Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Best of the Best

The end is near. The end of MsK writing the blog articles for this school year anyway!

It will be up to you from now on! This week, peruse all the archives of this blog. Any post that begins with an (S) is student written. Look over all the blog topics from the past few years.

Pick 3 blog topics that you thought most interesting and list them for this weeks blog.

Next weeks blog (and this week's classwork) will be to draft a blog article for this forum.

Here are some websites to help you draft your blog articles:


  1. Battle of the Bands- just how complicated the issue of copyright is

    Internet Giants Collide- Looking back at what Facebook was and the direction they wanted to go and seeing where they ended up and the reaction people have now the the changes they actually made.

    Tech Tips- I really liked searching for sites that had good information about technology and this was the blog that got me reading Gizmodo. I don’t anymore but it was still a good assignment to get us exploring.

  2. My three favorite blogs were
    1.Chrome apps
    2.Australia Relocation
    3.How would you spend 100,000$

  3. Paper vs. Paperless teaching
    Stop Motion Photography

  4. 1. (S10) Transformice!

    2, Google Apps

    3. Australia!

  5. 1. What is the best smartphone OS for the money
    2. Paper vs Paperless Teaching
    3. Spend the Money

  6. 1. Australia Relocation

    2. Google Chrome Apps

    3. Best way to spend the $100,000

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  8. 1.Spend the Money
    2.Future technologies ... that already exist.
    3.Paper vs Paperless teaching

  9. 1.Laptops! Netbooks! Tablets! (and books..)
    2.Spend the Money
    3.Future Tech

  10. 1. future tech
    2. tech high schools
    3. spend the money on whatever

  11. 1. Transformice! brings back some great memories from last year. A very Important Blog.

    2. Do it yourself. I loved this blog. In fact I loved it so much I actually went out and bulit my own computer!

    3. Worrisome Websites! You never know what a good or bad website looks like!

  12. 1.Chrome apps
    2. tech high schools
    3. $100,000

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  14. 1. Paper vs. Paperless Teaching
    2. Programing Languages
    3. Tech -> Fail

  15. 1. What is the best smartphone OS for the money
    2. Best way to spend the $100,000
    3. Paper vs Paperless Teaching

  16. The three older blog post I think might have been fun to answer are:

    1) (S5) Amplitude - I wouldn't mind writing about the Amp zones.

    2) "Create a Blog" assignment - Answering questions about how technology could effect our school seems like a cool blog.

    3) Cloud Computing - The idea of storing your files on the internet is awesome!


  17. 1. What is inovation?

    2. chrome apps

    3. paper vs paperless teaching.

  18. 1.Chrome apps
    2.Spend the Money
    3. Top tech schools

  19. 1. 100,000 dollar budget. I liked pretending how to spend all that money and it is cool to sort of be in a dream star with your thoughts because you could spend it on ANYTHING.

    2. Future tech- The technology they showed was awesome and it was crazy to look a what people have created and to blog about it.

    3. Apps- It was fun relating and connecting to other students that liked the same apps you did, and looking at helpful apps was also very interesting.

  20. State* not star:p^^^^^^^^^

  21. Internet Giants Collide
    Invisible Web
    Paper vs paperless teaching

  22. Worrisome Websites!
    mac vs pc
    Tech Term Story Jumble!

  23. 1:Future school, future life

    2:mac vs pc

    3:the mobile learner.

  24. 1. Spend the money
    2. Google Apps
    3. Future tech

  25. 1) mac vs. pc
    2) Move to Austrailia and buy a house
    3) do it yourself (build you own computer)

  26. 1. Best way to spend 1 million dollars
    2. tech tips
    3. Stop motion photography


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