. This difference may cause confusion, and confusion is boring, there is a perfect balance somewhere, I am just not sure if we have found it yet.

  9. 1: Biology,Spanish,Gen-Yes
    2: the rest of my classes like history, math and english...
    3:Paper because I If something goes wrong with your computer then you dont do that assignment.

    I know for a fact its the easiest to communicate with all your teachers. Even with assignments its very easy to send some information,project questions anything.


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