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mac vs pc

A geeks favorite controversy!  Your task this week is to approach it from both angles.  Pick two of the newest comparable products and compare a feature of each.    Be sure to number your responses.   Pick different features for 1 and 2.

1.  MAC vs pc.  Sell me a new mac based on a wonderful feature that a new pc is inferior.  Specify exact models and OS and fully describe the feature.

2.  PC vs mac.  Sell me a new pc based on a wonderful feature that a new mac is inferior.  Specify exact models and OS and fully describe the feature.

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mac vs pc


  1. Windows 7 vs Mac Snow Leopard
    Windows 7 is often referred to as nothing more than a newer, better version of Vista. However, the same can be said about the Snow Leopard in regards to Mac's previous operating systems. When the features are added into the mix, both Windows 7 and Snow Leopard have favorable features that weren't in the previous OSes of their respective programs. They are also both considered to be a successful upgrade of the previous OS and are both operating systems more geared toward the future. However, in the future, computer crashes may very well be even more catastrophic than considered now.
    When compared to eachother, Windows 7 did not crash once during testing, while it was recorded that Snow Leopard did in fact crash 3 times. Not only that, but the "Beach Ball of Doom" that is exclusive to Mac was seen a lot more often than testers would have liked. The Windows equivalent was not commented on. If you don't want your computer to crash and if you do not enjoy the "Beach Ball of Doom" then I would get Windows 7 rather than Mac Snow Leopard.

  2. Rich...and everyone sure to pick a FEATURE of both OS's and compare. Also please number your responses. Thanks! Ms K :)

  3. Attempt 2:
    1.Mac over PC:
    One Mac product with a better feature than a PC product is the Ipad, which is compared to the HP Slate. One noteworthy feature that both the Ipad and the HP Slate come with virtual keyboards, which register finger commands. But the Ipad goes the extra mile with the provision of an optional keyboard dock, which allows usage with a standard PC keyboard.
    2. PC over Mac:
    One PC product with a better feature than a Mac product is the Zune HD, which is compared to the Ipod Touch. While the Ipod Touch is a favorite among many individuals, the Zune HD has one nice feature that the Touch does not have, which is HD capabilities. Both in its output and radio come with built in HD capabilities that the Touch has yet to offer.

  4. This is not my actual response but I thought this would be supportive to the controversy over which is better....

  5. I just relised that the link to the video i posted was the same one that was posted in the original assignment.... :P

  6. 1. A really awesome feature that a Mac has that is superior to a PC is imovie. While a PC does have features similar such as windows live movie maker, imovie offers much more to the user. One of the many advantages is it offers a variety of different video effects; such as, cartoon, day into night, and even Sci-Fi and X-ray. That's not even the beginning of how in-depth this feature is and how it can make a simple video made on Windows come to life. Enjoy transitions? They have over 24 different ones from mosaic to swap effect, to even simple ones such as dissolve and cross blur.
    2. To say the least, the biggest advantages of a PC over Mac is the compatibility ratios and the entire Windows Operating System (OS). Whether it be Windows 7, the newest version, or Vista, or even Windows Media Player 12. The best thing about Windows Media Player 12 is that you can listen to the radio directly from your PC which you can't do on a Mac.

    Personally I would choose a Mac over PC, but they are both equally great. The Mac seems more of for beginners and a PC is for working adults who store buisness related documents.

  7. 1) One way Apple computers are superior to Windows machines is their protection from online viruses. While it is true that there are viruses directed at Macs, a number of factors lead make it a minor issue. For starters there are more Windows based computers on the market which makes for a larger target. Besides that, the software of a Mac make it difficult to infect large numbers of files due to its separation of files. All application preference files are unique making global infection harder. Also, the main Apple web browser is not built into the system and exists as a separate application removes it as an infection point. Because of this it is unnecessary to have anti virus software on a Mac freeing up space and leads to safer web browsing.

    2) In terms of possibilities, the Windows OS allows from much more customization in both software and hardware. As Windows is more widely used there are more options for software files. This allows for custom programs to operate more readily than Mac. In the hardware arena PCs have much options for tweaking for the best results. It is easy to build a computer designed for gaming, networking, business, or graphic editing for a reasonable price, rather than the preset specs of a Mac. Easy access to hardware also leads to easy fixes for issues that arise. It is a much simpler task to trade out a damaged power supply on a Windows machine than on a Mac.

  8. 1)Apple is better then a pc beacause its far more supieor in many ways. Like for example a mac is more immune to viruses. Not just that the internet works faster but like all computures they all have thier disablities. Mac also has far more better music apps like itunes, imovie, iphote, and ect.

    2) Pc is actully very popular in most households. Pc is a very good piece of machinary with all the Windows programs. not only that its far more easyier to repair then a mac.

  9. 1. One main standout, that I believe Macs have over PCs is the base software that comes with. Apple has their large array of products, such as imovie, ichat, iphoto, itunes, etc. While some of these are available on PC, the Mac comes straight out of the box with them, while most PCs have either junk software and trials, or they just flat-out don't have anything at all.

    2. There are a few things I believe that PCs have over Macs. For one, PCs have much better software compatibility. PCs can run just about every program ever, while macs are much more limited in the programs run, and some don't run as well as they do on a PC. Another thing is that PCs have backwards compatibility. You can run a newer version of Windows on an older PC, but you cannot, say, run Snow Leopard on a G5.

  10. 1. One thing mac has over PC is that the applications is that the same people who develop the mac operating system and computer, develop the applications. All 3 of these components are developed by Apple, so you know it will work well. Also, Apple is very good at making user-friendly, asethetically pleasing and easy to understand applications, making it a good choice for computer wizards and new comers to the computing world.

    2. The main selling point of PC's is their wide options for customization and their compatibility with all sorts of software. PC's are based using basic programming languages, and with enough knowledge of how PC's work, the options are endless. PC's are also compatible with nearly any kind of application, and it's much easier to get a mac only application running on PC than the other way around. PC's full potential can only really be enjoyed by those who are computer savvy, so PC's are not for beginners.

  11. 1. Mac computers simplify all of computing into a package that allows everyone from new to experienced users to quickly accomplish any task they set their mind to. The newest version of the OS X operating system, Snow Leopard, comes pre-installed on every new Mac computer. Apple's computers are notorious for being more expensive than their PC counterparts but with the new line of iMac all-in-one computers, Apple is truly competitive in every area. Apple's iMac comes as a computer built directly into a monitor - monitors that traditionally come at a high markup for use in professional graphic design fields. They are configurable, high quality, and extremely efficient with fast processors and dedicated graphics. Order an iMac to get a seamless Apple experience.

    2. One thing that Microsoft has always beaten Apple on is the versatility of its software - allowing so many different computer choices means that there is a computer out there for virtually anyone. One of the more interesting computers to be produced recently is the Alienware M11x - a so-called "gaming netbook," running Windows 7. Basically, it takes the guts required to run high-definition games and shoves them into a chassis that's smaller than any computer Apple sells. While doing this, it gives the user the option to switch high-performance graphics on or off, for the sake of gaming or battery life. With an ultra-efficient processor and switchable graphics, the Alienware M11x succeeds where Macs fail: complete user control. It's not a machine for someone who wants every single step laid out for them. Instead, it's one for users who love gaming but also need a machine that can be dedicated to long working sessions.

  12. Wait, so is this only comparing macs and PC's? or "Two Comparable" items in general. Like guitars or jet skis or something.

  13. 1) Hey so I hear you want a Mac eh? Well you've come to talk to the right guy. What do Mac's do well you ask?? They work the creative aspect of life like it was mean to be seen. You like creativity right? Try this out, this is Photoshop. It's one of the Adobe creative suit programs developed natively on a Mac. Creativity and innovation is what Apple does best, and I mean look at their track record, ever heard of the iPhone?? We have it all, from music and song making programs like garage band to video editing programs like iMovie, iLife is all you'll need for your creative and user friendly needs!

    2)*In heavy russian accent* So you want a PC eh? Mac's are for pansy people, you want a PC yes? We have shear power and pure gaming intensity bottled up like . We can do HD video games like it was nothing, ever heard of crysis? You will never see that game run well on a Mac. Can you upgrade a Mac? NO! What about Vista? *angry russian yell* WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU HAVE HEARD NAUGHTY THING ABOUT VISTA??? No, Vista was perfect, it was just not well received in our target demographic, but we spent many bags of money making sure Windows 7 was better aimed at our hardcore fans. Where did we get the money you ask? We outsourced our tech support for Xbox and vista to India.

  14. Every day people are making new products, new inventions and new adaptations to life in the fast lane, but one thing hey don't make any more of is space. Space is a valued resource to the human people as a whole, it is a scarce resource to the economy. Thus apple has com out with the Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server. This light weight and compact mac has a 2.66GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with standard 4GB memory (optional 8GB memory). The eco friendly mac features a Dual 500GB 7200-rpm hard drives and NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics.
    Windows had been trying to compete with this new smaller, yet powerful Mac by marketing its own product called the PC Personal. although the market is owned mostly by Windows products I think the mac has won out on this battle. I personally have had a chance to work on a PC personal (PCP) and although I find it to of the same quality of product as the Mac mini, both solving the space problem, I think the PCP
    is rather hard to work with. When trying to upgrade RAM, and HD in the PCP I found it hard to manage the working space inside the PCP. It features many of the same hardware advances found in a mac mini, excluding the OS, its a pain in the but to service.

  15. Something that the mac has that the pc doesn't is the compact version of their desktop computers. They take up much less space. Like the iMac may only take up about 1/6th of the space on the average desk but the pc would take up either 1/3 to 1/2 of the desk space depending on where you place the CPU.

    Something that the PC(windows) has is the Zune HD 16 GB Video MP3 Player the reason this is superior to the Macs iPod Touch is because it was created before the iPod Touch was and it had the capability to have a multiplayer game through multiple devices using bluetooth.

  16. Mac and Pc are a pretty close competition. one thing mac has over pc is that it is more user friendly. They are smaller and more mobile than the average pc and it has more usefull applications such as imovie, ical, expose, iphoto, itunes etc. they are also equipt with bluetooth witch can have its advantages from time to time.

    Pc has its advantages too first of all pretty much everyone starts out with a pc so they get stuck on the layout and format of a windows computer. Another one is that there is no limitaions to the hardware your dealing with it is simply more freedom because your not tied into one manufacturer with a limited product range like you are with Mac OS.


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