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The AMP Zones 
  • AMP 1 - PC cove  (wired for X-Box often used for Madden)
  • AMP 2 - wii interactive wall
  • AMP 3 - mac mini on the back (wired for wii)
  • AMP 4 - mac mini on the back (wired for wii)
  • AMP 5 - mac mini on the back (wired for X-box is often used for Rock Band)
  • AMP 6 - Situation room / Telepresence

1. What part has GenYES played in developing these zones? 
    (You might need to interview some GenYes students if you're new this year)
2. How can we expand use of these zones by teachers? Be specific to a few zones.
3. How can we expand use of these zones by students? Be specific to a few zones.
4. Research an innovative technology that we might explore to integrate into an AMP zone in the future


  1. 1. Gen yes had played a huge part in developing most of these zones. We are mostly responsible for Amp zones 1 2 and 5. With help from Ms. K that filed for a lot of funding and grants to get the funding needed to make it happen.

    2.Teachers can use amp zones 3 and 4 to do presentations in a more comfortable atmosphere. It is possible for teachers to have students do presentations on amp 1. And it would be cool to use amp 6 with the telepresence if you were a foreign language teacher to talk to the like language countries.

    3. Students can use these zones as some fun time if they have an off hour, like amp 1 2 and 5 to play games. Students can also use the wii wall for presentations and experimentations.

    4. A technology we can possibly do would be a photography development with graphic designs on one of the mac minis considering that this will definitely play a big role in many companies and almost every business or art.

  2. 1. GenYES thought up the ideas and then worked within the media center to set up the amp zones as well as to think up new and creative ideas for what to do with them.

    2. We need to think up new ways that teachers can use them. The Mac Mini zones are underused by teachers but they can be used in dynamic ways to present new content and students can interact with them. Since we have three, we can split students up into groups to make use of all the zones.

    3. We need to find more interactive games that students can be involved in. If we find different games that students can intuitively pick up and just let them be, we will see more use of the zones.

    4. We should use Kinect to let multiple people use the Amp zones without needing to use controllers. Kinect lets multiple people become involved in physical gaming without the barriers to entry that complicated systems have.

  3. 1)GenYes is the only thing keeping some of these zones alive. We run tech support and were instrumental in getting the funding for the games and items. We helped turn this library into a media center.
    2)We could have dedicated days of only educational gaming for teachers to reserve the media center for their class.
    3) We could get games other than sports and have parent forms for kids to sign to play M rated games so they'll want to come in and we can have tournaments and stuff.
    4)I'm still pulling for hand recognition and stuff that Johnny lee did so we can have multitouch recognition.

  4. 1.GenYes has lead the establishment of the amp zone. We have decided what games go where, when they are accessible, even down to the furniture at each zone.

    2. The teachers could take their classes to the amp zones on off days to play educational games or to reinforce a lesson with educational gaming.

    3. By allowing students more access to the amp zones.Making it more readily available to students during lunch hours, before school and after school.

    4. Implementing ipads and or ipods into the amp zones I think would expand our possibilities for educational gaming. It would get teachers and students more involved.

  5. 1. Genyes helped not only set them up, but decided what games should run on them, and where things such as furniture should be placed to create a creative learning environment.

    2. By throwing in things such as educational games (ie: Immune Attack) We can have a full-screen learning environment that is more hands on.

    3. By hooking up another amp to game, we could make the amp system more favorable to students.

    4. By adding motion censor technology we could make the AMP walls fully interactive and more exciting to kids.

  6. 1) After the media center got the xboxes, monitors, and other equipment we worked to set them up for permanent use in the media center. We created the check out system for the games and troubleshooted the wii board set up.

    2) If we got games that teachers could use in the media center like a CSI simulator or empire building game that focuses on economy we could get the social studies teachers to use it more. If there were grammar exercises games English teachers could use it more.

    3) We need to get more games and spread the word to more kids that they can use the amp zones at lunch and after school. Maybe we could have tournaments and other fun competition to get the to be used more.

    4) I agree with Tanner that we should buy Kinects for the Amp Zones. It seems like a cool gimmick that would bring kids in and want to use them more. Plus if fulfills Jon's desire for the motion tracking that Jonny Lee did. There are plenty of homemade modifications that can be done to the kinect and getting our hands on a few will let us trouble shoot something new as well as get more kids involved in the media center.

  7. 1. GenYes being the tech people in the media center helped establish this zone by gathering all the necessary parts like the mac minis and game systems. They also do support on them and especially wii walla and telepresence, put them to good efficient use.

    2. Teachers could use these to create contests for their classes like using immune attack, it can be fun and educational at the same time. It also gets the kids out of the classroom and expands their knowledge.

    3. The best way for students to use them is for gaming in my opinion. Specifically after school activities, lunch time fun, we jst need to advertise more and make it sounds more fun.

    4. Reading the other comments, I think they all nailed it with the fun factor. Kinect is a great idea as well as what Ethan mentioned because we already have an x-box so we could buy 'games' but what about something cooler. For instance, the new 3DS's that are coming out. Why use ipods and wii controllers when you could use this handheld device with 3 dimensional gaming and holograms!?

  8. 1. GenYes has done alot in developing these zones, they did the @15 thing to help raise money to buy the xbox's and wiis. Also they researched and put together the wii wall.

    2. We can have some teachers come in with their classes and teach using the wii wall. They can use it as a kind of interactive white board.

    3. We could set up madden tournaments in the xbox zones, kids would like to compete and see who is the best at madden.

    4. We need to make it more fun for students, the stuff we need is already there. We need to advertise and tell people what is actually there. Most students have no idea they can rent out an xbox to play it, I didn't even know that.

  9. 1) GenYes played a huge role in getting all the amp zones. They raised enough money to buy an Xbox and a Wii. Later both systems were set up into a Wii Wall and Xbox for students use after school.

    2) We can bring teachers and their classes in for example maybe bring in a spanish class and use the telepresence amp to connect to a spanish speaking country to chat. Or use a Biology class to play immune attack.

    3) To attract more students to come in and play we would have to advertise it around the campus. For example Amp 5 can be used to play Rock Band competitions or Madden NFL tournaments.

    4)I think we should just look into getting better video games (more sports) and we should also buy the Xbox Kentic as well.

  10. 1. GenYes has a big part in the amp zones, without us there would be no amp zones or kids playing on them. The Wii and Xbox are both great systems setup on the wall for students to use.

    2. Put Age of Empires or something that people like to play that has strategy and can be used my teachers that like to be in the media center.

    3. Promote them on the announcements in the morning and at lunch on the projector.

    4. More PC's that can actually game and not Dell's. We can build them.


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