Sunday, October 7, 2012

Business Tech

In the third part of our focus on QUAD Project topics we are exploring business.  Specifically, business technology.

Watch the Bloomberg Tech Movie 

1.  What do you think of the predictions discussed in this movie? How might they affect you in your choice of a career?  Or how would you speculate technology affects other occupations?

2.  From the tab menu at the top of the page, either stay on the Technology tab or select another category.    Find an article that interests you and read it.   Give a summary of what you read and a personal opinion about what you learned.


  1. 1) I feel the topic of technology being integrated into the majority of jobs in the near future seems accurate. My career choice will not be greatly affected because the occupation I am pursuing already requires some technological skills. Other occupations will be affected on a global scale in the future. Society seems to be pushing out of the Bieber Era and welcoming the Tech Era. Jobs in the future will definitely require some knowledge of technology, so people will eventually be required to learn some of those skills.

    2) The article I decided to read was called, "Beam Yourself Anywhere for $16,000" and covered portable videoconferencing devices that could be used anywhere in the world. My first thoughts were it was exactly like the Cisco Telepresence device at our school.


  2. 1) I enjoyed the video and I am very interested in geting a job with technology, no matter what these people might think or say. Good or bad chances, I still want to get a job with technology. I think that there will be a lot of job to work with technology. Technology is always booming and I personally think that there wil always be room for more jobs with technology.

    2) I read the second most confusing and most unrealistic article on the website. It was about "Where Tortoises and Solar Power Don't Mix". It just seemed like a funny article so I clicked on it.

  3. 1. The predictions that they talked about were rather interesting about how tech jobs will create more job opportunities and help the economy. It does not really effect my choice in career personally, although it is reassuring to know that tech jobs could be there if my first choice of career were to fall through. Technology certainly affects most jobs that your average person does, so it is important to have some technical knowledge.

    2. I read an article under the lifestyle tab about a maple syrup heist in Quebec. Apparently some masterminds were able to steal 30 million dollars worth of syrup. The police and the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers(FPAQ) are currently investigating the heist.

  4. 1. The predictions are that as we go farther into the future we will advance more in to technology. It will affect my career by the technology used but is all depends on what I want to do.
    2. My artical was about life it was really cool some master minds started a heist about maple syrup.

  5. I agree, because the opportunity for technology to expand will always exist. It will effect my career choice as I will have the option to integrate technology into almost every occupation across the board.

    In London, some people are investing in luxury property because it has risen in value forty percent since 2009. It is debated it will become more valuable than gold, as luxury property value will increase and increase based on how little property is left, until it is more valuable than gold. I think this will happen in the distant future, because it will take a lot of property used up to drive the value up substantially.

  6. ugh i had this all typed out and then the page went backward and erased all my writing, so here i go aggaiinnn. I was a little surprised when they said that is was the web developers and the programmers that make the most money. However i guess that kind of makes sense because programmers are so valuable for designing stuff. I believe that as we move deeper into the digital age more people will come work for tech companies because those are the companies that will last and wont go under. Google would be a good company to work for because they are going to be around for a long time.

    I read an article about Apple's A6 chip, in the past four years apple has spent over half a billion dollars on the design on the chip alone. Designing your own chip is risky because one wrong move can make your product the worst on the market, in this instance the iphone, if they screwed up on the chip people would still buy it but they would complain once they found the bad chip. However apple seems to have done something right with the A6 chip. They estimate somewhere around $25 Billion dollars during the holiday season.

  7. 1. i am going to be an professional mixed martial arts fighter so i do not think tech jobs will effect me. i could imagine that any other job could be effected because technology is used in practically all jobs.

    2. i read the article about Arby's new logo and how it has changed from the original cowboy hat. the apostrophe has been changed to look like the machines that cut the meant and they have also evolved to a more sleek looking hat and name font. i love Arby's:)

  8. 1. According to his predictions, software engineering will be one of the most high paying, in-demand jobs. That suits me well, because I want to be a software engineer when I'm older and I want to use c++, which is one thing that they mention.

    2. One article says hitachi developed a piece of equipment that can hold binary data for 100,000 milennia. The hardware is a piece of quartz glass which they etch the binary code on with lasers. I'm not sure what they want to save for that long, but it might come in habdy.

  9. 1. The predictions seem to be fairly correct in that technology is going to be highly integrated into the world over the next few years. It was interesting to learn that those in leadership positions earned the most money and that did influence me in thinking about what job I might consider going into. Technology is continually influencing the world around us as we integrate it into our daily life with the internet, smartphones, and other sources of technology around us.

    2. The article I read was "The Only Earthling With a Facebook 'Dislike' Button." It was about a reviewer for facebook in Silicon Valley who previewed all the new code going into the site. He was given the only dislike button in facebook. He was able to influence what went into and what was shown on facebook. Looked like quite an interesting job.

  10. 1.) I dont know how it would change may view on my career chose because i dont know what i want to be. All though it would be helpful to learner a thing or two about technology because everything is tied into technology.

    2.) i read about the alchemy of innovation and was baffled to hear that we are more "cutthroat" than the scandinavians. I was very surprised to hear that, that i thought it over for a good long time.

  11. 1. It does not really effect my choice in career because I am not going to be in the technology field, I just dont think it is interesting to be a coder or programmer. Really all I have hurd is long weeks behind a computer which does not sound fun.

    2. I watched a video on how the new iPhone is prone to scratching. I thought it was interesting because they said because apple is making their phones are slicker and better it is harder to keep the quality control intact. I enjoyed it because it is what we are talking about in my business class in the quad project.

  12. 1. I think that the movie was very factual and definitely spoke a lot of truth. As for new career options I very much need to learn web design and C++. article was called "People for the Ethical Treatment of Pixels" it is about how peta has maid a spoof of Pokemon trying to call attention to them being mistreated.

    The article definitely shows that Peta has lost there mind there protesting fake monsters in a game being mistreated next thing you know human rights activists will protest the unethical treatment of zombies in Left for dead.

  13. 1. The future predictions Greatly effect my choice in careers, because I was already thinking about going into computer engineering, and now it is just solidifying my choice more. Technology affects other jobs because it could potentially make the obsolete, with new INNOVATIONS in how things are made.
    2. I looked at the INNOVATION tab just to see what they thought INNOVATION meant. They talk about how America and Sweden are working on helping entrepreneurs with technology. Seems interesting.

  14. 1. Several jobs in the us now involves technology in many different ways. Im going to be an audio engineer in college so it makes since.

    2. I read the first 3D painted guitar and it shows how he has a passion for music and art.

  15. 1. I believe that it's going to look good for me in the future, because I'm looking to get into a technology field. This makes me more confident in my ability to find a job in these fields.

    2. "iPhone 5's Lighter Aluminum Is Prone to Scratching"
    The iPhone 5 was built lighter with anodized aluminum, which paint adheres better to, and makes the phone lighter. However, the metal is more prone to damage, and is harder to produce, making it harder to make them meet quality standards.

    This surprises me, because when I saw a drop test, and it fared better than the Samsung Galaxy S3. I can see why they did it, and personally, the pros outweigh the cons.

    ~Jake Liddle

  16. 1. Well pay would affect where I live and It would affect everything to internet, Office jobs to Game industry jobs

    2. I selected the Technology Tab and saw a guitar printed from a 3D printer i thought it is very cool that we can make printers 3D and print object and ect.

  17. 1. What do you think of the predictions discussed in this movie? How might they affect you in your choice of a career? Or how would you speculate technology affects other occupations?
    1. I would agree with the predictions in the movie because in todays day in age almost every job needs some part of technology.

    2. I found a video of pepsi's new vending machine that lets you play a mini game that if you win you can send your friend a soda by sending them an email.

  18. 1. Seeming as I have no clue what job I want it hasn't affected me in any way.

    2. I clicked on Jail Terms for Online Trolls Lead U.K. to Reexamine Rules.
    It is about lawsuits that involve jokes that are taken too seriously about killing/blowing stuff up.
    I think new laws need to be enforced about it.

  19. 1. The predictions of this video make me excited for my future, as it will allow me to become more engrossed in technology, even in my career. Therefore, I imagine it will become increasingly easy to be hired to the tech field as I move to the workforce. This increase in technology would likely give more opportunities to other workers who are able to adjust to the use of technology.

    2. "The World's First 3D-Printed Guitar"
    One of the leading experts on 3D printing and design, Scott Summit, created a working guitar from his own design in a 3D printer. I find this to be an incredible use for this technology. As a guitar player, this could later be used to create cheaper instruments with greater durability than normal wood instruments.

  20. 1. the job i want deals with technology but not that kind so it does not affect me in any way.

    2.I clicked on the worlds greatest yatch i learned that their are other ways to make an elegant impression

  21. 1. I think that there will be more jobs in the future that have to do with technology because of how fast it's advancing. I don't think this will effect what career I choose because I don't know what I want to do.

    2. I clicked on "Where Tortoises and Solar Power Don't Mix". It was about how a solar plant being built in the desert was destroying tortoise habitats. It cost $56 million dollars so far to protect and relocate the species of desert tortoise. I think if it's costing that much money to protect tortoises, why didn't they just build the solar plant some where else?

  22. 1.) I think lots of future jobs will involve technology and that means that the predictions in the video were correct.
    2.) I read an article called "Lesson of the iPad: In Tough Times, Treat Yourself". It was basically about the success of the iPad and monthly costs on all basic iteams and why the iPad should be bought, since it will cost about the same as items people buy monthly.

  23. 1. The predictions made seen reasonable. Technology is only going to become more and more addvanced, pushing into the terriotory of other work fields. The pay of the tech jobs is outstanding. Those people aren't going to be struggling to survive. As tecchology grows and flows into other careers, more of these type of jobs will be needed. Almost every business has a website these days, and somebody had to create them. Companies like wallmart may one day have all their products with a 3d version on the website for customers to toy with before purchase. Men and women will be needed to make this happen.
    2. I clicked on the technology tab. From there I went to the 3D printed guitar. Some guy printed an accustic guitar that works from a 3D printer. In itself, I dont see what is so special about the guitar, but I went and googled what 3D printing was. That is the stunning part of the article. With 3D printing, you basicaly make a 3D model of what you want and send it to the printer. The printer uses plastic to make the object one layer at a time. Its awesome that people can make working instuements from a 3D printer, but if they can make guitars, it makes me wounder what else will be made in the future. The outside video I found about 3D printing is

  24. 1. The predictions made in this video regarding technology integration in more jobs and how technology currently affects jobs, is for the most part accurate. I believe that I will want to pursue something that involves technology or math and science, something with those criteria. I have considered software programming or game programming because I have familiarity with both of those. Moreover, technology is th center in both of these professions.

    2. I went under the... INNOVATION tab! I clicked on "Mapping out the most popular social media topics". The point of this study was to literally count tweets and see what topics were brought up most. The most popular as of the VP debate was fact checking or #truth which I found interesting because I have seen that hashtag used before. I also greatly enjoyed number 4 which was Rude Biden. The other point of this study was to analyze the future of social data collecting, etc.

  25. 1) i agree with the predictions because technology is expanding very fast and becoming just about the biggest thing in the world, it changes other jobs by making them easier in certain ways
    2)i went to the global economics tab and clicked us economics it was about how the federal chief could possibly bring up the economy.

  26. 1. I think the predictions they make are fairly accurate as technology is constantly making advancements, so more people will be needed to fill the jobs. I don't think that this will affect my career choice as I'm not really looking into a technology based career. But who knows maybe it will.

    2. I clicked on Mitt Romney Hostile Takeover of the Debate. I found it interesting how biased a news site can be even when they claim to. It also makes you think about how hard it would be to write an article really could adequately display both sides of an issue.

  27. 1. I thought the predictions were pretty extreme. Although this will not effect my career choice, it does greatly impact vast amount of jobs in the world today.

    2. I chose the Mitt Romney Hostile Takeover of the Debate and found that news sites do NOT directly state both sides of an argument. The site will only display what they think is the better argument and make it a tyrant on the opposing view. An agreement on both sides of an issue may never be reached, but the way the issue is displayed to the public is nearly impossible to depict evenly.

  28. 1. I feel like the predictions of the video are roughly correct due to the amount of future jobs that will include technology.
    2. i clicked on the Mitt Romney link and i saw bias in the new system and how corrupted things can be. Trying to depict opposite sides of opinions is difficult

  29. 1- I thought that the predictions of this video are not 100% correct due to the possibility of our generation and that their prediction was based off a opinion.
    2-I chose Mitt Romney and was just blown away by all of the lies that were being spewed out. its amazing how screwed up our world is.

  30. 1) I thought that these predictions were spot on. I thought that these predictions couldn't be more precise. They will make more jobs for kids when they get to be older and it will make more jobs for kids our age.

    2) The article I read was innovating wireless charging in a basketball arena for iphones and how the stadium was looking into it and researching how they would go about doing this. I thought that this would be cool at all the basketball arenas for people that way people wouldn't have to worry about their phones dying.

    Carsen Vaughn

  31. 1. I think that this is good for my career because i want to get an I.T job all though i dont think thats the only places for technological jobs.

    2.I choose a smaller, cheaper, military and I agree with obama because we are running very low on money and need to stop spending it on our military.

  32. And to add obama wants to reduce the money on our defense to 487 billion dollars over the next decade. He is also going to try strengthening our partnerships with allies to erop and the middle east as well. He will have to over come challenges from republicans as well as democrate to do this to our military.

  33. 1. even after watching the video i still want a job with technology in the future. technology is amazing and everything they predicted will come true i believe.

    2.) Mitt romenys hostile take over of the debate.

  34. 1. i am going to be an professional mixed martial arts fighter so i do not think tech jobs will effect me. i could imagine that any other job could be effected because technology is used in practically all jobs.

    2. I've chosen "Where Tortoises and Solar Power Don't Mix". It was about how a solar plant being built in the desert was destroying tortoise habitats. It cost $56 million dollars so far to protect and relocate the species of desert tortoise. I think if it's costing that much money to protect tortoises, why didn't they just build the solar plant some where else?

  35. 1. In my opinion, these predictions could not be any more accurate. I believe technology jobs will get this economy back to nothing but good. Technology works its magic in a lot of ways and it will help us. I support the universities that are replacing stuff with technology completely.

    2. The tab i chose a smaller, cheeper, military. It explains that we are spending too much money on our military and we are running low on money. If we keep spending money on our military than we are just going to keep getting in debt. We need to take a step back and think about our options and still maintain a good military and still have a good amount of money.

  36. 1:I dont think that it will effect me that much in a career choice. As of right now I dont think I will be going into the technology field for my occupation in the future. Being a programmer or a software producer or a coder will be fun at first but will get boring in the long run. If I had to be behind a computer all day that would be the downfall of me!

    2:I chose the article titled, The SBA Preps for a Flood of Disaster Loans. To me this is very important for small business and businesses in general. It helps with loans from owners of businesses of all sizes whose property was damaged in Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath.

  37. 1) I am pretty sure that Web Design and Graphic Design is part of the Web Development section of the jobs. So, my job would be a part of the top 5 jobs that had a growing percentage. I could invent a new code, who knows?

    2) I chose a Facebook article: "The Only Earthling With a Facebook 'Dislike' Button." Chuck Rossi is THE engineer for Facebook and is working on a Push, which updates the codes for Facebook through it's other engineers.

  38. 1. I still want a job in technology, It's been my goal since 5th grade to finaly sell my video game and make money, I even have another game in mind that explains why in the first game there is a lot
    of chaos in the kingdom and why the god is mad with power. Thats why I still want a job in technology so I can develop and sell my game.

    2. I choose "The Coming War Over Wireless Charging." The artical is over the pros and cons of
    wireless charging. It can actually mess up the iron in your body. You actually get headache from
    wireless charging.

  39. 1.) The predictions discussed in this video, I thought, were accurate and true. They affect my choice of career by influences and encouraging me to pursue my life dream of managing and technology company. The world is going into a technology age, everything in this world is based or evolves technology, going into a technological job is going to be very beneficial.

    2.) I read "Top B-Schools WIth the Highest-Paid MBAs" under the Business Schools Tab. Heres the link:
    I read about what schools had the positive salary increase and what schools did not. Business over-all is rising in a persons pay.


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