Sunday, February 20, 2011

(S4) Programming Languages

We use technology all the time, computers, phones, ipods.  What makes it work?

Program languages are the underlying methods that allow computer and application functions to happen.

Research one programming language.

1.  Describe it, what it is used for and the applications that use it.
2.  What advantages does it have over other programming languages?
3.  What is the relative difficulty of it to learn?
4.  What professions might you use this language in?


  1. 1. Visual Basic is one of the simplest programming languages there is. It is not in use anymore usually, but if you are learning, it is a good place to start.
    2. It is easy to learn and understand.
    3. Very easy. The application that you can use to write it helps by auto-filling almost all commands so you can learn it fairly easily and quickly.
    4. Simple programming classes and basic learning is all this is used for anymore. Its like Latin. Its a dead language

  2. The programming language I picked was Python.
    1. Python's purpose is to focus on readability and it's a high level programming language. Some applications that use it include our very own BLENDER! Others are, GIMP, a 2D imaging program, and Paint Shop Pro.

    2. One of the biggest advantages is that Python was intended for highly readable purposes unlike some other programming languages. Another benefit is that it also is used by Youtube and that's pretty cool.

    3. It's difficult to notice differences between the 2x and 3x versions.

    4. It has a lot of different uses in computer designing because, for example, it's used in blender and that's a really good program. Clean and professional. Anything in 2D or 3D animating jobs that use one of pythons application.

  3. 1. TI-BASIC is the programming language that TI's programmable calculators use to allow users to write programs. It allows people to write simple and quick programs to solve math problems. Quadsolv is one of the simplest programs to write in TI-BASIC.

    2. It's fast and simple, with a built in interpreter to instantly compile and run code. It's very easy to understand and has a list of the commands users need to write code.

    3. It's easier than almost any other programming language, even those considered "easy" because it is so limited, but has an accessible list of commands for the user to experiment with. There is no annoying memorization of syntax or boilerplate code needed to implement functions. It's a quick and dirty language that gets the job done.

    4. Mathematics, Accounting, Sciences. Anything where simple problems can be automated using the calculator.

  4. 1) THe language i choose was was Ruby. Ruby helps make errors easier to recover.
    2) Its kinda difficult to learn but if u get it i will just come easy.
    3)Its easier then most but its hard to explain then to actually showin it.
    4) I think in most business offices or business owners.

  5. 1. I chose C++.It is used for making video games and applications.

    2.It's capability. Although it is a difficult to master, once you understand how it works there are almost unlimited capabilities.

    3.This is one of the most difficult programming languages to learn. It is not for beginners.

    4.Software developers and game makers.

  6. 1. I chose Object Pascal, also known as Embarcadero Delphi. It generally runs very fast while producing a highy optimized code. It originally ran with Apple applications.

    2. It ran a highly optimized code at a very high speed.

    3. It is a fairly easy to learn language, usually taught to college students.

    4. You would use this language in to programming of certain apps for computers, particularly macs.


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