Sunday, January 15, 2012

(S1) Music

1. Click on the Music title and take survey

2. Have you discovered Google Music? If not, research it. How does it compare to itunes?

3. Comment on Spotify and Mog. Which do you think is better? If you use one, how? List devices, free or premium account, do you sync all your playlists, use bluetooth, etc..?

4. What else is out there? Pandora... rdio...rhapsody... ? Are there better options than listed above?


  1. I use pandora, iHeartradio, Spotify, and YouTube. I mean they are all kind of related in their own way but I like spottily more because you can switch the song and many times as you want, unlike pandora where you can only switch it 6 times then you have to listen to that song your stuck on or just change the station. Spotify you can choose what you are in the mood for and I love that! Even on Spotify I don't think their is a premium account because with the way it is now you have free reigns of everything just about.

    Carsen Vaughn

  2. 1. Done and done.

    2. I have discovered google music and I really enjoy it much more than iTunes. iTunes, you don't really own the songs you buy, instead you own the license to the songs, which makes me feel meh. Google music is nice because it's a music streaming service. In google music you upload and buy music to the service and you can upload 20,000 songs.

    3. Mog is music on demand service. Spotify is a service where you upload and buy music and you can stream it. Spotify is newer in the US seeing that it was originally stationed in Sweden and now located in London. I like... them equally, they both serve different roles, but the same purpose.

    4. Torrent services are out there, albeit illegal for certain music. Some people torrent music to their audience for free like indie groups. Theres Songbird, which is like iTunes but open source.

  3. 1. Submitted

    2. I had to research google music because I have never used it, but stuck to iTunes. I trust buying music from iTunes much more then I would google music because it's linked to my account which I can access from my ipod and I prefer that, However, as far as the music library goes, I think google music is better i I was playing music off my computer.

    3. Spotify is a music service linked to facebook. I don't like how it goes through that website simply because if I did really like it, which I don't but hypothetically, then I couldn't access it outside of facebook. An interesting thing about spotify is that it can work offline. Mog is basically like Pandora and iTunes put together. Out of both of these music services, I would use mog simply because it looks easier and better features.

    4. Personally, I get all my music from other sources and put it into my iTunes but I also use pandora for music suggestions. Similar to the others, there's a music website called Kazaa that I researched and found interesting.

  4. 1. Done
    2. Google music is good free music, and itunes is good payed for music. It all depends on preference.
    3. I like spotify more because it can stream any song i want. But mog is music on demand, so they have good and bad parts to both of them. i like both of them equally.
    4. Pandora is super awesome, i just wish there was no premium and you could skip as many songs as you want. A lot of people torrent music, but i feel like that is dangerous and takes a lot of work when they can just listen on youtube or pandora.

  5. 1) Submitted

    2) I have used google music before but do not prefer it over anything else such as youtube or iTunes

    3) I do not like how I cannot access google music outside of the Facebook website

    4) It may just be me but I get all of my music and ring ones etc... from the YouTube website.

  6. !.)Answered and submitted.

    2.)I have never used google music.

    3.)I HAVE to go with Spotify. It is easy and fast to listen to music. The only downside I can see about it is audio commercials that interrupt a nice flow of music and you have to pay to hear songs offline.

    4.)I have heard of Pandora and Rhapsody but I never used them. I can predict that they are kind of like an online radio but you can also personalize it.

  7. 2. Google music is just another way Google is trying to monopolize everything we do, and get their grubby hands into everyone's life. Unfortunately, I find it to be far more intuitive than Itunes and they remove much of the hassle attributed with the acquisition of music.

    3. I personally love using Spotify and I don't see a need to venture out and find something else if Spotify works fine for me. I don't have a premium account but that doesn't inhibit me from listening to my music, and I really like the idea of playlists. I just use Spotify on my computer/laptop to play background music.

    4. I think these are fine for me, but in a car a radio is definitely my favorite choice.

  8. 1. submitted
    2.I have not used it before but after research I dont really like it as much as I-tunes or youtube
    3. spotify it is a lot eseieer and faster to listin to music on spotify and they have a great selection there are adio commercials but it is still better.
    4. theres pandora but it isn tas efective as the others it has a lot of adds and you can just search a song

  9. 1. Submitted
    2. I have never used Google Music but it looks interesting. They have many different free songs. I'm not quite sure about the selection that they have like itunes or amazon.
    3. Spotify and Mog are both great tools, I dont use them but They look like they are both great.
    4. Im sorry but im old-fashioned, ilove the radio, they play all types of music and its free, i also really like amazon because the prices always seem a bit better than itunes.

  10. 1. Woohoo!

    2. I had never used google music before so I did have to do some research. It seemed interesting and somewhat like iTunes. Google Music is good for getting free songs, but I prefer iTunes.

    3. Spotify is a music service linked to Facebook and Mog is kind of like Pandora and iTunes. The both have good and bad things about them. But I think I would use Spotify.

    4. I love Pandora. I use it all the time. I only wish that it didn't only let you skip 6 songs.

  11. 2. I have used Google music a bit, it is easier to use than iTunes and doesn't mandate the use of the iTunes music store and their restrictive files (I bought that music, I want to own it). To respond to Peter Grubbs, yes it is yet another google product but is the monopoly google is creating really worst than the one Apple has made?
    3 Mog is great for anyone who wants to listen to any one specific song. It is very similar to how one can listen to music on youtube, only less of a violation of copyright laws. Spotify's being linked to Facebook is enough for me to dislike it. I'm a bit of a hipster in that way.
    4 I primarily listen Pandora One ($36 a year) and stream classical music from KBAQ. I also listen to the standard radio and paid radio like Sirius XM. The best way to listen to music is still though live performance.

    1. Everyone thinks Spotify is only available through FB... not so. I listen to it all the time with nooo connection to my Facebook. Tsk tsk...

    2. I loved our response here i was amazing

  12. 2) i had never heard of google music but when i researched it it looked like a not as good i tunes and everything apple has is better then google
    3)i think both are clownish but spotify is run through facebook and you can stream it through your profile, mog is like music that u can access on demand
    4) there is online converters which is illegal but legal at the same time and pirating which is illegal completely and there is the music channels on tv or you could go ghetto and record the radio on your ipod/phone

  13. 1). I am familiar with google music because it is what my brother uses and i have messed around with it. I think it is easier to use than iTunes because of the layout, but iTunes is more efficient.

    2). I know both of these but i do not use either one, Mog is more usable from what i hear.

    3). Well yes, there are TONS of music displaying websites, I tunes for one, but there is a lot of illegal music sites such as lime and frost wire. I tunes seems to be the best just not cost effective because Amazon is and Pandora are cheaper per year.

  14. 1.) TA DA!

    2.) I just downloaded it and I am currently uploading my music to it. I like how I can stream my music anywhere because I have limited space on my devices and don't want copies of my music on every single device I own. I am a diehard subscriber to the idea that my computer is my central hub and everything else is a device off of that hub. So for music, I feel that one copy of my music on my central hub should be sufficient and (except for my iPod which I devote to music) I shouldn't need anymore copies. So the idea of being able to stream music to devices really interests me and makes me want to rethink my philosophy.

    3.) I guess I'm a little late on the scene, but I had to look up what these sites are about. I personally don't like the way these sites look and operate. I feel like you are spending money on just renting music when you can easily own it. Music and technology are interesting and I feel like ONE centralized hub for all the music I own would be best.

    4.) The best option I have found is iTunes Match. Any music I put onto my laptop is matched with the legal copy in iTunes' server. This means that even the not so legal means I use to get music are instantly forgotten about and I have no legal issues. This allows me to own all the music I want and for only $20 a year. Now that I have found Google music I think that I will upload all of my music to that also so I can download all of my songs at 320kbp AND stream my music through my android phone.

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  16. 1) Finished the survey.

    2) I checked it out and thought it was somewhat like the iTunes except not as cool. The Google Music is a website you have to visit on the internet instead of iTunes which is an app. I also like that iTunes let's you change your playlists and have a library that you can keep adding to. Google music does the same, but I like the way iTunes sets up their whole system.

    3)Spotify is very awesome because it's free songs that you can listen to and is a great application. I love to use it on my Mac OSX and share songs with my friends. Definitely a better option.

    4) There are different ones out there but they all have their strengths for certain devices. Pandora for radio and cars, etc. I think all the other devices deserve a chance to be a good way to listen to music so there are always going to be excellent ways for people to listen to music.


  17. 1) Done
    2) Never used Google music.
    3) I know of Spotify and not a fan. I have never heard of MOG.
    4) I convert videos of the songs I want into MP3 downloads.

  18. 1:yes maam!

    2:i never used google music although nothing really compares to itunes the quality of the music is second to none.

    3:i have heard of spotify although i have never used it. And i never heard of mog.

    4:slacker is probably the second best site for music . It plays the artist you have chose and music related to that artist!

  19. 1. I have completed it.

    2. Google music is alright. It does not really compare to iTunes in any way, shape or form. Google music has to extract music from other programs within the computer. Also, iTunes is a downloadable application as where google music is online based. It does have one benefit in which your music will not disappear if your computer fails.

    3. Spotify is a faster and easier way to stream music. Also, I have never really explored Mog but I did visit the website. It isn't a very appealing way to listen to music.

    4. I am a huge fan of pandora. The way the generalize music is perfect. I have never had a bad experience with pandora. Also, I download mp3's and upload the to iTunes and create my own CD's. So, I listen to my CD player mostly.

  20. 1. done
    2. I have use google music before but i dont really like it. I find itunes easier to put your songs on your idevice i.e. ipod iphone.
    3. I use to be a premium spotify account hold so i could use it on my ipod. I didn't enjoy the experience. itunes just makes it to easy to use with your idevice. Thats why i use itunes.
    4. I use i heart radio to listen to the coyotes games when they are not on tv. I also use pandora to discover new music.

  21. 1. done
    2.. I used itunes because its easier to put your songs on your ipod
    3. I use spotify so i could use it on my ipod.
    4. I use i heart radio to listen to the coyotes games.

  22. 1. done
    2.. I used itunes because its easier to put your songs on your ipod
    3. I use spotify so i could use it on my ipod.
    4. I use i heart radio to listen to the coyotes games.

  23. I have not used google music, but i do use iTunes and i very much enjoy it. I also have not used Mog, but spotify was a nice way to listen to music. And pandora is very commonly used, almost everyone i know that listens to music has used pandora.

  24. 1. done
    2. My dad uses it and he says it's similar to iTunes

    3. I don't use either of them, and I don't really use anything besides iTunes, seeing as it is compatible with most mp3 players.

    4. iheartradio, LastFM, and Pandora are all very useful, as well as, grooveshark, etc i love iheartradio, because it is like pandora with more of the artist you search for

  25. 1. Done

    2. Google is known to copy ideas from everyone else and is very similar to iTunes, but iTunes offers more than Google music and is more known.

    3. Spotify and Mog look alright but i dont use them i only use iTunes because i rather keep my music

    4. I personally like Pandora i use it if i have listened to my music to much to mix the genre of music a little bit I also use slacker which is Pandora except there a little different

  26. 2. I like Google music a lot Its cool that you can keep your music library online. With I tunes its constantly a struggle to get around their licenses

    3.I WORSHIP SPOTIFY I use it all the time They have a pretty good selection of music and it is rare for me to not be able to find an artist on it. They do have ads that pop up from time to time which can be annoying but they are much better than other radio services like pandora.

    4.As I said before I use Spotify most of the time. The only issue is that the spotify mobile app cost money.....and as wonderful as spotify is I wouldnt pay any money for for it. So when I find myself without my laptop I usually end up using pandora or I heart radio


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