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S 13 Open Source and AI

In 2015 there was an explosion in Artificial Intelligence research and development. Facebook and Google have open-sourced both A.I. software and hardware. Since the iPhone, there have been personal digital assistants that are used in our everyday lives such as Siri, Google NOW, and Cortana. But along with all of this innovation there is controversy on the potential of A.I. and how to stop it if it reaches a point of intelligence higher than humans.

1.  What is "Open Source?"  What does it mean for you?

2.  What do you know about AI?  What does it mean?  What are the implications of its wide spread development?

3.  Read the article.  Link at top.  What parts of the article did you find most interesting?  Why?


  1. 1. A open source is a is computer software with its source code made available with a license. It mean that anyone can use that code and change it up.

    2. AI is a Artificial mean that it has exhibited by machines or software. It is also the name of the academic field of study which studies how to create computers and computer software that are capable of intelligent behavior. It would show that their more compulsion to seeing what is one person is doing than many more people you would have to travel and would see what they are doing with that AI technology .

    3. I would say the OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE—SOFTWARE was more interesting than the other articles. Why because you would read this article to who made the first OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE in time being but i was saying it's one big Linux code with this.

  2. 1. okay, So an open software program is software that is open to the community, so they can make their own versions with the correct license and publish their own version of the software.

    2. A.I. A common thing In sci-fi such as Halo, Star trek, Star wars and more, It stands for "Artificial Intelligence" an example is a artificial mind, Like siri, she is a rudimentary A.I. we might more commonly know A.I. as Cortana, C-3p0, Data(Please tell me someone knows who data is...) and any robot that has a personality,I think it will be an amazing breakthrough to literally talk to your computer, a casual conversation that allows you to ask for some files to be pulled up or something of the sort.

    3.I'd Say the "Apple opens up" article is most interesting, Because it tells how apple shares it s language on non-apple devices, I never knew that, until i just read it.

  3. 1.) Open software is a source code made available with a license in which the copy right holder provides the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose. What does it mean for me? It involves coding so I guess its cool.
    2.)AI is artificial intelligence. Basically a computer that can think like a human or better. AI help with out military and help solve problems.

  4. 1.) An open source is some type of computer software that lets you change up code and use your own license for it, but to me personally it means nothing because i dont do things like this
    2.)I know that AI means artificial intelligence and its something that is controlled on its own like playing a video game or self driving cars. And according to google its also the name of an academic field of study which studies how to create computers and computer software
    3.)I really like all of the apps so its kind of hard to choose from but if id choose id be the article talking about apples language sharing on different devices whether apple or not

  5. 1: To me, open source means that the developers show all their programming and leave it open for other people to download and improve upon. Open source is a good way to have basically a massive group collab.

    2: AI stands for artificial intelligence. Basically, people are trying to make more intelligent machines. The effects of having widespread AI is robots controlling more things that people usually handle. Right now we use them for things like planning and scheduling. Who knows what we'll be using them for in 5 years?

    3: The thing that I found most interesting was Apple using "Swift", an open source program that can run on anything, including Microsoft and Linux. This is surprising because Apple usually does nothing anywhere close to open source, so its kinda cool that they're doing that.

  6. 1. "OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE—SOFTWARE freely shared with the world at large." For me, Open Source data means information that public and free for anyone to use in anyway.

    2. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, a man made conscience. For me it has a very powerful link to the way pop-culture perceives it, Robots that will eventually take over the world. And that is a legitimate concern, people are scared of this technology, and what it will actually be like when it appears.

    3. "The idea is that by sharing the latest AI tech with everyone, they can ensure that no one AI operation becomes too powerful." This quote from the article caught my attention. The idea that these men are creating a $1 billion non-profit that is all open source. Is a massive risk, probably one the biggest tech related risks of 2015.

  7. 1. Open source basically means a source code that was originally not publicly usable or seen are now available for free and are allowed to be redistributed and modified. To me this does not mean much since I don't do much with programming and code, but it is cool to know when something has become open source.

    2. I know A.I. means Artificial intelligence and I know that it is used for a few things in our daily lives like on our phones, in video games, smart cars, etc. These are intelligent machines or maybe even characters in a game and they are meant to act very similar to how humans act, but most cannot learn from certain situations that happen like humans do.

    3. I got kind of interested in the part "Apple Opens Up" since I never thought they would even open source anything. So I guess it is pretty cool that they are doing that especially since they are allowing their programming language to run on competing devices.

  8. 1.) Open Source basically means software that is shared with the world, originally called “free software” by Richard Stallman back in the 80’s, and it has since evolved and anyone can make changes to anything that has open source, provided they have the permission and ability to do so.
    2.) AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, and is what makes just about everything run on it’s own. The possibilities with AI becoming more advanced are almost limitless in some ways, and there is always the fear that people hold that robots will end up being able to think for themselves, and see us as inferior, and then any big sci-fi movie like that would follow, though in some ways I am quite eager to see what kind of change can happen regarding AI. Namely, I would really be interested to see if it is possible that something can have a certain type of AI that allows it to, by some freak way, become sentient or something, which has been shown in a few things, though not as much as the apocalyptic scenario, which is rather unfortunate.
    3.) One thing I can say is that I never knew that Linux was such a big part in a lot of the technology in people’s lives, as I’ve never really heard much mention of it at all. It’s also really interesting to see a lot of the companies with certain specific coding languages are making them open sourced so that they can be improved upon, and also to recruit more people who are good with that specific language.

  9. sources is a denoting software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified. It means that anyone can open source software and change the code as they please for whatever they want.

    2.what I know of AI are that they are an Artificial intelligence which mean that they learn fast on how to talk, play an instrument, and go through the internet learn more. The development of an AI has be going on for a while and some of their attempts have failed to make an artificial intelligence but have made more to make an AI and some have been successful.

    3.I found it interesting that the open source in our everyday technology that we use every time to go on website is all from the same open source software

  10. 1. Open source means that its info or intelligence gain by Easy source and/or an available source.
    2. Artificial intelligence or AI is basically a Computer that thinks and solves problems for and against you. AI is basically robots. With the development to robots and Better Technology we may just have some AI go in and do it for us. It Could help us as hurt us.
    3. i was interested that only 25 years of open source operating system. it was a very interesting article in general due to how it explains what open source is and what made it special and how it started.

  11. 1. Open source is basically when the creator of a software or code leaves all of there stuff open to the public so people can change stuff or improve up on it which is really cool to be honest.

    2. Artificial Intelligence is code that can learn and adapt to its surroundings and situations. No one has really created a good AI also it is something that is feared by a lot of people because of its depiction in the media as it being a bad thing and it turning on people. It could possibly end a lot of job for the lower class because it is an easy process compared to people who have a higher paying jobs so there would need to be a solution to that. AI could make life a lot more streamline and easier for humans but we would become lazy and we would probably evolve to become a weaker species.

    3.I didn't know that apple was open source and also apparently google stuff is open source which is pretty cool.Open source is a good way of making people test your code,software, and applications.

  12. 1) As mentioned in article, "SOFTWARE freely shared with the world at large". To me open source means a free software code available to all people, which can be changed according to user requirement.

    2) AI is artificial intelligence, I dont know much about AI except in game AI opponent means playing against bots. Robots today works on AI, for example in factory big machines are programmed to do things on its own.

    3) I found the Elon for Everyone part most interesting, as he wants to opens source all of his projects so that the people around the world can learn new things as mentioned "The idea is that by sharing the latest AI tech with everyone, they can ensure that no one AI operation becomes too powerful."

  13. 1. Open source means all of the code that makes a piece of software work is openly available to anyone that is interested in seeing it so they can modify it to their needs or just see how the program works.

    2. AI means artificial intelligence. It is essentially trying to create a human brain but in computer form. It would be able to develop ideas, have emotions, things like that, but we have not yet been able to create a true AI. We can get close with certain programs but none are really, truly intelligent. The implications of its wide-spread development are that we might soon get actual AI, and many more companies are incorporating AI into their programs.

    3. I find it interesting and great that so many companies are making their software open-source. It’s interesting because it seems like a company wouldn’t want to make their software open source, it would allow other competing companies to possibly steal parts of their code and use it to their advantage, and to make money, which seems like it would be something companies like Apple and Microsoft wouldn’t want. However, it’s great that they are doing it, because with things like AI, it allows other people to modify them, which can help make the AI smarter and better.

  14. 1. Open source is a software that allow it's users to look and edit the code within the game or application. What it means to me is a software that will allow me to improve it's code in order to do different things.

    2. I know that AI stands for artificial intelligence and that AI is used in a lot of things for example game bots and for phones ex. Siri and Cortana. What most people working with AI are trying to do is to allow AI to learn. There is a lot of discussion about wither AI learning would help or make the human race worse. As AI could be able to save companies money, but could lead to people losing jobs.

    3. In my opinion the Elon for Everyone was the most interesting. I think it is an amazing idea to share AI tech to everyone so no one has the most powerful AI. This could stop someone from having the most powerful AI. It also allows for everyone to have the current AI technology.

  15. 1. Open source is a denoting software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified. That means that anyone can use that code and change it up what ever they want.

    2. AI is Artificial intelligence, I really don't know much about AI. But I do heard it's in games and other stuff like robots. Artificial intelligence is to program robots by its self with no help and do it on it's own.

    3. I found Apple Opens Up, I thought this was very interesting cause I really didn't know Apple had it's own Open source like swift programming never heard of it before pretty cool.

  16. 1. Open Source, to me means a free source code that is used is available to everyone to be freely modified and changed.
    2. AI also known as artificial intelligence is basically code that thinks and adapts on it's own. AI at least for now, has no limitations. We don't really know much about it but we have been using it for hundreds of years. Most people are scared of it since it has the capability to evolve beyond us humans. AI can both hurt us and help us depending on how we use it.
    3 I thought that open source is pretty cool. Regardless of the reasons people make their products open source so everyone in the world can develop software for them. I also didn't know that Apple was open source as well. That seems pretty cool and will hopefully help other phone companies get better too.

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  18. 1. Open source software is computer software with it’s source code available to be distributed and changed by anyone for anything.

    2. AI stands for artificial intelligence. It mean nonliving intelligence, given to programs and machines. The level of intelligence an AI can have can differ based on who makes it and what its used for. I'm not too knowledgeable on the subject.

    3. The fact that Apple is allowing their new open sourced Swift programing language to be used on its competing OS is a surprising decision made by them. Also google open sourced TensorFlow, The software that drives a lot of their artificial intelligence system, somthing I would not expect to be open sourced.

  19. 1. Open Source is just an open piece of code that someone created and left open for others to improve upon. Other people can also change it to benefit their own situation.

    2. Artificial Intelligence is basically a brain inside of a robot. It is not genetic but it can work almost the same as a human mind. The wide spread use of this is mostly for creation and design such as cars or houses.

    3. The article explaining how open source will help us advance in AI technology.

  20. 1. "Open-source software (OSS) is computer software with its source code made available with a license in which the copyright holder provides the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose."
    2. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It is usually associated with sci-fi movies with robots that have taken over the work jokingly enough, but it is any code that can make decision based upon information that they have been given.
    3. I found it interesting that Google open sourced TensorFlow to the public. I would think that they would want to keep it on the down-low/to themselves considering what is it.

  21. 1) Open source is basically any information on a given topic that is open to the public. It can be studied, change and distributed with copyrights.
    2) Artificial Intelligence, and its development is design to be in computers and software. Mostly shown in Sci-Fi movies, of personified-personality robots.
    3) Elon for Everyone was interesting. “The idea is that by sharing the latest AI tech with everyone, they can ensure that no one AI operation becomes too powerful” was a quote from Elon Musk to have his works, with Sam Altman and Ilya Sutskever to be an open source. It seems to be a big risk, considering the fact that it’s a fairly new project from google that costs $1 billion.

  22. 1. "Open source" means that the software is available with the world. It is shared with anyone who wants to access it. The person who owns it has the right to do what they want with it. To me, it is something that I could access freely online that is not privatized. It is like it is in the public domain.
    2. AI means Artificial Intelligence. It is anything that creates a human-like program. This means it can adapt to situations, and actually think things through. It will take in the situation and act accordingly, which is not the case with regular programs. Widespread development of AI would change how effective businesses are. The AI could take the place of human workers, taking out the problems of availability and human error. AI could always be available to help people, and it would be able to handle the situation correctly rather than having a set way of doing something that may not always work.
    3. I think it is interesting that Google took this long to open source TensorFlow. Honestly, it seems like they should have done it earlier. I do understand that they would have wanted to have a feature that nobody else had, but releasing it will just help them the most since, like the article says, it can be improved upon much quicker. I just feel like Google would have liked to have people all over the world help to make their program better. Keeping the program for themselves is not worth having it not advance and become better at a quick rate. The sooner the AI is improved, the sooner widespread AI use can become reality, which sounds nice.

  23. 1.Open source is software to make source code. Anyone can open the software and edit the code. My opinion is that I don't do much with programming and code, so i don’t really need it but it sounds awesome.

    2.Artificial intelligence is like a computer generated entity that can do anything from talk to doing math problem.

    3. I find it interesting that they are the ones who created it and don’t even have a way to shut it down if it gets smarter than humans. AI definitely has the potential to grow smarter than humans because they have access to everything on the web and are designed to compute different situations on its own.

  24. 1. Open Source means that anyone can access it, instead of just being available to only a few people or companies. Anyone has the right to use it and change it to fit an individual’s needs.

    2. AI is an acronym for Artificial Intelligence, and it is software that can make decisions based on the information it has and its built-in programming. AI can be simple, like a Goomba in a Mario game, but when people hear the word AI, they mostly picture computers so advanced and complicated that it can imitate a person. To be an AI, it has to be able to adapt and learn from what's around it, or at least be able to react. This allows AI to be used as potential replacement workers, erasing human jobs.

    3. I found Apple opening up to be the most surprising, since Apple is infamous for being shut-in and private about its workings, and now they are letting companies traditionally seen as Apple’s rivals, companies like Microsoft and Android, run Apple programs. Before, all Apple devices could only be accessed by other Apple technologies, but apps like iTunes might be becoming more wide-spread. Then again, Apple is no stranger to Open Source, seeing as Apple was a major contributor to the GCC codebase,

  25. 1. Open source means that anyone can change the code and redistribute it in anyway shape or form.

    2. AI means Artificial Intelligence. It can be all the way from Siri and Cortana, to robots that do our work for us.

    3. I found it most interesting that a guy named Richard Stallman created this idea in the '80s. He called it free software back then.


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