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File name formats

A filename extension is the data to the right of a file name.  This extension tells you properties of the file and often what application it will work with.  Some file extensions only work with certain operating systems.  Read about file name extensions:

Explore File Names Examples:

You will be providing 3 comments.  Please number each one.

1.  Name a file extension that only works with Windows/Microsoft products. What would be an analogous file for mac? (10 pts)

2.  Name 2 graphics or image files.  Which ones are the most compatible in most operating systems? What are the reasons you would pick this image file or not pick it? (20 pts)

3.  Explore the example sites above.   Discover an interesting extension that you've never heard of but think you might use it in the future.  Why does this file interest you and how do you think you will use that app?  (30 pts)


  1. 1. .msi is a file extension for installing programs in windows while .sit is a compressed file for Stuffit on Mac.

    2. .BMP is the BEST image filetype. Actually, it's a bitmap image which stores specific pixel locations and colors. It's compatible with most operating systems. .img is a disc image filetype which can be used to store data that will be burnt to a CD or DVD.

    3. .7z is the file extension for 7zip's self-developed file compression. It's really cool because it's completely open source and built around open standards to enable compression at many different levels for different people, and it has a GUI on Windows and CLIs for *Unix systems. 7zip is fast and easy and it's an awesome compression program so that large files take up a smaller amount of space.

  2. One Windows only file extension is the nif which is a binary hardware network initializing file. Two image files are .gif and thm files. Gif are for short animated files to use in presentation or websites while thm are thumbnail pictures for icons and applications. They are both fairly common across Mac and Windows. Adobe Illustrator uses .ai files for vectored drawings. For comics and other drawing this types of file is very nice.

  3. One Windows extension that will not work on a Mac is ".themepack", which is what you save a personalized theme to. A mac specific file extension ".burn"

    Images are ".jgp" and a ".iso"(a disk image).

    An interesting file type is the ".gba" which is a GameBoy ROM.

  4. 1.Windows only file extension: .wmv
    Mac file extension: .action

    2. Images file extensions: .thm is a file extension used for certain thumbnail images. These are usually fairly small file sizes .tiff is popular on Apple computers and are used by graphic artists and the publishing industry.

    3. .js is the file for javascripts. I think I could use this in the future because I am interested in using javascript and creating basic programs.

  5. 1. .wmv is a file that only runs with Window Media Player only. .sparseimage as well is Mac only

    2. One type of image file is .dcr. It is the extension for an RIF picture. another type of image file is .d3s, which is the extension for an image file taken with a Nikon camera.

    3. One interesting file type is .nds. It is the file extension for Nintendo DS emulator files.

  6. 1. File Extension for Windows/Microsoft only, .dll
    mac only, .aspx

    2. graphic and image files .2bp which stands for pocket PC bitmap image file and .mng which is Multiple network graphic.

    3. If i could pick my favorite file extension, i would pick .obj, because i has to do with 3D object files and i would want to use that later on in life. It interests me because i like files that you can create things with and this one, according to wikipedia, it says that this file is a 3D graphic application.

  7. 1) ".PAGES file extension" is a word processor and page layout program that only works on Mac.
    2) One image file extension is ".ARW" another one is ".CVI"
    3) One i think ill use in the future is .BLEND witch is used for blender.
    i would use this application to make 3D animation scenes.

  8. 1. ".dfont" files on a Mac are used to store fonts, they do not transfer over to a PC. A file that doesn't work on a mac is a .wmlp

    2. ".blend" a file that is used in blender another one is a ".drw" file which is used for drawing files.
    3. A file i have never heard of is a ".vxd" file. It is the Virtual Device Driver. If you manipulate the file the wrong way it can make your OS unoperational. I think I could possibly use this in a sense of low jack that can be remotely activated if your computer is stolen or hacked and make it to where the person who stole your computer or hacked it is not capable of getting any information.

  9. windows only files: .GIF (image type) .asd -Autosave file (Word for Windows)

    Mac only files : .a4m Unpackaged Authorware MacIntosh file
    .abs Abstracts (info file) Data file (Abscissa) MPEG audio sound file

    file type i have never seen before but have heard of it:
    .atr Lightscape Material Library- used in the program lightscape to create lighting for 3D software

  10. A flie extention that works on PC and not on mac is SAV. its use to save games on PC. A file extention that works on mac and not on PC is TOAST. it creats CDs and DVDs. 2. the 2 image file extention are "icm." and "icon." The 1 link that i had never seen was "ipsw" i will use this in the future to update my ipod or iphone.

  11. 1. An example of a windows only file name is the .search-ms, which is primarily associated with Windows Vista and functions as a way to save information on search in Windows Vista. An analogous file for mac would be the .sparseimage which is can be created under Mac OS X using Disk Utility. Encrypted sparse image files are used to secure a user's home directory by Mac OS X's FileVault feature.
    2. Two image files are the .ic1 and the .8pbs. The .ic1 is a low resolution imagic graphics file, while the .8pbs is an Adobe Photoshop Macintosh file. The .8pbs is obviously used on macs however can also be opened on Windows. The .ic1 is only used on mac. I would probably use the .8pbs more than the .ic1 only because I have a PC at home that operates on Windows, making the .ic1 file in accessible for me.
    3. A filename that probably isn't the most interesting, but I can see myself using often in the future is the AAC files designed by Apple Inc. for iTunes. I find this one interesting because there are many different sub-files I will be using them in the future because no matter what I go into based on my desired major choices, I will need music files or video files that I will most likely store on iTunes to keep them all organized.

  12. 1) .exe is a Windows application while .app is the Mac version of an application file.

    2) Two image files are .gif and thm files. Gif are for short animated files to use in presentation or websites. If you want a small animation that is easy to add flair to a presentation .gif is the way to go. .thm are thumbnail pictures for icons and applications. If you wanted to create an icon for a self made program or update or change an existing one it is important to know. They are both fairly common across Mac and Windows.

    3) One specialty extension is a .ai file used in Abobe Illustrator. These are vector drawings for use in graphic design and drawing. As a cartoonist these file types are both good to know and helpful to use.


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