Sunday, January 6, 2013

(S1) Paper vs. Digital

Is this the end of paper?

1.   From the links above, list the good/bad points you discovered for using paper   -vs-
      good/bad points for using digital devices in school.   (The paper videos are funny!) 

2.  What's your opinion, as a student for school use?  Paper or digital device?  Why?

3.  Assume the role of a teacher.   Pick a subject you would teach.   You want to implement the best learning environment possible for your subject.  How would you ideally equip a classroom of 40 kids? How would your present your lesson?  How would the kids perform the task you give them?  How would you test them to see if they 'got it?'   


  1. 1.) Well for one every one says that it is much easier to carry. A bad point about paper is that paper is heavy . On the other hand paper was chosen so far as better for kids and learning how to read. Digital for business was better for taking notes and having reminders. Although some digitals can be seen as a distraction.

    2.) I would most certainly choose digital over paper especially when i have to buy my own textbooks. My older sister had to pay $90 for one textbook alone. I dont want to pay that much when i can get for nearly free on an e reader.

    3.) I would teach math. I would equip my students with an e reader so that they can have a text book at home as to be able to do math. Also i would have some online courses that you can do on the e readers and on the computers at school and at home if they have a computer that would last about a week at a time. I think a majority of the students would be happy when they got their week long assignment so they can relax a bit. I would test what they learned by giving thema a written portion and a online portion to do on their e readers.

  2. 1.Paper is good you don't have to charge it up you can go anywhere and have it on the other hand you can easily loose it while tablets are constricted by the internet but you will most likely never loose a tablet its also just easier that getting out a pencil and go you can write with your finger

    2.The tablet is going to take the cake on this one even if you didn't have WiFi you can just print it out. We could be saving trees and overall make it easier for use to use our brains

    3.I would teach them History with tablets that way it would be more engaging. I could have a interactive game and videos informing the kids on what there learning. Just as a backup i would go through a presentation on a smart board. I would proceed to give a short quiz online to see if they were paying attention.

  3. 1.) Paper does have the benefit of not being needed to back up our info, it also seems to be more practical in a workplace environment. however, sharing a paper document isn't nearly as simple as sharing a digital one. digital has a huge benefit of being a more cost effective option for students and members of the work force. digital also is a much more effective way to share and receive information. unfortunately, in the event of a technical issue, you may lose critical files on a digital platform.

    2.) in a school, paper is a better option as it provides fewer distractions from your work as well as being more simple for all people to grasp.

    3.) In the event I am teaching a science class, i would use digital visual aids as they drive the information a bit better as well as being simple to create and share with a class. I would find it simple to equip my students with tablets and share my students the visual aid, and other key information on an online document. To test my students, I would most likely use an online test and have my students take it anytime during the week as that way they make take it when they feel prepared, as well as that way they learn a sense of responsibility for their grades.

  4. 1. Using paper, in a correctly managed forest, is actually good for the environment!(apparently) The only downside to paper is that forests are not always correctly managed, which results in deforestation and animals losing their homes. The upside to tablets is that they use no paper and so tehy save anything like that from happening, but the downside is that they run off fossil fuels(by a far stretch) and they also give students a chance to slack off and browse other things on the tablet.
    2. I would rather be using paper because there are only a few things you can do on paper, keeping you more focused and prone to do work. When using a tablet, it is easy to get distracted and go browse youtube or Facebook, bu with paper the only thing you can do is take notes or doodle.
    3. I would be a math teacher, and I would stick with paper to keep the students focused. Also, tablets are still not the best with writing and are not as accurate as good ol' pencil and paper. I would be teaching from a overhead lamp, with me doing math underneath. And of course they would do my task with worksheets and tests would, you know, test them..(I do not really like this last question)

  5. 1. good: less dead trees, less chance of loosing important documents
    Bad: charging time, more expensive
    good: less expensive, still works without a stylus
    bad: more expensive over time, dead trees much more efficient and it saves the school on expenses over time

    3.I would do English. i would have them type them up digital then use to grade for grammar. then i would have them share it over Google docs for me to grade. I would be able to tell if they got it if they did this process corectly.

  6. 1. Paper does not need batteries, wifi, a screen. It will never go old. There isn't better paper that comes out every year. Tablets are able to hold thousands of books in the size of less than a book.

    2. For college students this could be awesome so you dont have to carry a huge backpack everywhere. Which can be a model of high school just not with so many books. I like tablets because you are able to write your paper and read your books on the same device.

    3. I would teach math. I would get my class iPad minis. Lets say i was teaching graphing. I would get the app math grapher. In this app you can graph 3D graphs and show the x,y, and z axis. To test them I would have them do problems and then come up and show me their completed graphs.

  7. 1.
    Good Points.
    1.“’The most important thing is sitting and talking with your children’ said Gabrielle Strouse, an adjunct assistant professor at Vanderbilt who has studied e-books. ‘Whether you’re reading a book, whether you’re reading an e-book, whether you’re watching a video. Co-interacting, co-viewing, is the best way for them to learn.’”

    See this makes sense because if its paper or not kids are going to learn.

    Bad Points.
    1. Did you know that when paper comes from a responsibly managed forest, it actually has a positive impact on the nation's forestland? (Click here to read more about Domtar's environmental commitment.) Paper comes from nature, and is made from one of the few truly renewable resources — unlike the fossil fuels that power most electronic devices.

    The environment is a big issue and is a key part of politics in America

    2.I like paper because it has more of a classic feel also the computer screens hurt my eyes after awhile.

    3. I would teach history and as a teacher i most likely use chrome books. Due to the fact that it is more interactive and exciting it would also be easier to get assignments by emails.

  8. 1. Paper is a bad thing because it is killing trees and it is not cost effective. Digital devices are distracting and expensive but also more useful and cheaper in the long run. paper is cheaper to buy at the time and has been used in schools forever.

    2. I would rather use digital devices in school because it is easier and faster to pass information and turn in assignments.

    3.If I was a teacher I would teach GenYES. I would have my students complete and turn assignments on the internet (via pvlearners). I could grade their work and sent them grades/ suggestions in a email. My class room would be full of chrome books for the students to do their work on. :)

  9. 1. Paper is good because it can easily be used and requires virtually no prior knowledge to be useable, also paper when made properly can actually be beneficial to the forest. Paper, because of its mass quantities, creates a large number of jobs that don't require workers to have a college education, providing jobs for many of those who need them. Tablets, in the long run, are probably the better option because they provide many more options than a simple piece of paper, despite their steep learning curve they have potential to replace paper.

    2. I think a digital device is much more useful as it is a lot more versatile than paper, it is also easier to organize and with the sheer number of assignments we get in school it becomes difficult to keep track of all of our stuff.

    3. I would teach philosophy and i would give my students laptops, because in philosophy a student needs to research and type papers which would be easiest to do using a laptop. I would present my lesson as a lecture/discussion. Then i would give a writing assignment which i would grade based upon their writing abilities and the concepts they present.

  10. 1. The good vs. bad in terms of paper and tablet or electronic devices comes into play as a large factor in deciding which one would be right for the classroom. While tablet devices are really, really cool, it's extremely easy to get distracted, with games and other applications. Paper would cost more in the long run, but it wouldn't be quite as distracting.

    2. I think the traditional use of paper would be the most useful, except for when you want some form of interactive media. However, a tablet would be much better for the easily disorganized. You wouldn't lose your stuff as easily, and you can sync with the cloud.

    3. I would teach Science, and use tablets for simulations and other media. They would work well as notebooks, and would easily graph data and other charts. I would probably still use handouts for some cases, such as tests and review guides.

  11. 1. Paper should not be used, because it kills trees and if you lose it, then all of the information that was on that piece of paper is gone forever. On a tablet or iPad, you can store the information in there and it's there forever. You can access it on any other computer as well, and you have no worries. If we just use technology then we would save our trees and have fun while we learn.

    2.In my opinion i think a tablet or any digital device would be ten times better than paper. Students tend to be disorganized with their paper and tend to lose it and they get that bad grade. On a digital device, you can have all of your teachers documents stored on it and they can make certain edits.

    3. I would teach english and give my students Mac Books to work on all of their essays and reading assignments. It would make it easier for me to just edit what i need to edit on their essay and they could see all of the edits and make certain corrections that need to be made. I would create an online test that's multiple choice for the books that we would read in class and the questions would be up to 30. I would grade them on word use and if they get their point across clearly.

  12. 1Paper is great, as it is a much better medium for art, it is much cheaper than digital devices, it requires no prior knowledge to use it.
    A tablet or computer has more potential, and can be designed with a student in mind. It can be set up to take notes, share or store documents, and dramatically reduces the impact that paper has on the environment.
    2 In school use I much prefer an electronic device in school. It is much easier, as I do not have to cary paper around, and all my work is stored online in PV learners. I am much more organized, and work more efficiently. I would present to my class, with having in class discussions. I would lead them, prompt the kids, and at times allow them to discuss on their own.
    3 If I was a teacher I would teach English. I would have laptops in my classroom for them to take notes, and do assignments online. They would perform the tasks all on the laptops, or in the discussions we have. I would test them, by having open response questions. These tests would be testing their ability to write, and construct an argument on what material we covered, as that is what English class is supposed to teach us.

  13. 1. Paper is a really neat thing, it's very useful, you don't need to charge it, and if you drop it, it won't "shatter". But then again, when it's night time, you can't really read the paper because it's to dark out or the lights are out. But, tablets/phones are very useful. If you can't read to well, you can zoom in on the device. Also, you have a great screen that is always light up and easy to read. Just a bad thing is if it's to bright the tablet/phone may run out of battery very quickly unless you have a fantastic battery!

    2. I honestly think a tablet/device is a lot better then paper, it's always light up, you can zoom in on text, and so much more! When you need to turn in a paper it is a lot easier then actually wasting paper, just send it in.

    3. If I was A Teacher, I would present my students with computers so there wouldn't have to be any paper wasted, to turn your paper in just send it in through google/pvlearners. If they needed to do a project/right an essay they could share it with me through google docs. Also to test a student, I would do it just like my genyes teacher does currently. Make a Survey.

  14. 1. Paper is better for children as it is something to hold and there are flippable pages on helping them develop fine motor skills. Also, a book never runs out of power.

    2. It depends if they can handle the responsibility to not goof off and your teacher takes digital documents.

    3. I would teach English and the subject would be instructions on how to write a research essay. I would give laptops to each student and assign a research essay and have them turn it in to I would share a google doc with the with instructions and guidelines.

  15. 1.) A digital paper tablet is good because it dosent need batteries, wifi, a screen. it will never break or over heat and freeze it woud be perfect for school or work holds book so college would be easer and information.

    2.) My opinion would to get the paper tablet because my mom said that she spent over a hundred dollars on textbooks and caring them around campus sucked.

    3.) I would pick math because its my favorit class and it would be easer to teach for my if all my students had a paper tablet because they'd have all there info on it the math book its self.

  16. 1. Good thing about paper.
    Paper is always there, it doesn't get low on energy. There is no screen to break and it's recyclable! They are only one dollar to! You can basically put them anywhere without having to bring a charger or expecting them to die. You can bring them on planes without having to worry about them being
    1. The bad part about paper.
    Paper can get wet and smug, it can get all wrinkly and it can also get lost, like anything. And news papers are really big.

    1.Good thing about technology.
    They are portable and they can be put in pockets and just easier to read. Say you find an article you like, you can copy and send it to a friend.

    1.Bad things about Technology
    They can get wet and break, they can die, you all ways need to have it charged and they can be a pain in the butt

    2.As a student I choose technology. They are much more useful because you can search the web and do tuns more of stuff.

    3. I would be a tech teacher and give my kids a laptop. I would have them figure out how to edit a photo with photoshop. I would have them add hats and beards and see if they knew how

  17. 1. One thing that I find an issue using paper is since i'm a lefty is that when I am writing on a piece of paper my hand wipes across the writing on the paper and makes marks on my hand, i don't really find any good things about using paper. But issues on the links are that paper doesn't need batteries or to be recharged, electronics are more expensive then paper,students would get distracted by downloading applications and stuff onto the electronic.
    But the good parts of using Electronics are it saves trees.
    2. I personally would rather use electronic because most kids type faster then they do write so things would get done a lot faster.
    3. I would teach science, I would have a cart of e-readers or amazon kindles. I would have them read instructions to a lab they are doing that day, then i would have them put the ereaders back where they go, then they would go do the lab.

  18. 1) Paper is better for younger kids but by the time they are in seventh and eighth grade and above you can start to use tablets. Tablets are better they are more compact and you can do way more with them. sometimes kids might mess around with them but ehh those will probably be the same kids who dont take notes on paper either.

    2) Tablets or computers are better they can do way more than books can and they make life way easier for studying, writing essays, and way more.

    3) I would teach history. i would let them use tablets and have them go on pvlearners and look at the slide show from the tablet and make the class more like the online version of the class, easy quick and fun for the most part.

  19. 1. Paper has major advantages because you don't need to plug paper into a charger, paper doesn't get stolen,and you can't harm your eyes from starring at it like a device can. The bad things is a device can do so much more. The good things about a device is you can listen to music while working, you can look up research then get back to work, and when your done you can play a game. The bad things is that you can be tempted to play a game or go on facebook when your work isn't finished, pulse looking at the screen for to long can harm your eyes.

    2. paper because with a device you can get desecrated.

    3.Hmmm if I were a teacher I would teach science. Because as a kid I loved science for no reason. And I wouldn't need technology because it's science. The kids just need materials to do labs.

  20. 1:Bad-Over 75% of US students regularly choose not to buy the textbooks their professors require, a recent student survey has revealed. This is mainly because students find textbooks too expensive and because students can find textbooks online
    -Truly this makes sense beyond belief because it shows that 96% of people find textbooks too expensive.

    Good- Paper/textbooks are very important when it comes to learning. I feel like my work is more organized when I use paper rather than an electronic device. I know it sounds crazy! Most people think using some device is cooler and easier but in reality paper is something you can use and design based on your imagination.

    2:I know it sounded like i was all about paper last paragraph but i'd rather use an electronic device. Paper can get ruined and destroyed easily than a device(obviously); but I had to point that out. Also, a tablet gives you the option to search up some answers and help you out with your work.

    3: I would choose to be a history teacher. I would equip my class room with 20 Computers and or tablets. Each student would have a partner of their choice to work with for the whole year. Those students would use one device between the two of them. As the teacher, I would teach the lesson in the front and have the students work on google docs for the class. It is easy and fun for all of us.

  21. 1. Paper: Pros) Simple, easy to make, recyclable, relatively cheap. Cons) Limited resource, often wasted/not recycled, heavier, can be ruined by the elements. Digital: Pros) Easy to carry, Easy to read, Simple to learn how to use, lighter, can contain many books/documents in one device. Cons) Often fragile, expensive, and If the hard drive or display is corrupted or broken, the items inside can be lost or unavailable until repair.

    2. I prefer digital, because I hate to go into textbooks and try to find information, whereas I can find the information quicker if I'm using a digital platform. I also don't like to carry textbooks physically because they're very heavy.

    3. If I was a Social Studies teacher, I would pair the kids into 8 groups of 5 with tablets, and I would have them try to fill in a map of the world with the correct countries as fast as possible. The activity would happen twice in the semester, once as a pretest, the second as a final version. The activity would take place in the classroom, but with any maps on the walls covered up. The kids would have to use their prior knowledge and their experience with the pretest. I'll know that they got it when they've completed at least 80% of the map in total.

  22. 1) In a technology ridden world it's not hard to that future devices are going to prevail over previous thoughts and this is going to include paper. I think the tablet is going to be the best for students a new generation is already growing up with them and two there more interactive.

    2) The tablet is going to replace paper because there is just simply more things to do on it. Why would people want to keep paper around it is a losing battle an example would be the civil war, times are changing, machinery can do the jobs slaves can so why keep slaves it wont happen simply because the way of life is changing. That is kind of what is happening with paper.

    3) It's going to take some time but eventually society in the future will see them selves using tablet's more than paper. Don't get me wrong though paper will still need to be used for somethings such as certain types of documents for the danger of a power out or e.t.c.

    4) I most definitely think the majority of students prefer tablets over textbooks especially ones in the future.

    1. While these are thoughtful responses, you need to be mindful of answering the question. :)

  23. 1) Paper requires cutting down precious trees in order to obtain it. This new electronic paper would help resolve this tree issue that we are currently experiencing and we wouldn't need to use as much. One other con to using paper is that if you mess up your writing you have to erase it and it can be messy, while with electronic paper you can simply delete your mistakes.

    2) Given our current financial situation here in the PVUSD district, I'd say we need to stick with paper for a few more years. Eventually, we should just gradually move into the digital age and buy these devices and save paper. They look simple enough to use and GenYES is always there to help kids and teachers use them.

    3) If I was ever given the chance to teach, I would chose to teach English. In my lessons, I would have all 40 students use these devices to read short stories and discuss them afterwards. The only time they would ever have to use paper for their lessons, would be if they had to read a novel. All my class handouts and homework would be done all over the internet.


  24. 1. Paper is good because once it is printed it can't be changed by other people like some information sites. But digital is also good as well because you can get acces of information almost any where unlike paper.

    2. I would rather have digital divice because for me it is easier to read on the compter because the light from the device keeps me wake, when paper is dull and puts me to sleep.

    3. I would be an English Teacher. I would equipe my students with a class computer or tablet. I would make the lesson in Google Docs and share it with the students. They would use Google Docs to do the assignment. I would have a Document that has the grading sheet and I would comare the two to grade it.

  25. 1. Paper has several good points including the ease for note taking, reading, and its overall use in society. Its bad points are that it can be messy sometime, it is more difficult to keep track of, and much more bulky than the alternatives. A digital device provides the benefit of being extremely portable, the ability to access a large amount of information from one device, and the generally cheap e-books. Its disadvantages can sometimes be difficulty to read in daylight, difficulty in note taking, and reading.
    2. In my opinion, I believe that you could use a digital device for reading but not for note taking leaving paper as the only and best option for school purposes as there is much note taking during school time.
    3. If I was a teacher, I would teach math. Math, I believe, would be one of the most difficult subjects to use a digital device with. It would be near impossible to do problems. I would ideally equip all the students as they are now, paper, pencil, and textbook.

  26. 1. Paper is good since it is cheap, portable, and easily manageable. On the downside, it does take a lot of trees over time, and it can build up over time in unorganized piles. Electronic devices like the ipad, or even just a computer, can hold tons of documents all in one small box of transistors, and can be used to easily organize everything. However, reading extensively from a computer screen over a long period of time can cause eye strain and headaches, and if the computer brakes, everything you ever had on it disappears.

    2. I prefer to use paper, because I get headaches after staring at a screen too long. Also, I hate using touch-screen devices because I always think I have to aim my fingers on a spot I can't see because my finger is in the way. Kind of a self-fulfilling issue.

    3. If I were, say, a chemistry teacher, I would have them use paper still, because it's a little hard to equip every kid in the class with an Ipad so they can take hours trying to figure out how to put a subscript on a substance in an equation. If they need to use a computer for some reason, there's always available laptops and computers all around the school, anyway.

  27. .Paper sucks lets be clear. The way we harvest trees is with giant machines that cut down massive amounts of trees at once so if anyone thinks we could just "thin out" they forest obviously dont know what they are talking about. This contributes to two different problems; theses machines expel a bunch of harmful toxins like co2, there are only so many trees in the world. now lets think, what do trees produce? oxygen. so without trees the earths atmosphere will be infested with way too much carbon dioxide and not enough oxygen for humans to physically function. Lets use our brains again, Do electronic devises produce any kind of harmful chemicals other than knowledge? No! If all schools could could put solar panels on their roofs they could run all their electricity directly from them and would dramatically cut down on the districts electricity bill. It is a NO BRAINER!!!!!!

    1. Interesting thoughts. Calm down there! Also, please be mindful to answer the actual questions! :)

  28. 1)Good points for using paper= jobs from paper businesses are kept, in a digital device you can be easily distracted, it is very easy to hold (small, can be folded, and light) and to look at, you can easily transport with it, and it doesn't hurt your eyes. Bad is that it's not good for the envirement and its annoying to carry around with you. Good points for using digital device= fun, easy to transport, helps envirement, and it's more interesting. Bad is that it's big, annoying, and it hurts your eyes.

    2. As a student, I prefer a digital device because they are relatively small, yet they can be used for so many different things. A tiny device can store an insane amount of information compared to paper which has to be limited to a small amount per page. Plus, digital devices are way more fun!

    3. As a teacher, I would also want have the kids use digital devices. Sure, they may play some games, but at least they are having fun with technology. I would give them each an iPad and block every game site. Then they would go to their pvlearners account to learn about the daily activity. Then they would go to the website (like and learn silently. As a teacher, I would go around and ask each of them a few questions to see if they understand it. If not, I explain it to them and tell them to research it for homework. DIGITAL DEVICES ARE BETTER!

  29. 1.The good things about paper is that it is relyable and easier to have instead of computers but paper can be a problem exspecially if you are not organized and if it is crumpled.
    2.Digital due to the cause of being more organized and having the ability to take legible notes.
    3.I would teach Rotc Due to the fact it is an easy subject for me I would use tablets to record information and have their note and planners to my own use.They will listen if not they have to write on paper and losse the responsibility of having a tablet.

  30. 1. The bad part of using paper is it kills trees and if you have too many books it'll take up a lot of space. But the good thing about paper is that it's portable and doesn't cost as much as a tablet or lap top. On the other hand, the bad part of doing things digitaly is you might need wifi for what you want to do and it isn't always there. Also, if the device you are using gets lost or damaged there is a high cost to replace or fix it. But some of the good parts of using a tablet or lap top is that you can get on the internet from any where and do work. Plus, you can have hundreds of books on a tablet and you can read them any time you want.

    2. For some things I would have to use paper because it's easier to do assignments and handouts. But digital devices are good for typing and sharing essays.

    3. I would be a math teacher and use devices for online notes, lessons, tests, and assignments. But paper will be needed for students to show how they figured out the problem.

  31. 1. Paper is good because it can have positive effects on the environment if it is taken from a properly managed forest and it saves the distraction of the tablets and electronic devices. The bad things are that it can be easily lost and is not as easy to organize, causing lots of clutter. Tablets are good because it gives you many extra features and it can help those who are visual learners, but they are bad because of the distraction they cause and teachers are forced to take extra time to teach students how to use that technology.

    2. I prefer paper because there is nothing to using paper. There are a lot of hoops you have to jump through to use digital devices, and I personally would be very distracted in class having to use something like that. I lose assignments on paper once in a while, but it is a simple system that is already effective.

    3. If I were a teacher, I would be a social studies teacher and I would give students all textbooks with reading and not assignments. All notes would be done on paper and all information would be taken out of the textbook. It is the best way to absorb information. Writing something is a much more effective way of remembering something than typing it out. Plus, the textbook is a much more reliable source of information than any information you could find on the internet.

  32. 1) Paper is a better use of information in my opinion. As it says on the second article: "Did you know that when paper comes from a responsibly managed forest, it actually has a positive impact on the nation's forestland?" I think this a good point to discuss. However, I do feel that technology can help in certain ways. It really depends how you're executing its value.

    2) I like paper because its physically there, and I think it says a lot that a technology student would rather use paper, but I do agree that technology will help too. I think we can have a compromise-- we write on paper but use textbooks on tablets.

    3) I would choose to be an English teacher. The reason why I would choose to use paper is because I think that tablets would have a lot of other apps that students could be distracted by while writing and essay or taking a quiz. In other words, I think that paper is a better way to utilize the classroom minds.

  33. NOOOOOO!!!!!! i did mine in class but it didn't show up, nooo!!!

    1. In a class type setting the paper will always be better than a tablet would. Paper can be used to just about anything, you can write notes on it and complicated problems to jot down your thoughts. Handwriting is a great skill to have as you will use it for the rest of your life.
    2. It all depends on the situation, a mixture of the two would work the best. Finding a way to combine paper and tablets in the classroom. I use a tablet for all my history and chemistry by using google docs. But i still use paper for math because for me i do it better when i write down the problem to figure it out.

    3. First of all i could never be a teacher, i'm not a big fan of kids, but for the sake of this question i shall be a history teacher. Combining technology along with paper i might have them look up questions using a google short link and have them research the questions both on the internet and in books, then i would have them write out the answers on a piece of paper. I could then scan all the papers onto a computer for storage use, grade the papers and then hand them back to the students. I could use tablets to have quizzes on but i would always print out tests on pieces of paper.

  34. 1. Digital paper just makes me sad, only to think that we wont read a real book just makes me sad. Books are still popular!

    2. For school, some assignments are ok for typing but its good practice to write.

    3. A science teacher, im interested in this field when I was younger, and technology would be good for this.

    1. MORE! Good / Bad. Why / How would technology be good for teaching science? MORE!

  35. 1. Paper because it is natural and doesn't require electricity. Although devices organize everything easier paper is better to me.

    2. I like to do about 50/50 writing and technology in school. too much technology would make me annoyed and too little would be inconvenient.

    3. I would want to be a history teacher because i love history and it interests me a lot. i dont think i would need that much tech stuff to teach and i want a smaller class to have an easier focus.


  37. 1. Good things about paper: Easily accessible to the uneducated in tech and its whats were used too. Bad things: Environmentally unfriendly and extremely frustrating at times if you don't have a pencil. Also I suck at organizing it. Good things about digital paper: Easy to use (for us at least) much more convenient, no pencil required. Bad things about it: Fossil Fuels and possible bugs.

    2. Usually I'm a little skeptical with technology taking over the world but this is one of those rare occasions where I support the electronic all the way.

    3. I would have to be a film teacher. Film is already pretty up to date on tech. I don't think I would equip them with any tablet of any sort but maybe a camera.

  38. 1- Paper is something that is good to have around because no matter what the situation, its accessible. The Bad pieces about paper is its affects on the environment, and the possibility of shortage sometime in the future. Electronic paper is more or less portable and has less of an immediate impact on the environmental, on top of this, it has more possibly and can be edited when ever we so please, as long of course as we have power. Which leads to its downsides, Electronic paper has to be electronic, so its run off of electricity, which on its own creates waste in order for it to be produced. This is on top of the bugs that can occur while one is typing the paper.

    2- I love the Idea of moving into a more digital age. I think its quite cool that we can just pull out our mobile phone and communicate, text, or even open an application that allows us to write and post a document on the Google cloud. But the downsides to this make me worry in the long run. But if I had to pick one, it would be to go electronic simply because its our day and age, its so easy to access, and more interactive than writing.

    3- If I had to pick any job as a teacher, I would want to do something within the tech field. Anything from being a media specialist to being the computer tech on campus. Depending on the field and the school budget, I would prefer that the student had their own laptop, to better work with each other and more effectively.

  39. 1. Factors that are needed to realize in the dispute between paper or technology are portability, weigh, convenience, etc.

    2. I much rather device over paper due to the convenience and other opportunities such as internet, phone, etc in the device. The device will hold all information that is needed and is not require to carry around several pieces of paper that will most likely weigh a lot.

    3. If I was to teach math, paper would probably be the resource due to the entire availabilities of the paper to write--wherever they want on the paper. Where as with a device its not that easy. I would simply supply the students with as much paper as they need because it is cheap. I would present my students like that of how typical math classes are taught today, on paper. My students would finish their work on paper and turn it in on paper. I would test them on paper once again, just like a typical class.

  40. For the three students that took the opportunity to make up their blogs they received full credit. Anything beyond this point will not be accepted for credit. If you need points you will need to get into miracle mode ...

  41. 1. The tablets proposed a very strong viewpoint in being able to have strong organization, but when a child reads off of a tablet and not a book, the reading comprehension drastically declines. Also, many important documents such as paychecks, birth certificates, ect. are all on paper. If they were to be on an electronic device, it would cause issues such as: someone being able to access it, loss of the information due to device crashing, ect. Paper does provide a physical attribute that a tablet does not. All things considered, they are both very good methods but which one gets used? It all depends on the situation.

    2. As a student, I believe paper is better. There are certain comprehension techniques involved in writing something down. When typing, topics don't really stay stuck in your head as they would if you wrote them down. Also, not everyone always has access to the internet. So, this means that they could lose information or possible fall behind.

    3. As a teacher, I would present a career class. This would help students focus on a career an progress through school focusing on this one career. Both forms of information must be used (paper and technology). I would present to the students on what careers entail and the realism that falls behind them. They would then search on their own and find a realistic career opportunity. They then would have to sit and figure out all the possible prerequisites for this career. When all said and done, the student must then write an essay on this career, why they chose it and how they could possibly achieve this goal.

  42. 1.Both tablets and paper had a large quantity of pros and cons presented by these sources, lets start with paper. Paper can be easier on the readers eyes compared to the screen of the tablet. Paper, if taken from controlled environment, can actually have a positive effect on the trees around it by keeping the population of trees in check, not to mention that trees are one of our only renewable resources. As Well as paper being easier to take notes on with the ability to write and erase on it with ease. Some of the cons of paper however is how expensive it is to buy full textbooks with it. Paper is also relatively heavy in large quantities of it.

    Now on to tablets one of the pros would be the huge convenience that comes with being able to access all of your files from one small device. Tablets are also not nearly as heavy as paper, relative to how many documents possessed in both fashions. Tablets also have the ability to excite the documents and slideshows with sounds, videos, and easy accessible pictures. However, on of the cons of devices are they can take a toll on your eyes over time, and tablets will never give the satisfying feel that some get from reading and writing on paper.

    2.I personally as a student would much rather use a devise to do things like take notes, complete homework, and review sessions. I mean the ability to access every bit of info you've taken as well as the internet for research your topic without lugging around large books and notebooks of paper would easily save a lot of time, energy, and possibly even money.

    3.If I was in the role of a teacher i would be teaching high-school math (pick one) and I would have a class set of tablets chained onto the tables (you never know with high school students), I would take advantage of the technology to send out emails through pvlearners to give extra bits of info as well as have the class take notes on the tablets. I would then have the students use the built in calculators on these tablets to help solve certain problems. The most effective way to take tests would probably set the tablets to stay onto the specific site I have the test on and set up a system that grades the tests and sends me the results to add in the grade book.

  43. 1. Overall, I think technology wins, especially in today's society. Both have pros and cons, although I think the pros of technology out weighs the pros of paper. Paper can be very accessible and easy to use in situations, but so are computers, tablets, and smart phones these days. Sure some people can write faster than they can type, but is the writing fully legible like a tablet is all the time? Also, not that I'm a tree huger or anything, but I don't think we need to be cutting down anymore trees to waste on paper if there is plenty of technology. Not saying to totally get rid of paper because it still has its uses, I don't think kids should learn to write on a computer in a young age, that can come later on, but overall, it's all about technology.

    2. I think I pretty much explained my stand point in the last answer. My stand point is on technology, we can get way more uses out of it than we can paper in school. I take online class and I almost like it than my other classes. Also, you can't really do an awesome presentation or things like that on paper, it's all digital.

    3. Well, I'm not exactly sure what subject I would teach, but this question is hard to answer, for different subjects is different things. Like lets say, Biology, History, possibly English, other language classes, in my mind these would have most technology related courses. Although, for other classes like Math where there is a lot of work with a good possibility of a mess up, then you continue to use paper, although there are still some aspects of the class that could be done digitally. If there was a test or quiz, would could do that on a computer. Like when I went to the college to take a test, it was online with multiple choice answers. Also, the program has like a thing that knows if the person is on the internet or not and can kick them out of the test if they are because they could be cheating by looking up answers online. It all kind of depends on the class, the entire school can't be all digital, but it can get very close.

  44. 1. I think that paper should stay because somethings are easer using papper. For example taps are better on papper. It is also cheaper than internet costs.

    2. I prefer to use papper on my homework and things like that but I use digital for my books and of course my games.

    3. I would use papper on the homework because not all kids have computers, but for teaching the lesson I would use computers and projectors to make my life that much easer.

    1. I find it easer to study using the text book because the main tests like aims and finals are based on the papper text books. So that is what I would supplie my classroom with.

  45. 1.In my opinion tablets are good and easier to use but with paper its harder because you have to write it all and also you can use paper all the time but with tablets its different because the battery might need to be charged or you might need WiFi but with paper you can use it all the time.

    2.I would use the digital device for like games movies reading but for school use i would use paper.

    3.I would teach english and have like a tablet for reading.

  46. 1. the good about using paper is you have paper in your note books if you don't have any then you can get some from your teacher you don't have to pass it out and you won't be distracted but if we were to use technology it would save trees it would be a big upgrade from paper and think about it our generation is all about technology i think we should think to the future. my opinion it's without a doubt digital technology is the new face and we as the new generation got to embrace it were in 2013 we have got to think big and move to the future.

    3.i think i would use technology for everything every one has a computer and if you don't then get one you can do your homework online and if not then just ask for a worksheet for certain project's i think it should be your decision.

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  48. 1.In my opinion tablets are good and easier to use but with paper its harder because you have to write it all and also you can use paper all the time but with tablets its different because the battery might need to be charged or you might need WiFi but with paper you can use it all the time.

    2.I would use the digital device for like games movies reading but for school use i would use paper.

    3.I would teach english and have like a tablet for reading.

  49. 1. Paper provides a tried and true method for work and filing. It is likely easier to remain with paper as a primary method than to entirely digitalize. Tablets and other digital devices provide a much easier method for organization and are much easier to interact with. Paper is much less environmentally friendly as you need much more paper than you would digital devices. Digital devices, however, cost much more than paper.

    2. Paper is a much better medium for student use as it is already in place and adds to the feel of school.

    3. I would equip a math class of 40 with paper. Paper is more accessible than digital devices for math as you have an easy to use interface, or more accurately a lack-there-of. Paper is also, once again, the current go-to for math classes making integration easy with an absence of learning curves.

  50. 1.) For myself, I prefer paper. I enjoy the fact that the thing I am reading is tangible instead of pixels inside of a piece of metal. For school purposes, I think that paper is definitely better because it is easier to use than technology, and there are a lot of stupid kids.

    2.) Like I said in my first statement, I believe that paper is a preferable choice compared to digital paper simply because it is easier.

    3.) Should I become a teacher, I would teach something like band, but I would use paper because of my previous reasons stated.

  51. 1)Paper is expensive and can be destroyed with no back up but in my opinion is easier to use.Tablets expensive but can be backed up so all of the files are on another devise but will require more training to use.
    2)I prefer paper just because it is easier to use and won't change unlike with a software update it could change the entire tablet.
    3)If i were a teacher i would teach math just like my math teacher with just a little more tech to make it easier on my self with things such a grading.


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