Sunday, September 16, 2012

There's an APP for that...

There are millions of APPS out there!

1.  APPS ... just really what ARE APPS?

2.  On what devices do you use them?  About how many have you downloaded?

3.  How many have you paid for?

4.  Which 5 APPS do you think are the best?  Why?  Set up your answer like this:


  1. 1) "Apps" are short for applications. The word "app" became widely used when the iPods and iPhones came around. Applications are a software that can run on your computer, internet, or phone.

    2) From what I stated above, the most common device that uses applications would be a phone. Ever since the release of the iPhone, Apple has come up with thousands of apps that can be used for eith learning or educational purposes.

    3) None. I torrent or use other means to get my apps for free.

    4) Based of personal preferences.

    1. Youtube because you can learn new things from tutorials and create video content to share with the world.

    2. Facebook because its a free website that allows you to stay in contact with relatives and friends. Plus, you are able to share photos and chat with them instantly.

    3. Logosguiz because you are able to apply your knowledge of everyday logos and even learn new information about popular corporations across the globe.

    4. iTunes because it allows you to purchase songs to keep for life at low prices. It's also great for building libraries for your favorite music.

    5. Words with Friends because you build an entirely new vocabulary from playing with letters and creating new words. You also learn how to improve your vocabulary by playing Mrs. K and losing by over 100 points.


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  3. 1)

    2) The most known devices that use apps are apple products. i personally use my parents IPad (not having an IPod anymore and never having a IPhone). I have not downloaded very many at all for I like the music and movies more and would rather spend my time on those.

    3) Like I said earlier I like the music and movies more than the apps. I think I have paid 10 dollars total on apps because most of the apps I have are free but the occasional Plants vs Zombies comes along and I have to pay.

    1. Netflix: granted this isn't just an app but it is the one I use most. I like being able to have access to my favorite movies and shows from my pocket.

    2. Youtube: like Netflix its not just an app but its another one I use a lot. you have access to internet videos from your pocket. also you have knowledge too. If I want to learn how to play a song on the guitar then I type it on youtube and bam, its there.

    3. Roosterteeth: I have access to my favorite game company because of this app and its the app that's made me laugh the most. Also having this app gives you access to things that you normally couldn't access on the actual website.

    4. Plague Inc.: This is a game that I think is extremely entertaining and it teaches you a lot about viruses and bacteria.

    5. Facebook: Because its a free website that allows you to stay in contact with friends.

  4. 1. Apps are short for applications and they are generally used on mobile devices to do useful things.
    2. I use apps on my phone and I have downloaded around 60 apps.
    3. I have not purchased any apps.
    4.1.Netflix, online video service.
    2.YouTube, free video service.
    3.Amuse, a program that browses funny pictures.
    4.Pandora, a music playing service.
    5.Facebook, free social service.

  5. 1) Apps can be used in many different ways. Some are games, some are for learning, some are for entertainment, and the list goes on.

    2) I use apps on my iPhone and iPod touch. I have more then likely downloaded over 800 apps...

    3) I think I have piad for over 100 of them. Others I have gotten from my friends and taken them from their computer.

    1) Subway Surfer: For time wasting
    2) Pandora: For finding new music I like
    3) Instagram: Posting pictures of what I like and so people can see my life through the camera of my iPhone.
    4) Pages: So I can start my homework assignments for that day and then save it to the cloud.
    5) Temple Run: Again to waste time.

  6. 1. The word APP is actually application, and they can be used in different ways. Music like pandora, games like angry birds and temple run and my favorite sonic CD, and entertainment such as youtube, google, ect.

    2. I dont own a Ipod myself but my sister and mother does, and ive only downloaded 4 - 5 apps.

    3. Out of the 4 of 5 apps I only paid for 3 of them, several apps out there are free or cost little to nothing.

    4. List 5 apps:

    1. Sonic CD: To kill time, or as a sonic fan to play a game thats not really out there anymore.

    2. Facebook: To contact friends and family and get caught up with everyone.

    3. Pandora: A place for music and types of music to listen to on the go or at a party.

    4. Temple Run: To kill time and run away from the evil dark figures.

    5: Youtube: To watch videos when ever you want too.

  7. 1- Apps are a great way in which people can not only interact with each other and make money, but a way for people to entertain themselves, keep up to date with news, and to just have as much social interaction with other people as possible.

    2- I own a smart phone, even though its really basic, it does the trick and i can play some great games on it. Ive also used my dads smart phones, my moms I-phone, my moms I-Pad, and my dads tablet to download apps.

    3- I have NEVER paid for an APP which is probably why I have so many of them.

    1-Pandora-Music streaming
    2-Minecraft-8 bit building game
    3-Youtube-Social interaction and interaction
    4-Philly D App-A news App
    5-World War-A text based war game

  8. 1) Apps are applications that are used for just about anything. Games, Music, Movies, you name it.

    2) I don't necessarily use APPs, per-say, but I do download computer applications.

    3) About 3 out of 10 I pay for, the rest are freeware.

    1. Safari - Where would we be without internet?
    2. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2 - Retro gaming has never been this new.
    3. Youtube - Used for Just about anything.
    4. Notepad - Useful for shopping lists or when you're really, really bored.
    5. iCam - It's a camera, I think?

  9. 1.) Apps are electronical downloads that can be games, flash lights, work aid, and anything eles.

    2.) I download apps on my IPhone and my computer. Some where around 63 on my IPhone and computer.

    3.) I have paid for about some where around 40 apps.

    4.) My favorite apps are

  10. 1.) APPs are applications.
    2.) I personally don't really use apps.
    3.) I haven't paid for any apps because I don't use them.
    4.) in order from 1-5 they are: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Meme Generator, and Pandora. I think these are the best apps because They are about real life applications compared to goofing around.

  11. 1. Apps are applications on your mobile device that can be fun, useful, or even educational.
    2. The only mobile thing I use is a Chrome Book in classrooms, and I have put about 40 on it.
    3. Around 5.
    1. Pandora- Who doesn't love finding new music?
    2. Temple Run- For time wasting.
    3. Kahn Academy- For learning.
    4. Youtube- For the videos.
    5. Facebook- To stay connected.

  12. 1. Apps is short for applications, which essentially are software designed to serve different purposes such as news, entertainment, productivity, or social interaction.

    2. I use apps on my cell phone and computer. I have downloaded likely more than 100 different applications.

    3. I have paid for the majority of my apps, the others being free.

    4. My most important applications are:
    a. Google Chrome
    b. Steam by Valve Software
    c. Microsoft Word
    d. Windows Explorer
    e. Keynote


  13. 1. Apps (as far as mobile devices go) are programs that the user uses to perform a task or play a game. Examples for the first are: Calculator app, clock app, etc. and some examples of the second are: Twitter, Jetpack Joyride, Facebook, Skype, etc.
    As far as computer apps go, There's web browsing apps (Such as Google Chrome, Safari, etc.) Office apps (such as word processors, slide show makers, and spreadsheet organizers) and even social apps (Like TweetDeck, Skype, and AOL Chat.)

    2. On the computer, and even on mobile devices like the Kindle Fire, iPod, iPad, etc. On my computer at home, I have about 15 between 2 computers, and on my iPod, I have about 25.

    3. 4, and they are: Minecraft, Bebot, Robot Unicorn Attack, and Scribblenauts.

    4. Which 5 APPS do you think are the best? Why? Set up your answer like this:
    1. Google Chrome because of it's speed, customizability, and because of the cloud system.
    2. Steam, because it offers deals and a sense of community in PC gaming where before there was not.
    3. Bebot because of how fun and silly it is.
    4. Skype because of how it lets me keep in touch with friends outside of facebook, and because of free Skype to Skype calling.
    5. uTorrent because of its speed, the ability to speed up the download for other people, and the organization of downloads.

  14. 1. first of all I don't own and I phone or i pod, but Apps are like programes on a computer i guess.

    2. I don't own a Devices I said I don't have a devices.


    1. APPS happen on the Chrome Browser too! YOU DON'T NEED A PHONE FOR THAT!! .. MsK :)

  15. 1. Applications you can use to help you do something or play a game with.
    2. an ipod touch, about 23 of them.
    3. I probably have paid for 13 apps.
    4. 1. Contacts
    2. Maps
    3. ForeFlight for pilots
    4. Music
    5. Videos

  16. 1). Apps are applications you can download onto an iphone, computer, or other device.
    2). I have a pc and I only put Microsoft word on it.
    3). I havn't paied for any apps.
    4). Even though I don't have any device that has apps I still have some I like.
    1.Jetpack Joyride, my friend let me play it and it's fun
    2.Youtube, so I can wach videos
    3.TempleRun, I played it on my cousin's phone and it's cool
    4.Microsoft word, I used it to type up essays on it
    5.Pandora, I've looked up music

  17. 1. apps are applications that you can download from the internet onto a mobile device or computer.

    2. i put apps on my itouch but i don't download many. maybe about 30 at the most in my lifetime.

    3. none.

    1 cydia. this is the best app ever because you can modify your ipod.
    2 installus. free games, whats better?
    3 winterboard. this runs themes for your ipod.
    4 minecraft. you can play minecraft on your ipod.
    5 jetpack joyride. a very fun game.

  18. 1. Apps can be downloaded on a phone, computer or any mobile device. They serve ass entertainment or a way to make your device better
    2. Iphone and around 30
    1. Youtube because you can get news and entertainment from it
    2. Pandora radio because you can listen to most of your favorite songs
    3.words with friends i love that game and its better than scrabble
    4. Mail because i can get news and look at assignments my teachers sent me
    5. Facebook because fit allows quick access to Facebook

  19. 1. Apps are applications for electronic devices that perform a wide variety of functions.
    2. I use apps on my ipod touch, I've only downloaded about thirty.
    3. Only like three.
    1. pandora, lets me listen to music without buying it
    2. youtube, convenient when you don't know how to do something
    3. fifa, soccer is the best sport in the universe
    4. safari, a basic internet tool that is extremely useful
    5. ESPN FC, useful for learning stuff about the world of soccer

  20. 1. An app is an application, which is basically a program that's mainly referred with a phone or ipod. It includes games, creation tools, or information source. They can also be on a computer though.

    2. I only have a computer, so I don't have any phone or ipod apps. I've downloaded about ten so far, because I just restored my computer to a factory image.

    3. I've only paid for one, which is game maker 8.0 pro.

    4. The five I think are the best are:
    a. Google Chrome, because it's the best web browser out of Mozilla Firefox and Internet
    b. Steam, because it's like netflix with games. I don't have to go to the store and buy physical
    disks making me nice and lazy.
    c. Minecraft. It's the best game ever in the whole entire planet of the universe and it's even
    better than klondike bars.
    d. Vegas movie studio HD. It works with my camera perfectly and it's also really cheap. It has
    green screen, blue screen, and a bunch more effects to utilize in movies.
    e. Half Life 2. This game is really fun and addicting.

  21. 1. Apps are like the tools in a toolbox. Cellphones today have impressive abilities and apps allow phones to reach their full potential. There is an app for anything, just as a well put together toolbox will have anything you need. Apps can be educational or entertaining. They are just life tools.
    2. I have apps on my iPod touch and my android cell phone. I only have downloaded about 10 apps on my phone, but on my iPod I have 189 apps.
    3. I have only paid for about 35 or so of the apps that I have.
    4. 1, Snapchat- you send pictures to friends and they can only view them for up to 10 seconds. You can make the dumbest possible faces and have them appear for just a few seconds. It seems pointless but I have spent more time Snapchatting then i probably should have.
    2, Music- after all, Music is what started the iPod family. Without the music application, the iPod would be pointless. It is how I separate my iPod from my phone. The music application holds you music and lets you listen to it, it does what iPods were meant to do.
    3. Instagram- I enjoy Instagram more than Facebook. Its like Facebook but everything has to have a picture. Also, it is fun to see what everyone is up to. Pictures are much more interesting than words.
    4. GasBuddy- This app allows you to compare the price of gas at all local gas stations. You can allow the app to use your location to come up with results. it tells you how far the gas stations are from you and their prices per gallon. I check this app every time my tank gets low on fuel. It is a life saver.
    5.Maps- Google maps is on both my iPod and my android. If I need to know where somewhere is, i find it much more effective to just see where it is and plot my own simple course than listen to a gps talk to me. The gps is not always clear and sometimes throws people off.

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  23. 1) App is short for application an application is a program that does something like a calculator app
    2) i use them on the ipod most and i have about 38
    3) about 9
    4) (1) Fantasy football
    (2) Facebook app
    (3) Temple Run
    (4) Youtube
    (5) Jetpack Joyride

  24. 1. apps are applications used for small mobile devises

    2.i use apps on my ipod in total maybe 20-40 apps total of my apps maybe like 10 dollars


    A. netflix to watch movies on the go

    B.infinite blade waste time quick and a fun app

    C.face book app its a quick short cut to get to face-book app

    D.You-tube app short cut to watch videos and stuff

    e.Angry birds space fun app waste time

  25. 1:An app is, A program or piece of software designed and written to fulfill a particular purpose of the user. An app an be a game or a full program.

    2:I have apps on my i pod and phone, 15 of them all.

    3:I have paid for 3 of them

    2:Google maps
    3:Opera Mobile
    4:Angry birds
    5:Ronaldo free kick app

  26. 1. Apps are downloads for phones and any other kind of mobile device,there are different kinds of apps,some are for business some are games,some tell jokes, etc.

    2. You can get apps on ipods,ipads,iphones,mp3 players, etc.

    3. I haven't paid for any apps because i dont use them very much. So I just buy free ones.

    4. 1. Pandora
    2. Temple Run
    3. Monster Dash
    4. Facebook
    5. Facebook Messenger

  27. 1. A app is a piece of software that allows you to use or watch movies, games, music, and internet.

    2.I use my android to download apps. I have down loaded about 40 apps.

    3. Maybe 1 or 2

    4. 1.Facebook maps
    4.doodle jump

  28. 1. An app is software that allows one to perform certain tasks such as note taking, games, and productivity. There are millions of apps out there that cover many different aspects of life.

    2. I have no device to download apps on.

    3. Therefore I have paid for no apps.

    4. List of the best apps:
    - Temple Run
    - Little Alchemy
    - Youtube
    - Doodle Jump
    - Slide Rocket

  29. 1. app is short for application and they are used for many things like writing, playing games, and many many other things they can be fun or boring.

    2. I don't have that type of electronic but my mom has a iPod touch

    3. none

    4. Which 5 APPS do you think are the best? Why? Set up your answer like this:
    1. make a Christmas tree
    2. count down to christmas
    3. the London olympics
    4. make a pumpkin
    5. kids doodle

  30. 1. Apps are applications which are like tools you can use to perform certain tasks.

    2. Apps are used on computers, phones, iPods, iPads, etc... I have downloaded at least a thousands apps so far in my life.

    3. Out of all the apps I have downloaded I have only paid for about 2 apps.

    4. Apps that I like:
    1. Minecraft because it's an awesome game
    2. iTunes because it holds all my music, and who doesn't love music??
    3. Google Chrome because I like the browser and set up and style
    4. Temple Run because it's a fun game to play and gets me interested
    5. AppleScript Editor because I love using it to mess with people

  31. 1. Apps are used for entertainment purposes and are basically applications that provide a resource to the user.

    2. I have an iPod touch and I have approx. 10, give or take a couple.

    3. Personally, I have paid for about 6, my brother and dad have also purchased some too.

    4. Which 5 APPS do you think are the best?
    1. Dragonvale; This is one of the top games I play on my iPod and that is because it doesn't require too much attention and it is very addictive.
    2. Instagram; This app is my social app, I deleted Facebook because I found that it isn't as useful since I have a phone and I didn't use it. Instagram, however, is social and not annoying.
    3. Periodic table; last year I did a project on the top educational apps and I found that there was one periodic table in particular that was really cool and had a lot of information in it.
    4. Notecards; This app allows me to make flashcards so it is extremely helpful in school and I use it a LOT.
    5. Ninjump; This was a game I bought and it was totally worth it. Basically , I play it because I feel that it increases my hand-eye coordination and it's really fun.

  32. APP is short for application, a program designed to run on a device for purpose of social networking, education, news, games, etc...
    I use an Ipod or an iPad for most the apps I use. I have no idea how many I have downloaded, it has been a lot.
    I have paid for quite a few but far less than how many free apps I have downloaded.
    1instagram I use it to post view pictures. I like it because It is a social network dealing only with pictures.
    2Jango It is an internet radio app, and I like it because it gives me more control to veto artists and select a variety of music than other internet radio apps
    3iCopter. Simply the best game made for the iPod or iPhone in my opinion. It is fun, addicting, simple and won't kill the battery.
    4Soundcloud. Soundcloud it a website allowing anybody to upload and stream music. Professional artists use it, and the app is a convenient way to listen to my sounds and other sounds on a mobile device.
    5kahn academy. The most useful app, it is a tutor with videos on just about everything you will cover in school, so if something has me stumped in math class I can watch an instructional video teaching me how do complete a problem.

  33. 1.APPS can be anything to fun games to tools you can use on your Iphone or Ipod to help you get certain information or just for even entertainment.
    2. These APPS can be on an Ipad, Iphone, Ipod, Droids, and tablets. Most technologies these days can have APPS. Personally i have a few slides of APPS on my Iphone.
    3. I Usually download the free APPS but i have probably spent around 10$ on APPS.
    1. The youtube APP is one of my favorites and i think are one of the best, because you can get a lot of information on youtube.

    2. Email APP, because all your emails send you a notification and you can check it by just pressing on that app.

    3. Track my Iphone APP, because you can go on your friends phone and put in your information and it will track your iphone if it's stolen or maybe you just have lost it.
    4.Maps APP, because i have had to go to a lot of places where i did not know where it was and all i had to do was plug the address in maps and it showed a grid on how to get there and all the steps were step by step and i found it very helpful. My favorite APP is that one for sure.

  34. 1) Apps or applications are used for entertainment or educational purposes. Help you learn while having fun.

    2) I have an iPhone4 , around 30 or 40

    3)I have purchased about 10-15

    4) Apps I enjoy
    1. Ifunny, why? Because it is a app that every day the post 40 pictures that people upload and there really funny
    2. Facebook, everyone likes facebook, I can get feedback from my friends, know when my friends are getting together and its just amazing
    3.Pandora, Because you get free music whenever you need it, you can choose what kind of music you want to listen to.
    4.Snapchat, Because you take a picture with your camera and send it to you friends, and you can choose a time you want to set 1-10 seconds, after that time, its gone forever.
    5.Music, Because I like to listen to music

  35. 1. Short for application and can be anything from, tools, education, e.t.c
    2. I have a droid and I've about downloaded 10-12
    3. I have not paid for any of the apps I have I only download free ones.
    1. Angry birds, a eye candy fun hands on game that focuses on birds being catapulted to destroy an object.
    2.Pandora you get free music auto plays and can listen to unlimited music.
    3. Plague a game I can't seem to get enough of it is a game where you have to great a disease and kill everyone in the world
    4. Facebook almost can't go a day without out it and a social networking device.
    5. Youtube it is my source of daily news since I don't like watching t.v as much and it is a website sharing app

  36. 1: They are applications for Ipods and smartphones.
    2: I use them on my ipod touch and my smartphone. I have downloaded a lot of apps. I am not sure how many though.
    3: I have only paid for a few of my apps.
    1: Facebook, because I can stay upadated on things even when Im not at home or near a computer
    2: Pandora, because I can listen to music and find new music I like
    3: Youtube, because I can listen to music and watch videos any time I want.
    4: Instagram, because I can put pictures I like on there and I can see other peoples pictures.
    5: Google Chrome, because it is a good web browser.

  37. 1. small applications used more popularly on mobile devises

    2. I dont have an ipod so I use them mostly on computer but I have only downloaded like four apps total

    3. I generally download only free apps because i dont use them that often chrome: best web browser ou there
    2.island racer: a fun game that is free
    3.keynote: a great and usful presnetation maker
    4.face time: great way to talk to other people
    5.Facebook app: a great social networking app

  38. 1.Apps are applications uses mostly in mobile phones like the iphone.
    2.I used apps on my ipod touch and i had downloaded about 40-50
    3.I have paid for about 20-25 apps.

    1.pocket god: fun game
    2.AAA gun club: another fun game
    3.small arms dictionary: helps find info on guns :)
    4.Call of duty Zombies: Yet another fun game of duty black ops zombies: just another fun game

  39. 1. Apps: short for applications are programs that take up a low amount of space and are mostly used on mobile devices.

    2. I use apps on my Kindle Fire and my Droid X, probably around 70-80 as i use a very large amount for various reasons.

    3. I have not paid for any apps, there are hundreds and thousands that or free, or downloaded the .apk file off the internet

    1. Facebook
    2. 9gag/reddit (funny pictures)
    3. Dolphin Browser (faster browser)
    4. Youtube
    5. Netflix

  40. 1 Apps is short for applications. They allow us do do things on our devices that are out of just the basic use of that device. They are parts of software that are added to the software of the device to allow us to do things like play games.
    2. You can use apps on just about anything these days. Things like phones, ipods, and game consols all are using apps. I have downloaded many apps on my xbox and ipod.
    3. Most of the apps that I download are free.
    1. Angry Birds! Obviously this is one of my top 5 because it is so fun and passes the time.
    2.Sound Hound. This is a good app. because it allows you to find out what a song is just by putting the ipod imc. up to the speaker.
    3.Pandora. I like this app. because it allow me to listen to my favorite music for free.
    4.Youtube. This is a website and an app. on apple products. I like it because it lets me get to youtube without having to look it up on google every time.
    5. Temple run. This is a good time passer app. It is free and really easy to play.

  41. 1. Apps are here to entertain us or help us complete tasks. Applications also make things easier for us to finish. We use apps to remind ourselves to do things everyday.

    2. I use apps on my dad's iPad. I've downloaded maybe 5. I, personally, don't need to have the apps.

    3. I have never bought an app.

    4. My five apps:
    1. iTunes. It's easy and you can listen to music whenever you want as long as your device is charged.
    2. Netflix. Watch what you want whenever you'd like! It's easy when you are not at home to bring a device with this app and watch what you want to watch.
    3. Firefox / Chrome. It's nice to have access to the internet.
    4. Notepad. This is a great place to write reminders for yourself.
    5. Facebook. Even if you're not at home you can stay updated.

  42. 1.) Apps are condensed programs on a device that can support them, short for application. they can be anything from maps to games. many with extremely useful everyday helping tools

    1. 2.)chromes, itouches, i pods, i pads, androids, drds, mostly any smartphone. i have downloaded a few.

      3.)only 1, minecraft- 7$

      1.) minecraft, best app evver, im addicted
      2.) face time, good for late night talks
      3.) facebook- convient for quick access to the social network
      4.) calculator.. math, enough said.

  43. 1. Apps are applications that are made for smart phones or tablets.

    2. Smart phones, some i pods, tablets, other such devises. I have only downloaded 10 at the most.

    3. I have paid for only 2 or 3.

    1.Netflix,for movies on the go.
    2.Music, so you can listen to your music.
    3.Unblock me, fun and good at wasting time.
    4.Settings, so you can make your devise more personal.
    5.Facebook, so you can see what your friends are up to.

  44. 1.) Apps are simple, easy to use applications that promote a simple fluid experience for a smart phone or other device.

    2.) I don't have never downloaded an app because I don't have any of the devices that support apps.

    3.) i've never payed for an app.

    1. Netflix, I love movies and TV and i use it for my xbox all the time
    2. the iTunes app, it makes downloading music quick and easy
    3. Angry Birds, for obvious reasons
    4. Facebook, I find that the ability to have your social network at your finger tips as an amazing idea
    5. Jet Pack Joyride, this is the greatest app game EVER! it's crazy fun

  45. 1. Apps are short for applications and they are used for things such as: time wasting, gaming, education, and searching.

    2. I have apps downloaded onto my Ipod.

    3. I usually download the free apps, however, I've bought a couple apps that I thought would be useful.

    1. Pandora: It's a way to listen to your favorite music and also
    find some new songs you like in the process, what's not to like?
    2. Youtube: Youtube is great for looking up anything that you're interested in. I use it mainly to look up music, but there's a variety of things you can do with it.
    3. Alarm Clock: You can personalize settings and set any song that is downloaded on your Ipod as the alarm. Definitely helps in being on time for school!
    4. Facebook: Although it is fairly slow and a pain in the butt on Ipods, it's nice to have it there.
    5. ESPN: I'm a huge sports fan so having all the latest sports news that is easily accessible is a nice luxury!

  46. 1. An app is an application - a program

    2. I have downloaded hundreds on my itouch.

    3. Maybe one ore two.

    1. Pandora: I like music.
    2. Facebook: It let's me connect w/ friends.
    3. Plants VS. Zombies: It is a fun casual game.
    4. YouTube: It lets me watch tutorials.
    5. WinterBoard: Part of the cydia jailbreak for IOS. It lets me do fun visual hacks.

  47. 1. An app is an application - a program

    2. I have downloaded hundreds on my itouch.

    3. Maybe one ore two.

    1. Pandora: I like music.
    2. Facebook: It let's me connect w/ friends.
    3. Plants VS. Zombies: It is a fun casual game.
    4. YouTube: It lets me watch tutorials.
    5. WinterBoard: Part of the cydia jailbreak for IOS. It lets me do fun visual hacks.

  48. 1.An “app” stands for “application which is simply a program
    2.I use apps on my Android phone, iPhone, iPod, iPad, computer, bluray player, and TV. I have about 60 apps on most of my devices.
    3.Most of the apps on my bluray player and TV come preinstalled without additional charge other than buiying the device itself. On my portable, handheld devices, I have bought about half the total apps on it.
    4.) 1. Facebook- User-friendly app that streams social updates wherever you go.
    2. Cydia (iDevice ONLY) - Allows you to take FULL control over your iDevice.
    3. Zedge (Android ONLY) - Infinite ringtones, wallpapers (includes live ones too), notification tones, and much more. It’s also FREE!
    4. Bible- Allows me to have easy access to the bible without luging around mt big and heavy bible. It’s also convenient (being on my phone).
    5. YouTube- Listen to music, and have a unlimited source of information and entertainment everywhere you go for FREE.

  49. 1.An app is a small program.
    2.I have apps every where on my computer.
    3.I havent bought any apps due to a wide choice range for free.
    4.The 5 apps i think are the best are:
    1.Red Crucible.
    2.Plane flight demo.
    3.Angry birds.
    4.Garage band.

  50. 1.An app is a small program.
    2.I have apps every where on my computer.
    3.I havent bought any apps due to a wide choice range for free.
    4.The 5 apps i think are the best are:
    1.Red Crucible.
    2.Plane flight demo.
    3.Angry birds.
    4.Garage band.

  51. 1. An app is a small program used for almost about anything.

    2. I use apps on, google chrome, ipod, iphone, android, almost anything that uses apps.

    3. I have actually paid for quite a bit of my apps, or I usually just get free ones.

    4. The 5 apps I think are the best would have to be...

    1. Youtube, always I use youtube on my phone or ipod to watch movies tv shows or to learn things.

    2. Most likely n64oid for droid, it allows you to play nintendo 64 games on your andrioid or droid device.

    3. My alarm, I use it all the time to either wake up in the morning or as a reminder.

    4. Pandora, it's a great app for listing to many different genres of music.

    5. I would have to go with Minecraft pocket edition, a small yet nice little "pocket" version of minecraft for your iphone or android device.

  52. 1. An app is a small application that can be used in a variety of ways
    2. I use apps on google chrome and my ipod.
    3. I have a very small amount of paid for apps seeing as many are free.
    4. My 5 favorite apps would have to be;

    1. Youtube because its an easy way to get to the site.
    2. Reddit because i'm slightly addicted to that website.
    3. Pandora because of the wide selection of music.
    4. Angry birds and iv'e spent way too much time playing.
    5. Doodle jump because its very addicted

  53. 1. Apps is just a short version of saying applications. They are programs that are able to be downloaded to a device via the internet in order to allow you to use your device to the fullest.

    2. I have downloaded numerous apps to my HTC EVO Design. I use games all the way to personal banking.

    3. At most, I have paid for 5 of the applications all consisting of games.

    4. a) Facebook, I can access my facebook without having to use a computer.
    b) Youtube, Videos are available at the touch of a finger.
    c) Wells Fargo, It allows me to manage and move money within my bank account without actually having to go to the bank.
    d) Big Win Sports, I have both the baseball and football version. It is most simply put as an ultimate team type of game. I am totally addicted!
    e) Internet, Without this application, you would not be able to access the web with your phone. Thus, not allowing you to use it's full potential.

  54. 1. Apps are just short for Application and they allow you to do many stuff from play games to browse the internet

    2. I have them on my Computer and on my Ipod Rough estimate at 500 apps

    3. 2
    1. Cydia because you can download many tweaks to your device and coustomize the heck out of your device such as your Ipod ect also you can have a NES,GBC,GBA and so on emulators its very cool
    2. Installous because you can dowload free apps you would have to pay for on the App Store which is very nice
    3.COD Nazi Zombies this app is very cool they took the first Nazi Zombies for COD World at War and put it on the Ipod/Iphone and you can have up to 4 people playing on one map at a time over WiFi
    4.Cut the Rope is a very good game for playing if your board you basically feed a monster candy by going through these puzzles throughout the game
    5. NES A.D.X this is a app you get through Jail-breaking your Ipod/Iphone you have to go into Cydia and download but when you do that you can download every NES game for free and you can also connect a Wii remote to your Ipod and play wireless you can also have up to i think 7-8 game saves


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