Sunday, September 14, 2014

5. Apps

Dropbox and Flipboard are two of my favorite Apps.  

If you don't have a Flipboard App get one here:  Flipboard

If you don't have a Dropbox App get one here:  Dropbox

1.  Evaluate and describe the benefits of the Apps I've chosen: Dropbox and Flipboard

2.  List two outstanding Apps.  Do you use them on a regular basis?  Explain.  

3.  Discover a new app that you have never used before.  What benefit could it have for our class?  Or your own productivity? Or for teachers?  Or changing lifestyle?

There are literally thousands of Apps!  So while many of you like a few great or game Apps, lets do this without any repeats so we can all discover cool new stuff!  


  1. 1) Pertaining to the classroom, we can use a service like Flipboard to quickly and easily find current events in the field of science, whereas with Dropbox, any files that would need to be shared with the entire class can be shared with a simple email and notification. Outside of the classroom, Flipboard can help you stay up-to-date with all of the topics you love and read about on a regular basis; Dropbox, on the other hand, can help you share documents and files with friends, from battle strategies, to song recommendations, to mods for games that you play with any friends.

    2) While I don’t have a smartphone on which I can use any apps (even though my family has a Kindle Fire, it’s my mother’s), the two “apps” that I use the most would have to be gMail and Grooveshark. gMail is self-explanatory; it’s where all of my personal and school-related email is sent. Grooveshark, however, is something that I just discovered one day when I wanted to listen to some free music; it’s a bit like Napster (before they were bought by Rhapsody, which NO ONE uses anymore) or Soundcloud (that’s probably a better analogy), where you can listen to your favorite songs that have been uploaded to the service by users. The great thing about Grooveshark is that it’s completely free, and you only have to pay a small fee to get zero ads and a “Crossfade” option; I personally use Adblocker Plus (shut up), so half of the appeal of the service is already paid for with a little bit of savviness.

    3) As stated prior, I don’t exactly have a smart device onto which apps can be downloaded, but one thing that would be useful in classes outside of GenYES (or inside, depending on what we do and if it involves statistics in any way) would be, a free online graphing calculator. We can put in values and see if we can figure out how, say, business figures are looking. Input the number of customers and the number of weeks or months since the business has started and we can discover how revenue is looking based on number of employees and their pay rates.

    1. Cole... You don't need a smart phone to download apps! Look in your computers browser! There are thousands of Apps and Extensions in Google Chrome! Firefox has Extensions and Apps (called "Add ons") and Safari has Apps too in and out of itunes! Pffttt! Apps are available everywhere... go find some! MsK :)

    2. U r nut originul

    3. I want the new kids to have dropbox. Would you rather I have the mentors help set everyone up? Hmmm? Its apparent by some students responses this is all new to them. Notice I said "If you don't have one... set up Dropbox" Knowing full well you were perfect andof course had a dropbox set up. And BTW...the dropbox link I put adds storage space onto the GenTech account. (Sigh...You can tell me how wonderful I am later)

      Also we did a blog on Apps too! But Apps change, evolve and there are a lot of good new ones out there.

      And then there's the thing about Flipboard. I just like it. Stop bullying Cody into writing to me too.

    4. It was joke a joke Mrs. K. I can see how passionate you are about this XD!

  2. 1)Dropbox is pretty good it helps people to share files like photos and docs. Flipboard lets you pick topics and creates a self picked magazine from topics you choose
    2) two of the apps I will be talking about is 4shared for android it is a safe way to get files and apps for free it is the way I find out what apps to buy from the Google play store and the second app will suggest to download for personal use would have to be SoundCloud is a place where people post their music online for people to listen to some musicians that a lot of people know.
    3) the app i found is NearPod. Nearpod enables teachers to use their Tablet to manage content on students' mobile devices. It combines presentation, collaboration, and real-time assessment tools into one integrated solution

  3. 1. With Flipboard you can find news and events pertaining to events and subjects of your choice that you can get and look at anytime you want. Dropbox lets you store all of your files and images onto a local network storage drive and it will also store onto the Dropbox website. So if you lose your information on your computer or phone then you can get it back from Dropbox.

    2. I think two outstanding apps are Facebook and Gmail. I use both of these on a regular basis. Facebook is a social network sharing device that people can talk about stuff and share things with other people of there choice. With Facebook you can look at other peoples pages to see what there talking about or chat with friends. They even have some games on Facebook that you can play now. Gmail is an email that people can send stuff to you. Like messages, pictures or videos. I use Gmail for things like school for messages and to do my work.

    3. I think the app Grooveshark is pretty cool because it lets you stream music to listen to for free. There's a big selection of songs and genres you can pick from. If you ever want to listen to music and you don't have the song then you can listen to it on here. Some people have trouble doing things without listening to music so they can listen to music on here or you can play it for the class while they are doing there work. That is why I think this app is pretty cool.

  4. 1.) Dropbox seems useful because it can save your work-in-progress files and retrieve them from anywhere, and if the computer or whatever has the files and they get destroyed somehow, such as if the device used decides to randomly burst into flames or drops into water and other such things that would make said device inoperable, the files will still be saved and stored so you can access them anywhere. Flipboard seems to be a useful way to get news about the topics that the user would enjoy, and it looks pretty useful because of that, since the user won’t have to look as hard for specific topics as they are in a sense saved by what they requested at start.
    2.) The only app that I really use on a regular basis is the Wordweb app, because if I’m reading and see some word that I don’t know I can just search it up on the app to see the definition, part of speech, and words that are similar to it. Other than that I don’t really use apps that much.
    3.) One app that seems like it might be useful would be the TED app, because it has several videos that include a wide variety of subjects, of which would include technology. It might be useful for the class because we have had assignments in the past that involved watching some of the TED Talks and answering questions about it after, and the app might make it easier to do that.

  5. 1. Both apps are good for different reason. Flipboard makes History homework easy by giving you a ton of subjects you can use for current events and keeps you updated and in-the-know of what you like and flip. Dropbox is similar to google drive except you can share all files straight from your computer instead of uploading some types of files through Google Drive. Both make school work, and work in general easier.

    2. I use iFunny and the YouTube app regularly everyday. iFunny also makes me aware of things inside of our country and sometimes even outside, like during the winter olympics. It provides humor, facts, and is a good social media app for people who want to smile. YouTube keeps me updated with all of my favorite youtubers and news and even projects on a computer or in real life. YouTube is a fun and amazing app that always changes and will never die.

    3. (to be continued)

  6. 1. Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. Any file you
    save to your Dropbox will also automatically save to all your computers, phones, and even the Dropbox
    website. This means that you can start working on your computer at school or the office, and finish on
    your home computer. Never email yourself a file again! Flipboard users to flip content from your website into their magazines.lipboard Editor allows you to manage your magazines from a convenient dashboard. Rearrange and delete items, set covers and share your magazines with friends.

    2. Two outstanding apps for me are the NHL game center and the Arizona Coyotes app. I use them on a regular basis. I use the NHL game center to check who is playing and checking the standings for the teams and also check the stats about the players and the injury updates and more. I also use the Coyotes to check when they are playing at home and check their lineups, checking their injury reports.

    3. It is a free online graphing calculator. We put in the values and see if we can figure out how the business figures are looking. We input the number of customers and the number of weeks since the business has started and we can discover how revenue is looking based on the numbers of the employees and their pay rates.

  7. 1.) Dropbox is useful for transferring apps between devices and easily sharing files between multiple people. Flipboard is good for tailoring news articles to your personal interests and receiving stories that you are interested in.
    2.) An app I often use is Skype, an app where you can make audio and video calls with multiple people, as well as send text messages, send files, and even share your computer screen. Xbox One Smartglass is useful for connecting to your Xbox One and being able to browse the Xbox store, your profile, and even control TV channels remotely, useful for people like me who can't be bothered to connect a controller or look for the remote.
    3.) I could not find any apps that I have both personally never seen before nor found useful in this classroom.

  8. 1. Flipboard is a media sharing app, it allows news articles and current events to be shared. GENYes can use this share articles for our blogs, or with the classroom if relevant. Dropbox allows downloads to be uploaded and shared safely. GENYes can use this to share PDF files or maybe a program, then GENYes students can just as easily get the download at home.

    2. I use Skype to instant message and voice chat with my friends, who also have Skype. I can log on everyday and check in to who is up to what, since I do not have a cell phone this is very useful for me and my family so I do no have to use their phones. Also YouTube lets me watch videos quickly and easily. I can search up whatever I want, weither that is a tutorial, update video, or entertainment. I can also view what my friends have uploaded, the subscribe function shows me all new activity of my subscriptions as soon as I get on YouTube.

    3. My dad recently found an app called Plex, this allows videos and movies to be uploaded to a personal media server. My dad uploaded all of his iTunes movies to Plex. teachers could use Plex to have a school media server, rather than YouTube to share and play videos for the class.

  9. 1) Flipboard is an app that allows users to create their own magazines as well as view other peoples magazines. This app enables users to see the news that they want to see and catch up on what they might have missed. Dropbox is a handy app that allows users to share and download files. It features many features such as it backs up and can restore files.
    2) Not to be your average person but one app I use on a regular basis is instagram. This app allows users to share pictures with their friends and anyone who follows them. You also get to see anything your friends post. Another app I use on a regular basis is the Gopro app. This app is very helpful because I film skateboarding and the app allows me to connect to the gopros wifi and view my videos.
    3) An app I found is the ebay app. This app is very efficient because you dont have to be at a computer to bid on something. By using this app you can bid and purchase items on the go.

  10. 1. The benefits of flipboard are it provides a platform of deep content engagement across a growing audience of social influencers and enthusiastic readers. It helps you share your content with flipboard users who then share that content with their friends which spreads your content throughout the community. The benefits of dropbox are it's very convenient and easy for users to use, which can make it easy for anyone and everyone to use. Dropbox is very easy to share with the community and friends which makes it less stressful for you to get content out.

    2. Shazam is an app that I used to use on my phone, It's main feature is to let you buy and listen to most music out there. I like it better than most apps because most apps don't have the old songs that I like, and if they are not a big artist than the apps won't have all of their music. Twitter is another good app that I use because it lets me create drama for people to look at whenever they see my tweets and you can keep up with everything someone is doing if you are following them.

    3. An app I found is TED an app that has videos of many people talking about new technologies or thoughts on things of their interest. This app can teach us about many new technologies that are being discovered and it can help our class come up with many new ideas for projects that we can do. This app can help us with ideas for things to add to our room or school which can help educate the class or others in the school.

  11. 1. Flipboard is and app that allows you to keep up with pop culture and recent news. You can see everything you missed in the palm of your hand. Dropbox is and app that is like a box you dump all your useless or useful things in. It is literally like a cardboard box that you put in the attic.

    2. The two app i use on a daily basis is YouTube and Mega. Youtube is where you can post videos and people subscribe if they like them. You can also subscribe to other people and YouTube will tell you when they post a video so your always are updated. Mega is an app where you can post things and other people can download it. In a way it is sort of like dropbox but you can go onto anyones page and download things that you think are suitable.

    3. The app Quicken i have never scene before and after reading it a couple times i understand. This can help you with your finances and can assist you with transactions. I think that this will help the gentech business for its transactions.This can help other people because you can link your bank account with this app.

  12. 1. Dropbox is a great service that allows users to access files from anywhere. Anything you save to it can be accessed across computers, or even on your phone. You can work on projects anywhere, and have it accessible. Flipboard is great for people that want to learn about what's going on, and personalize it to your needs. Want to know what's going on in technology, sports, or world news, but not who wore it better at the VMAs? You can personalize it to your needs and your interests.

    1. 2. I don't have any kind of device, and I don't use apps on my web browser, so I don't really know what apps there are. My older brother uses one that can recognize songs so it's easier to find one playing that you like, but that's it. The only thing I use is RES, but it's not entirely a "convenience" app.

    2. 3. I don't have a device to look up apps, so I don't know what kind of apps there are.

  13. Jordan thought i should post this

  14. 1.Dropbox is essentially an alternate cloud.Of course since it's smaller,it is a more responsive and better working system.Dropbox also allows you to share with other people making it all the better.
    2.iFunny and Tumblr are to good working entertainment apps i use everyday.Tumblr is great for any form of tv or video game fandoms.iFunny is a collection of funny images,Gifs,and videos.
    3.The Amazon app is very resourceful.Since Genyes will be ordering its fair share of pc products.

  15. 1.) Dropbox is great for storing files that you really don't need but don't want to lose forever on your computer either. Hard drives cost a lot of money and Drop Box can help you with it! Even though you have to pay for more hard drive space in Drop Box, it's a lot more cheaper than paying for your own custom hard drive.

    2.) I personally use Twitter and Facebook, two of the best social networks that can be made for the phone and efficient with keeping us sane instead of sitting on a computer in which is what I am doing now...

    3.) I found out a new social network called Vine, which features 7 second videos to create any genre of any kind to fit it best. It's a very creative social network to teach the world what people can do in 7 seconds to fit the genre that they're going for. For example, the comedy genre is very funny and fascinating to see how people can make other people laugh in the most creative way in only 7 seconds.

  16. 1. Dropbox is a great tool to help you store and organize your files. It is great tool to use in school, as you can access all of your files from anywhere that you can access the internet. Flipboard is a cool and new style of providing all the news about today, and allow for a social media style of advertising.

    2. One of the coolest and most in my opinion is Google Chrome. This is a web browser, that makes searching fast and easy, with search suggestions that pull up as you type, and sync-able bookmarks and profiles attached to your Google account. Another program is Spotify. Spotify is a free source of music as long as your connected to the internet. It allows you to create playlists, favorite artists and it finds suggestions for music it thinks you might like.

    3. Google SketchUp is a cool program that I have never used before, only heard about. After researching and playing around with the program, Ive learned that it is a very simple and easy way to draw out and "sketchup" your ideas. It could really help with teaching people, and for visual learners, make life a lot easier.

  17. 1. Dropbox is a site where you can share videos, links and photos to others. They can be used for personal or buisness projects that you are doing. You can go on it your ipad, phones, and even computers to acess this.Now flipboard is also really interesting You can probly just learn about anyting. You can personalize it any of your needs, like for your interests and just what you need in general.
    2. The two apps i really use are Youtube because if i go on that daily and see if any of my favorite youtubers have new videos. Plus You can finds tutorials or game reviews or to anything really and you can watch it! youtube is an addicting app but you can learn a thing or to. The other app is crunchyroll which is a place where you can watch animes or japanese/koren dramas.
    3. the kindle app is an app where you can read about much as novels to newspapers. You can read a book about technology, read a newspaper whats going on and much more reading than you can imagine.

  18. 1.Flipboard is essentially a personal magazine that you can create yourself based on different topics. Dropbox, however is a cloud based storage that allows you to upload documents, music, or pictures and download them from any device.

    2.Two applications that I use daily are Clash of Clans, and Spotify. Clash of Clans is a basically a online multiplayer war based game. This game allows you to train an army, and build your own village to defend against other players. I also use Spotify which is a widely used music streaming service.

    3. is an application where you can learn tutorials on all sorts of tech related topics. Our class could use this application to learn advanced tasks to help us later on in life.

  19. 1) Dropbox is a file hosting site that we can use to upload assignments or share interesting topics we may find. And flipboard we can use to go over current events about tech in class or look for projects to inspire us to do in class.
    2) Snapchat I use to keep in contact with friends or share an especially unique moment with friends, and Infection is a plague based game that keeps me thinking, I have to think of outcome to a situation and predict what strategy best to use.
    3) TED app is great for exploring new point of views of topics and news headline we havent thought about before, we can use it to find pros and cons of some projects before we do them.

  20. 1. Flipboard is a social-network aggregation, magazine-format application software. The software collects content from social media and other websites, presents it in magazine format, and allows users to "flip" through their social-networking feeds and feeds from websites that have partnered with the company. Dropbox allows users to create a special folder on each of their computers, which Dropbox then synchronizes so that it appears to be the same folder (with the same content) regardless of which computer is used to view it.

    2. There are many apps that have been made to do many various things. 2 of my favorite apps are Clash of Clans and Calculator! clash of clans is a very fun strategy game. Calculator is a very helpful app that allows u to draw a problem on your phone and it solves whatever you draw.

    3. Mercari; Japan’s mobile shopping obsession is in the US. Mercari, the resale shopping app, is the country’s biggest community-powered shopping fair in the palm of your hands. The intuitive app lets you buy and sell anything, from anywhere, in seconds from your phone: fashion, electronics, jewelry, console games, new, pre-owned and hand-made items, Mercari delivers. Listing your item is as simple as uploading a photo and adding a few details. We can buy anything that we need for a class and also sell anything we create.

  21. 1: dropbox is an awesome app and can be used for tons of things. Basically what it does is you work on something, whether that be on a computer, ipad, or on your phone, then it automatically saves to your dropbox and you can pick it up again later on any devise. Flipboard is a news app where you can search and browse news relevant to you and you can see the latest news on any topic at any time.

    2: a couple apps I use often is GuitarTuna and Voxer. What Guitar Tuna does is you play your guitar and it provides a simple and easy to understand screen telling you if your guitar is in tune or not, and how much to raise or lower the pitch to get it in tune. The other app, Voxer, is a walkie-talkie app of sorts, where you push a button and any of your friends who have the app can hear you. You can have multiple people on the same channel, or a one-on-one radio channel. I find it quite useful and fun.

    3: an app that I have never used before but seems useful is Pintrist. It is an app that allows you to "pin" things that will be useful for later. I think we can use this for the arduinos and other projects to have tutorials and ideas pinned down for later use that we can easily access.

  22. 1. Dropbox is an all around useful tool for any file based action. If you want to be able to share your files with others, dropbox makes it possible. It also acts as a cloud service, allowing you to safely store your files, and get them on any of your devices connected to the cloud. One of its notable cons is that you must have an internet connection to access your files, so don't store anything important that has a deadline. Flipboard is great way to view peoples projects from around the world, in the form of an electronic magazine. Your able to see all sorts of news, all in just a few seconds. Its main problem, though, is that you need the app on a handheld device, or windows 8, to be able to use many of its features. It has a very limited support for the latest version of chrome, but it is easily seen as something that was only ever meant for handheld apps.

    2. Two apps that I use are Safari and Youtube. Safari on handhelds has a design very similar to the desktop version, and makes it easy to browse the web. Youtube allows you to view videos from all around the world, ranging from tutorials to comedy, you can't go wrong. It has everything you could ever imagine, and is the most well known video sharing site/app. Both apps are great for the occasional times I use a handheld, but falter over long periods of use, as they both wear down the battery quickly.

    3. Notepad++ Portable is a great app for basic programming on the go, or your everyday text file. It comes with many unique settings that make it stand out from the rest, and can adapt to whatever programming language you are using. If set up properly, it allows you to see any errors you might of made, highlights various statements, and formats what is enclosed in brackets. When used properly, it allows you to work on any project on the go, ranging from game development, all the way to another text editor. It doesn't have as many features as its desktop counterpart, but you still can't go wrong using Notepad++ Portable.


  23. 1.Flipboard will allow the class to easily and quickly find information on current events in science. Dropbox however will allow the class to share emails.

    2.Clash of Clans is my life, not really but I use it many times a day, This app is one of the most outstanding apps I have ever played. Clash of Clans is a multiplayer strategy based game that encourages people around the world to work together and meet each other. Youtube helps me with my creative side by allowing me to look up whatever I need and get a tutorial on something I can get it in an instant and get to watch people failing to.

    3.I learned of an app called Spotify Music and it could help the students that do better with music learn better because it is proven that some students learn better with music than without it. It could help out the teachers through getting the kids out of there hair.

  24. 1. Dropbox and Flipboard are two great apps with outstanding potentials. Dropbox is like a flash drive, yet stored on the internet. No more annoying pieces of hardware to lose! Flipboard is an app that presents information from social media in the format of a magazine. This allows you to customize the information that you receive and compile information into one source.

    2. Pandora and the Notes app on my iPhone are two apps that I found and believe are very useful. I find Pandora as an extremely useful app for discovering new music and just customizing what I listen to. Notes is another useful app for my phone so I can record anything that I might need to write very quickly.

    3. I found a metronome app for my phone, which is very useful for playing the piano. Before I found this app, I did not have a metronome, and I had some difficulty working on my pieces. The metronome app that I found is free and has all the tools you might need on a metronome.

  25. 1. Flipboard is an app that allows you to create or view online magazines from other people. You can connect your Flipboard to Facebook and Twitter. It's easy to catch up on news that you missed or topics that you really enjoy. Dropbox makes saving your files simple and easy. Any file saved to Dropbox is also saved to all of your devices and the Dropbox website. This is great because if your computer crashes, you can still access the your saved files from your phone.
    2. Two apps that I use on a daily basis are Youtube and Skype. I use Skype frequently because all my friends in Genyes are online alot that's are main source of communication. It also comes in handy when we game online together because we aren't restricted to holding a phone to our ears. I constantly use Youtube on a daily basis because music helps me concentrate and calm my nerves when I'm really stressed.
    3. An app I found that I've never used before is the ebay app. This could come in handy because you can find good deals on good equipment while your on the go.

  26. 1. DropBox is an awesome app. It functions just like a folder on your computer. It saves and stores data of any files you put in in. However, there is something that makes DropBox different, Dropbox uses cloud storage. That means as long as you have an internet connection, you can access, edit and upload all of your files. You can use up to 2 GB of space for free.

    2. Chrome App. Google made the Chrome Browser to be fast and reliable. It also supports multiple extensions and add-on(s). I also like the app Super N64. Its an android based app that is able to emulate a Nintendo 64 console. The only problem is... is that its probably not legal :p. Another honorable mention goes to the Tor app.


  27. 1. Dropbox is a great service that allows you to store and download files from the internet. Dropbox is also great for backing up files in case something goes wrong and you lose your files and or if you need to free some space on your hard drive.

    2. I use Twitter and Pandora. Twitter allows me to keep up with any entertainers I follow and also lets me keep up with any news. Pandora has an enormous collection of music ranging to just about everything imaginable.

    3. The Amazon app is a great way to mobilize your search for something you want to order and allows you to use it in multiple countries and the app is free and convenient for many (to be continued)

  28. 2. Twitch mobile and Netflix
    3. Steam app

    1. 1. Dropbox is an amazing site which I have been using to upload files for storage and sharing for years now. While I have never used the mobile application or seen any use for it, I use the desktop browser version quite often. With dropbox you can upload any file format for storage on their servers. Dropbox also has a feature in which you can make the download public and provide anyone you wish to share it with with an easy link for direct download. It's fairly simple to use and there's not much to it. Sadly there is a limited amount of storage per user but this can be increased by introducing friends to the service. I believe there is also now a way to purchase more space. Flipboard is an application in which one can make a personalized magazine compiling any links they may want to put together. I don't see much individual use for this as someone could just bookmark any links they want to come back to. But, as it has been demonstrated in this course, it is a great way to share a mass amount of links with others if you'd like them to have articles you wish for them to view readily available.

      2. I use both Netflix and the Twitch mobile applications on regular basis. They provide an extremely vast variety of entertainment and are both brilliantly designed. I've been a Twitch viewer for almost two years now and when I first decided to watch on a mobile device rather than on PC I found the app was a total piece of junk. It was extremely slow, difficult to navigate, and not kind to the eyes. It was difficult to find most streams as it often only showed around the first fifteen in a category. It's absolutely awesome to see how far it has come and how much it has changed. Not only is it now much easier to navigate and watch your favorite streamers but it is also extremely easy to discovery new ones. It runs very smoothly and looks great as well. Netflix is now one of the largest companies in the world and because of this, the mobile app is extremely popular. The app makes it easy to sign in, select whatever you wish to view and relax. While I, as well as everyone to ever use Netflix, do wish the selection was larger I have absolutely no complaints on the app.

      3. While I had heard of it and downloaded the Steam app quite some time ago I had never really looked into it or found much use in it until recently. Upon opening the app and signing in you are directed to the Steam catalog which is essentially a store in which you can view any game available on the steam store as well as purchase it directly from your mobile device. By far the most amazing feature to me is the ability to remotely download games to your Desktop no matter where you are. As long as your PC is on with Steam running, you can download games to it from your mobile device from any location no matter how far away you may be. You can also monitor the progress of your download to know exactly when it will be done. I recently used this feature upon the Release of Deadrising 3. I was at school during the release but thanks to the Steam mobile app I was able to have it downloaded so it'd be ready to play the second I got home. You can also view your friends list to see who's online and what they're doing. My only complaint is the occasional buginess of the catalog in which it doesn't properly load a page but I have seen this happen only on rare occasions so far so it's nothing to make a big deal over.

  29. 1.Drop Box is a very useful app that allows you to put files into a cloud. This allows you to bring the files to any computer if it is downloaded on that computer.

    2. Steam is a app that I use a lot to play games or even use it to find out what is going on with games I play. I also use Netflix a lot with my dad so we can watch shows and movies.

    3.Team speak is a app like Skype that we could use to talk to other students and you to plan the business and work on assignments.

  30. 1. Dropbox is a useful app for having access with any file in your dropbox. being able to access it on your phone would allow you to grab files such as pictures or even music, which I do plenty of times. The Flipboard app is a good source for information about any news, rather than watching the depressing news channel. It's an easy to use app that is fast and can be used for your personal interests in the news.

    2. Two outstanding apps that I like to use on my Smartphone are Astro File Manager and the Clean Master app. Astro File Manager allows you to access files in your internal memory and sd card at the same time. Usually you cannot access those files (at least on my phone) so having this app makes it much easier to delete unwanted files or delete ones that take up too much space. And the Clean Master app is a nifty tool that will help speed up your phone by clearing RAM and any unused files. The app will let you know when an app has gone untouched for more than a set time, and will ask if you need it deleted to clear space. Both apps are essential for my phone, and I’m happy I came across them.

    3. Recently I have come across the app that is on Apple, Android devices and even an online version called Classflow. There are 3 versions of Classflow, Student, Teacher, and another Teacher one for some reason. Classflow is an app that allows a device to connect to a smart board. This would be a great use for students to receive a lesson or powerpoint on their devices and look through the powerpoint at their own pace or even save it to look at it on their own time.

  31. 1. Dropbox is a great file storing and sharing app that allows you to store tons of data in the infinite cloud. If you need other backup storage that is where Dropbox comes in. Dropbox offers a secure place to store your significant files at. Flipboard is like an online magazine. You can flip through articles just like a newspaper. Another use for Flipboard is that its links extend brand magazines into the web as well. With a Flipboard link, you can connect to a web enabled version of a brand magazine that exists in the Flipboard ecosystem.

    2. Two apps I use are the Adblock and YouTube Repeat apps. Adblock allows me to browse the web or watch videos without any time wasting adds. It makes YouTube a lot better in comparison to when the ads aren't blocked. YouTube Repeat grants the ability to repeat any YouTube video as many times as you want. I love using this app when I find some really good music and I want to listen to it over and over again.

    3. A new app I found was 3D Solar System Simulator. I would think this app would really benefit science teachers who are going through their space units.

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  33. 1.Dropbox is a free service that lets you download and receive photos, docs, videos and more on your mobile device. A benefit of this app is that it makes it easier to retrieve files from other computers or devices to your device. Flipboard is an app that lets you find news and events for almost any topic.

    2. Two apps that I use the most are, one Wonderpoles. Wonderpoles is an app where people from all around can make and answer user made poles. The other app I use the most is Plants vs Zombies 2. It is a video game app that is a sequel to the wildly popular predecessor and is, out of all the smartphone games I’ve played, is the most fun.

    3.An app I have discoverd is the app. I’m a bit late to the party here but it does not change the usefulness of the app. It is what it says it is, a dictionary that is easy to use and comes in real handy at school.

  34. 1.) Dropbox is a really cool app that is kind of like a cloud, where you can share and receive videos, photos, documents, ect. on your computer and mobile device. The good part about that is it makes it easier to share important things to a bunch of people, and download things. Flipboard is an app that's all about news and recent events, its your "personal magazine".

    2.) I don't use these apps too much. but i'm just trying to be original here; The two apps I use are Crunchyroll, and Instgram. Crunchyroll because its all about anime, it gets the latest videos really fast and on my Ipod its free. Next up is Instagram, I use it sometimes to see what my old friends are up to and that's basically all I use it for.

    3.) An app I recently just found was Pages, its a really nice app that was made for IOS8 and all you do is make notes and and all kinds of document configurations like: reports, letters, resumes, envelopes, business cards, ect, so it can be really useful at times.

  35. 1. With Flipboard you can find news and events and subjects of your choice that you can get and look at anytime you want. Dropbox lets you store all of your files and images onto a local network storage drive and it will also store onto the Dropbox website which is very useful in my opinion . So if you lose your information that is needed on your computer or phone then you can get it back from Dropbox which would help me big time personally.
    2.I don't use these apps too much. ; The two apps I use are facebook, and Instgram.Facebook because who doesnt have a facebok today I can keep in touch with my family out of state. nstagram its fun samething as facebook
    3.Amazon app just downloaded it I use amazon alot and why not get the app its faster and more reliable

  36. 1.) Flipboard is a app that is used to find current news and events or subjects that you choose. Dropbox is a cloud based site and app the lets you store files on the cloud to download or view at a later date. You can also share files on Dropbox to other people so they can download pictures, songs, documents that you sent over to then via Dropbox. You can also backup files on there so in case vital information is lost in some computer crash it will be on Dropbox for you to download.

    2.) My to favorite app are Ifunny and YouTube. I use Ifunny on a regular basis everyday because its a comedy app it allows me to view millions of images or gifs relating to comedy. Its quite a fun and entertaining app that can pass a lot time. Tumblr for some of the same reasons as Ifunny but tumblr has a bigger variety of content on there and is another good way to pass the time.

    3.) An app I have never used is the TED app because I don't watch TED at all Though GenYes could benefit from having a app like that due to TED having a lot of tech related videos that could teach everyone in GenYes something new.

  37. 1.) Flipboard has news and events and you can customize it to show subjects you like. Dropbox you can move documents, pictures, and videos from computer to computer. You don't need a thumb drive to move anything which makes it useful to work on something from multiple computers. I think Dropbox is more useful, it has saved me a number of times.

    2.) Trivia Buff and StatGnome are apps I use a lot of the time and I think they are cool. Trivia Buff gives you a bunch of fun facts everyday and they refresh it everyday. I use that one everyday because I love fun facts and history so I really enjoy it. StatGnome is something I use only between September and December because that is when it is useful. StatGnome is for fantasy football, it shows what my team is projected to get and how much I actually have. I can also check who I have on my bench and if someone on my team got injured.

    3.) I found a Pandora app on my phone that would be very useful for me. I can listen to music I like when I am working out, doing homework, or just want to listen to music. I will start using the Pandora app a lot for those reasons.

  38. 1. Dropbox: Dropbox is an great app because it allows you to move your documents, pictures, and other data from device to another where you left off. It also lets you share the projects so many people can work on it and it will save all the progress.
    Flipboard: Flipboard lets you get rid of the unneeded information by knowing who you follow and pulling up there tweets or posts.You can mark articles as favorites and send links. Flipboard also has a timeline.

    2. Amazon Music MP3 is a good app because it allows you to buy and listen to music but if you buy your music from a certain link or an add-on link it will give some of the money to the person who owns the link or shares it with amazon. Another great app is Flashlight LED, this app allows

    1. to use your phones camera flash as a light. This is a geat app because if the power goes out or you are in a dark place it will help you see and find things.
      3. I found the Advanced Calculator app on my phone. This app helps solve math problems and improving the speed in witch i do them.

  39. 1) With Dropbox you can also share files on Dropbox to other people so they can download pictures, songs, documents that you sent over to then via Dropbox. You can then later revisit the things you saved onto Dropbox on any device that runs this app.

    2) My two favorite apps are Twitch and Snapchat. I can watch speed runners live stream on twitch, these streams can always last a very long time (4-15 hours). Snapchat is when you can share you pictures with people like a normal text message.

    3) An app i haven't used before was Instagram, its like Facebook but with photos. Its kind of pointless because most of the photos are just of white women who act all that, and it doesn't seem like i want to be having to look at 200 of the same photo but with filters and a comment saying "no edit", Yeah... ok.

  40. 1. The flip board app makes it easy to look and learn about subjects. It is easy to flip though as in the name. The magazine option is great. You can save thing you like from the web and look t so many great articles. The dropbox makes it easy to store like a flash drive anything. Videos,pictures, and also documents. Dropbox is really handy in school to have all of you requirements. Both apps are beifent to the educational world.
    2. Two apps I use regularly is apps are on the android market. I use PIcCollage for my pictures. I think why have one picture when you can have much more. This takes pictures and in a easy touch you v=can have up to 7 arrangements of photos. I really enjoy it to show like family event or a concert. Also I use a not so popular video show. This combines videos. Like a editor. not really the best. but it bring little clips together. I used it to show are Family vacation to California. Little clips put together.
    3. An app Ive never used before is the Amazon or Ebay app/I feel like it be great for Genyes because of parts. Especially because of the resent part searching. It was nice to look other places. These apps might make it easier. Also helping use learn how to use technolgy other than the mac or windows.

  41. 1. Dropbox is a cloud storage system useful for sharing, well, anything. It works sort of like Google drive, in that you can upload any file type to the cloud, organize them, and then pull them onto any device at any moment as long as you have a connection. Flipboard is a way to customize, filter and view internet media that pertains to your interests.

    2. I use LogMeIn: Hamachi as a way to emulate a LAN network so that I can play online games with my friends over the internet without the need to set up a dedicated server or port forward my router. I also use Skype and Steam to chat with my friends and keep in touch with my fellow game developers.

    3. (a little late here but) MsK showed Keith and I Socrative, a cool easy and simple to use web-based tool that allows teachers to easily create, give and share quizzes, play fun review games, and more. It has an app on the app store, as well as being compatible with all computers that are able to run HTML5 applications from their browsers.

  42. 1) Flipboard is an app that you create your own personal magazine this could be useful for portraying ideas heavily dependent on imagery. This could be a useful tool in the future for technologies for digital magazines.
    2)I use apps such as Clash of Clans and Instagram.

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  44. 1. some of the benefits of flipboard is your personal magazine. It is the most popular way to catch up on the news, read stories from around the world and browse the articles, videos and photos friends are sharing.Dropbox is a home for all your photos, docs, videos, and files. Anything you add to Dropbox will automatically show up on all your computers, phones and even the Dropbox website — so you can access your stuff from anywhere.

    2. not done

    1. 2. two outstanding apps Vine and YouTube. i dont really use them on a daily basis i sometimes cant get on them every day. i try to use them when i have free time.

      3.a new app i dont use is google earth. this app is a great app for discovering the world and learning new things about earth. google earth can be great for certian assignments. google earth could awnser alot of questions.


    is a nice app if you want to keep up to date with local and world wide news this is very useful compared to having to check the news paper every morning with flip board now you can just check the news all at your finger tips


    drop box is a nice way to be able to keep photos on your phone and your laptop at the same time i found that out by syncing my phone with my computer and by via wifi it uploaded my pictures and any other images onto my laptops drop box app this app is helpful when you need pictures and your on the go it can also be helpful when you need to save things but don't want to use your memory on your phone

    Snap Chat

    snap chat is 1 of the many apps that i use on my daily bases i use it to communicate with people with pictures and short videos i usually just use it to talk to my friends and family back home it is helpful if you want to just show a picture to someone but not so that they can keep it


    instagram is an app that i use regularly to keep up to date with the fashion trend and also with my friends that i have back home its great for posting just pictures and in my opinion safer and more secure than Facebook its great to also communicate with friends threw direct message


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