Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Next Step

Innovation in Education!

As GenYES students and technology mentors, one of the most importance facets of your role is to be technology innovators.  Last week you explored the idea of innovation.  Now it's time to BE innovators!

So how do we do this? 

1.  Breeze through this document:  Up to the Challenge  (YIKES! It's 38 pages long! Are you CRAZY MsK?)  No! I just want you to get the feel for what the study* is talking about!  Read a few parts in the beginning.  Stop and look at some pages that get your attention.  Discover some critical skills needed for students (Like YOU!) to be successful.  Pause around pages 17 through 20ish and understand what we (GenYES'ers) are striving for as tech innovators.  Consider what we've built and are building. Why are we creating AMP Zones?  What are we doing with this Compass Lab?  Why did we buy a Promethean Board?  → Comment on points about what you read and how it affects what we are doing.   
Are you up for the challenge?

2. There may be things more important in education than memorization of facts.  After all, we have google for fact finding, right?  The new ideologies are: The 4 C's.   What are they?  

3.  The simple video above is analogous to the way we do classwork now and proposes the idea of discovering new approaches and ideas through ... innovation.  Think about how this movie applies to the classrooms of today and potentially tomorrow.  Be specific.  

4.  What is Compass 2015 about? 

5. In Shadow's part of Compass 2015 what Objective and Strategy are the Compass Lab and Amp Zones listed for this year?  (Listed as digital lab and Amplitude)  What other notes about 21st Century Learning does it say we are proposed to do? 

Note:  Yep this is a long blog assignment!  OK's worth 100 points AND you will have class time to work on these concepts this week!  
*study:  There are many, similar studies and significant data to support this thinking.


  1. 1.)The amp zones have a lot of potential for education all that we need to do is get people using them to play education games such as immune attack for them to succeed. The new compass labs hold a lot of potential as well for example their large screens are optimal for visuals and art presentations. The Promethean board is absolutely perfect for the classroom it is essentially a giant electronic chalk board! What we need to do is educate the teachers on how they work and distribute them. By having students learn about technology and how to learn it we are giving them one of the most essential skills, “the skill to learn new ways of learning”.

    2.) The thing that we need to keep in mind when it comes to education is that having the facts and being able to use them are two different things, we need to teach students application in order for them to succeed and in a world that is increasingly technological it is only logical that educating students about technology is key.

    3.) This video is the perfect video to show how things in the world evolve. Education used to just be paper paper paper paper, then one day somebody said “why don’t we add wings to our go kart?” and from a question such as that we began to integrate technology into school systems. We have now reached the point where we are beginning to ask “Why not remove the wheels entirely and add a hover pack to it?” The jet pack of course would be higher forms of technology.

    4.)Compass 2015 is all about giving all students the chance to succeed in life. They believe that all students have the potential to succeed and that all they need is an opportunity.

    5.)The reason for the Amp zones and compass lab is so that students have access to a variety of tools with which they can better their learning.

  2. 1.) Shadow Mountain is building the future of education right now. The key to building better futures for students is preparing them for big business. To do this, we must engage students in the classroom with interactive lessons, keep programs on the cutting edge, prepare students for collage and provide a real world feel with group projects. To achieve this, we installed amp zones and have plans for a Promethean board to supply interactive learning opportunities. Teachers can now take their classes into the amp zones or to one of the Promethean boards and provide an interactive lesson. Another huge part of providing a better learning experience is the Compass Lab. This lab provides the newest technology to classrooms. This lab can be used to not only communicate with leading collages through TelePresence, it also provides a platform to run new, state of the at software.

    2.) The key for education to evolve is quite simple. Education needs to be centered around student's future. As the article suggests, students need to master critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. With these skills, students will better fit into the business environment.

    3.) Even though cheesy, the video does have a great lesson. It is easier to succeed when we work together and think outside the box. When you apply these ideas to the classroom you can radically change how students learn. To keep students engaged, teachers need to think outside the box and work with students to incorporate technology into the classroom.

    4.) Compass 2015 is about revolutionizing the relationship between students and teachers to better education. Through this, all students can succeed and build a future in the technology centered business arena.

    5.) Shadow Mountain's part in the Compass 2015 program is to prepare students with the tools they need to not only succeed in the business community, but to contribute to the global community.

  3. 1) So many questions. Apperntly there is a shortfall in necessary skills. Kids need to learn how to learn new and hands on skill in order to meet the demands in the market. Students with high school degrees are not coming out with the skills needed to achieve success in the work force. They want to create a greater emphasis on group collaboration and teamwork to achieve the skills that many companies are requiring in the real world. We are building the Compass Lab and Amp zones to encourage this engaging and small group centric learning attitude that everyone is shifting towards.

    2) Critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Basically being smart enough to work in a group that bounces off one another and uses everyone’s strengths.

    3) In classes students are stuck in a desk and need to sit and listen to teacher talk and show powerpoints and then do worksheets. They are taught to follow a set of parameters to get the job done and stick to that path. This works well of lab sciences and mathematics where the order is necessary and it won’t work if not done in a specific manner but for humanities there needs to be more group projects and tailoring of curriculum to match the student’s learning style. An artistic kid might understand and present their ideas differently from a mathematic student. Combining their powers together they can create a GIGANTIC MONSTER ROBOT!

    4) Compass 2015 is about inspiring students to want to learn and grown engaging and active curriculum. They want to maximize the number of students that succeed and do a better job of preparing them for college.

    5) Shadow Mountain wants to comply with the Arizona Technological Standards and use the Amp zones and Compass lab to encourage students to be the 4Cs (and everything I said up there ^).

  4. This is the third time... :K

    1. The AMP Zones are there to help kids get a better grasp on technology in today's world. The compass lab was made to gives students and teachers alike a good place to learn about technology in todays world. We have very nice computers in there, and if used successfully paired with a god teacher, the out come will be great. We bought the promethean board to learn how to use it and learn how to utilize it to it's full potential. It we know how to make good programs for it, or know where to find ones, then we can use it successfully in the classroom.

    2. .... Yes, I mean, I guess so. Critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication.

    3. (Analogy's don't make arguments!) In todays world you can no longer just give kids the tools to be successful. Doing this will not create a competitive marketplace and kids won't be able to find good jobs. You need to know how to give kids the tools to think creatively and find the best possible solution to the problem, not just a common one. You need to teach the kids how to use technology successfully, as almost every single job that hasn't been created, but will be for our generation, will include advanced technology.

    4. "Instructional Goal: Improve instruction and learning to maximize student success, minimize student failure, and prepare students as successful citizens in a rapidly-evolving world.

    Human Resources Goal: Improve and adapt instructional practices and learning environments to maximize student success.

    Operational Goal: Maximize student success through the focused use of district operational resources."

    5. "Articulate use of Project Amplitude within the content area curriculums.

    Establish digital learning lab for the use by the staff and students."

    They are to prepare kids with the skills they need to be competitive in the real world.

  5. 1. In the document I read that they are trying to bridge the skills gap between kids and to make it so that they use their knowledge and put it to use beyond their age groups. To basically promote higher learning and teaching. I thought this was interesting, "More than 42 percent of employers believe that new entrants to the workforce with only a high school diploma or GED equivalency are “deficient” in their skills and work readiness." As well as “in 2007, an astounding 16 percent of persons between 16 and 24 years of age (nearly 6.2 million people) were high school dropouts”. Nearly half (47 percent) of dropouts report that a major reason for leaving schools is that classes were not interesting;
    these dropouts reported being bored and disengaged from high school. I think that with everything we"re doing, with the AMP zones and the whole library, it really is going to engage students more and hopefully make classes more interesting. Especially with the Promethean board, it gets the whole class involved and it allows for really interactive conversation to go on and make learning better.

    2. The "4 C's" are critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. They all tie into the classroom and how interaction between students and teachers should go. The 4 C's make it very clear and concise on what the students product of their work should look like. Things such as, does it communicate to the reader, should be asked.

    3. I thought the video was cute and clear on it's purpose. That being that we should explore more innovative approaches at situations and that we have the capability to change learning as a whole. This can apply to the classroom by the fact that when kids get a simple assignment, they should go out side the requirements and create something bigger and better for themselves. Teachers should allow a no restrictions approach to things and allow the kids to have more freedom.

    4. Compass 2015 is about our mission to creating an even better learning environment for students all over. But wait, not only will it affect us, it can prove something for the whole district because while "improving instructional practices and learning environments to maximize student success", we are also showing that there is a focus on the relationship between educator and student.

    5. The digital lab is listed under objective 3, strategy 2
    Amplitude is listed under objective 2, strategy 2
    - Some other notes there are that we should do are: Establish a digital learning lab for use by the community, and developing a standard for formal digital communication between student and teacher.

  6. 1. The amp Zones are for kids and teachers to have common ground. They can both use the Zones to learn new things about technology and teach each other as well. The Promethean Board is for making the class more fun. Teachers have use power point for note and other such ways to teach. With the Promethean Board they could make notes, presentations, review, est. more interactive for the kids.

    2. The 4Cs (critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity) are for helping teachers with teaching in the 21st century.

    3.This video shows that we need to learn how to work together with to put ideas into play or put two ok ideas together to get an awesome idea.

    4. Compass 2015 is about improving instruction and learning.

    5.The reason Shadow is part of this so kid can learn new ways to use tools we have to make their projects better and more exiting.
    They will then go to a job and have know how to do the work.

  7. The article talks bout skills we use in gen yes such as innovation. We are innovators we take your normal tech stuff and times it by 100 that is exactly what we are doing with the lab and all of our other projects. We use the stuff from the article to make our school a better place and get our students to stop just following directions and think out side the box.

    The 4 c’s are critical thinking communication collaboration and creativity. These are the characteristics to succeed in all things you do. Applying his to your life would lead to success in projects and almost any thing.

    The vide shows a go cart building contest where one fallows the directions and the other innovates. The innovator built some thing much better then what the directions giving. If we use innovation we can make many things that we don’t have. If some one hadn’t innovated in the past we would not have light bulbs computer or plumbing.

    Compass 2015 is a new plan for student success it has student getting more one on one attention s well as using technology more effectively n the normal curriculum. It also is the idea that al student can succeed in the education system by using this program to help them.

    The lab and amplitude is listed under objective 2 increase us of critical thinking, decision-making and creative strategies in order to approach learning from a different perspectives. It is strategy 2 embed 21’st century skills including the Arizona technology standards as appropriate with the curriculum.

  8. 1. Innovation- the key to a student's success. It is important that students become innovative as they have to leave highschool and continue into the world. Students must learn to be critical thinking/ problem solving, ethics/ social responsibility, professionalism/ work ethic, creativity/ innovation, and lifelong learning/ self direction. As GenYES’ers we strive to be the vanguard of technology. We have to use our innovation skills to create something new and out of the ordinary. AMP zones are created to specialize in different types of technology. They are important to help educate students in specific types of technology from Mac to PC. With the Compass Lab that we are building, it is important that we approach this project with a mind of innovation. With this in mind, we can make a change in our school to bring about a positive change. That is one of the reasons we got the Promethean board for our Lab. It is a great advance in technology that will make learning fun and interesting.

    2. The 4 C’s, amazing tools that can create students who deal with the world around them in innovative ways. The 4 C’s are critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. Critical thinking is the basis to all of the 4 C’s. It allows people to make their own smart choices and make good work. Communication is another important C. Communication allows people to create amazing things together. If joined with collaboration an amazing thing can be formed. All the strengths of the team are combined to form a team with a variety of strengths. Creativity is the C that leads to the extraordinary things in life. When people begin to think outside the box, new things can be formed that might never have been created without creativity.

    3. This video describes the power of innovation. While some people do well at sticking to the rules, it is the ones who do well at NOT following the rules and innovating who truly shine. This relates to the classroom when students combine their unique skills to make something extraordinary that blows the mind of the teacher. If we teach students now to think outside the box, imagine what will happen in the next generation. What new inventions will be made? What new ideas will be made?

    4. Compass 2015 is an innovative program whose goal is, “All students will acquire a thirst for learning through challenging and engaging content that is individually crafted to propel them into the 21st Century confident, poised, and prepared with skills that will endure the test of time and ensure individual excellence and success.” (Compass 2015) This is an amazing program that plans to make unique changes in the way that students learn. It will make students long to learn and be creative in their thinking process. Shadow Mountain’s specific goals in these next few years are academic excellence, accountability, community spirit, integrity, and respect. These are important goals that can be accomplished within these next few years by following the process that Shadow Mountain has set up.

    5. They are put under objective 2 which is to “increase use of critical thinking, decision-making and creative strategies in order to approach learning from different perspectives.” It is under Strategy 2 which is to “embed 21st Century skills including the Arizona Technology Standards (A.T.S.) as appropriate within the curriculum.” We are following along directly with the guidelines of building the Compass Lab and the AMP Zones. We as GenYES’ers to continue to educate our school about technology and build new thing with the innovation that we must continue to use.

  9. 1:The Amp zones are great I really like the fact that i can go to them and play xbox but I can also play games that are educational.The compass labs are great They are very nice visually and are great for presentations.The promethean boards are the most important products on this list I think with them you can easily have your whole class be engaged in an assignment and have fun with a lesson too

    2:They are the most important things a student can learn. Its very important to have these traits. with these traits you oportunities are better in college and help you with jobs.

    3: I think that students should think outside the box because sitting in a desk for an hour makes students less engaged.

    4:The mission of the Paradise Valley Unified School District is to cultivate, lead, and inspire world-class, innovative thinkers and expert communicators through a focus on the relationship between educator and student built around challenging, meaningful, and engaging curriculum.

    5:They gives students a better learning environment as long with fun games and such they can use to help with their learning.

  10. 1) Shadow Mountain High School has set the standard for electronics education, but we don't want to just stop there. We are building amp zones for students to interact through games and also get the information needed. A great game created last year and used through amp zones is call immune attack. It was made to help Biology students learn but to have fun at the same time. Then, thanks to Ms. Kovesdy, we have a promethean interactive white-board. This makes it very easy for the teachers to entertain their students during presentations. Also, there are many features that make people think in the promethean board provide in presentations. Finally, the compass lab give the newest version of technology to give the ability to go above and beyond standards set by people on other old technology.

    2) Education is by far the most important part in a persons future. Don't get me wrong there have been very un educated people that have been extremely successful, but if you have a great education then more than likely you'll do better in life. As the article suggests, students need to master critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. With these skills, students will be a very strong and stern about what they believe. Also, they will become more successful in what they choose to do.

    3) The video was a little bit of an understatement for technology but it does provide good information. It is way easier if you work with a person who is creative and will help you get the best out of your knowledge as you can. Also, these skills need to be assessed in classrooms, by incorperating technology in the classroom and showing students how to use it in the best possible way.

    4) The 2015 compass is building relationships between students.

  11. 1) Shadow Mountain’s library has several AMP zones, a Compass Lab, and a fancy Promethean board which all accomplish the same idea. The idea they all accomplish is that students will become more involved with their schoolwork and will also learn to use technology to help them with it as well. Not only will students benefit from all these technology-based areas, but teachers and the outside community will benefit from them too. The Compass Lab especially will help the most because it will teach anyone who wants to learn more about technology a chance to. In conclusion, the areas will help the students to become more aggressive thinkers and will create unique and innovative ideas while at school.

    2) The four C’s that are discussed in the video and the LONG reading passage are Communication, creative thinking, collaboration, and creativity. Each of these concepts are essential in helping out the young minds that make up our world today.

    3) In the little short, the main analogy was that every mind has a different imagination towards a certain idea given and uses their individual imagination to create something new from a basic idea. In school’s classrooms today, this concept is seen because every kids homework will be unique and all of their projects will be different. To prove this is once again their ability to think differently with their own imagination.

    4) Compass 2015 is essentially the idea that students and teachers can think and create innovative thoughts that will help students achieve their goals and succeed.

    5) Students and the community of Paradise Valley can finally learn more about technology through the Compass Lab and the AMP zones. The Compass Lab will bring the community in to learn about basic technology out and about in our world today. And the AMP zones help students to get more involved in school with technology and with that collaborating with each other.


  12. 4) *cont.* The compass lab will help students and teachers collaberate in very innovative projects and do very creative thing on the internet that will let them interact.

    5) The Compass lab and amp zones will bring amazement to the community and provide them with the knowledge of the technology out today. Also, it helps the students learn to better them selves later in life.

  13. 1. It talks about the skills needed to succeed in our time. We are building amp zones to bring people with similar interests together. We are building the compus lab as a sort of tech center for our community where the GenYES can spread the knowledge of technology. The promethean board is here to help us find better and easier ways of teaching.

    2. The 4 C's are about thinking out of the box instead of the same teaching methods.

    3. The video focuses on the idea of thinking out of the box to find better ways of doing things. Our future holds an infinite amount of possibilities and innovation will lead us to a brighter future.

    4. Compass 2015 is the district's vision of a better tomorrow. They see a future where students have a lust foe knowledge and satisfy it through improved learning environments and focused district operational resources.

    5. We will be helping our community learn basic tech skills that will change our future. The Compass lab and AMP zones are our tool to begin teaching. Amp zones will bring people with common interests together wile being actively involved in school.

  14. 1. Some critical skills required to be successful are the abilities to collaborate and work in a group, understand the technology of the 21st Century, and being engaged and inspired to learn. We are creating AMP zones for students to meet and have a great time with each other while engaging themselves with technology. The Compass Lab is for teachers to learn how to use the technology around them and available to them in their lessons. We have the Promethean board to allow teachers to make their lessons more interactive as well as getting the students more engaged in learning.

    2. The four C's are critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. These are essentials for a teacher to be incorporating in their lesson plans.

    3. Students have been learning the way their teachers were taught by their teachers and so on. Teachers need to update their lessons and find news ways to teach the content to their students. Most teachers are victims of following what everyone else does, but they should instead find new ways to teach that same lesson. I believe that' what GenYes trying to do because teachers resist change, and GenYes is here to help them transition in favor of the students.

    4. Compass 2015 is a district effort to update how teachers teach and help students learn by engaging them and teaching them with familiar technology. A student shouldn't be left behind just because they are having a difficult time understanding the lesson, or they don't have a chance to participate because the smartest students are monopolizing the lesson. Every student should have an equal opportunity to learn and be successful.

    5. It shows we are doing our part in the Compass 2015 by incorporating technology into the classroom and school in general. The Amp zones are great places for friends to meet and have a great time. While the Compass Lab is for Teachers to learn how to incorporate technology into their classrooms. Also, it is a great place for teachers to carry out their lessons.

  15. 1. The Amp Zones and Compass Lab are for the students benefit. They are here to help the students gain a better understanding of the technology around them. They are being built to encourage and engage the students. It will give students the skills they need in the world after high school.

    2. Critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communication are the 4 C’s. These are all very important to practice on a daily basis. It really determines how a group of students work together.

    3. The videos purpose was do describe to us what innovation can do for us. It’s taking on small assignment and going above and beyond what we were asked to do. The video shows two students who were to build a go-cart for a contest. One student followed the directions and the other innovated and added her own creative ideas to the project and eventually the two brought their skills together to create something new. They innovated! If everyone would innovate then everything we have could be so much better.

    4. Compass 2015 is about our mission to creating an even better learning environment for students. This will help us as well as a lot of the people around us. This is about improving our learning environments.

    5. The reasons for the digital Lab for the Amp Zone is to improve instructional learning and encourage students with these new tools that can make their work better.

  16. 1. We built the Amp zones for students to better understand curriculum and play educational games. These days kids sit in class bored out of there mind not even listening to the lesson the teachers teaching just waiting for the next bell to ring so they could get on with there day BUT with the AMP zones class wont be so boring students could play games that teach them in a way that teachers cant. like with the game Immune students played that and learned about the human body by exploring and killing off evil viruses but still getting the full lesson and having fun. The compass lab is being built to help not only students but the community get a better understanding on technology, We want to help to show them that technology is new ,its fresh ,Its ALIVE!!! We bought the promethean bored because you know no one really explained that to me they just asked me what I though and how it looks. Well I think its because it a new interactive way to show people presentations etc.
    2. The four “C’s” are for teachers who want to understand a students work. They teach teachers step by step on how to Understand the four C’s and a students work.
    3. I think the move applies to the classroom today by working together, combining ideas and creating something new.
    4. Compass 2015 is about our mission to make a better world for our community. We want to show people that there is more to technology then they know. We GenYES’ers want to help the community get a better picture on what technology an accomplish.
    5. 5.Shadow Mountain's part in the Compass 2015 program is to prepare students with the tools they need to not only succeed in the business community. 21st century also proposes that all students will acquire a thirst for learning through challenging and engaging content that is individually crafted to propel them into the 21st century confident, poised, and prepared with skills that will endure the test of time and ensure individual excellence and success.

  17. 1. I believe that the biggest thing in GenYes is the amp zone and the compass lab. These labs will help students and teachers learn new things about technology. Students could finally look forward to a boring class like english. Teachers could have kids pay attention and have fun in class.

    2. The four c’s that are told in the video and the reading are communication, creative thinking, collaboration, and creativity. Each of these traits are necessary in helping out students.

    3. This video showed us 2 different types of people. Most people do as there shown. Then there are people who try stuff a new way. Like how the main character amazingly made a plane that didn't need anytime to lift off. She would be the innovator. The rest were the losers that followed the instructions and didn't try to make there car faster.

    4.Compass 2015 is the idea that students and teachers can think and create ideas that will help students reach their goals and succeed.

    5. I believe that that the PV district and the community could learn a lot more about technology and how to use it in one trip to ether the amp zones or the compass lab. This could also help them later in life if there at the future jobs that use technology or if they need any sort of innovation.

  18. 1.The Compass lab that we have built is a new and *innovative* lab that teachers will use. It will no longer just be for writing reports, but also for playing educational games that we are designing or even teaching a lesson on the promethean board. We are creating the AMP Zones to have students go and learn visually how to solve equations or build something through technology, instead of just a teacher lecturing. We bought the Promethean Board to create new ways of learning that are fun and exciting for students.
    2. the four C's are critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity, they are things that teachers need to do inorder to be a 21st century teacher.
    3. This video applies to the classroom by showing how everyone learns differently and how everyone has different skill sets. And it shows that when we work together, there is no limit to what we can achieve.
    4. Compass 2015 is Paradise Valleys new plan to make sure every student succeeds. Compass 2015 is also a new way for teachers to educate students using familiar technology.
    5. The reason for the Compass Lab and the AMP Zones is to help students succeed with familiar technology and innovative ways to educate.

  19. 1) the amp zones we have are awesome for learning, we just need people to use them and the ampzones will be doing what they are meant for educational learning, the compass labs could be great for learning I we execute their plans correctly and get everyone putting up technological presinatations and things like of that sort, and we bought a promeathean board because they are the perfect teaching utensil, because you can do so much on them like make post presentations play educational games with the whole class and much more.
    2) 4 Cs critical thinking and problem solving, communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation they are things people need to have to be good in the 21st century
    3) it applies to us in the sense that new things are coming up all the time and have to find ways to work with al these new ideas and execute them to the best you can
    4) Compass 2015 is the PVs plan to try 2 make kids prosper by making school more fun for the kids so they dont get bored and quit school
    5)the amp zones and the compass lab are being added to make school more fun for the students and help et some teachers acquainted with all this new technology

  20. 1. Being a student at Paradise Valley High School, that houses the most critical CTE (career technical education) programs, and attending Shadow Mountain High School GenYES program, I see that within the CTE classes, its a whole new learning experience, putting the teaching into the students hand and making something happen. In the GenYES class I see in the compass lab that we all put together, we were given the materials and path, and all we had to do was little research and find a way to make it work. When we are given technology and asked to make it work, we learn something. If we give technology to students to apply in class learning and communication will improve faster and better than before.

    2. The four C's are critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. I feel that the most important of all of the four C's is collaboration. If teachers dont let the students collaborate, then it is very difficult for the student to even learn from others and find understanding and equal opportunity co-operatin.

    3. The video posted above gives a great example in some cases in the modern class room. Teachers give students, lets call it a map, of what is expected and then the students think and build a thought for what they see the end product to be. Also co-operation between students allows each student to be inspired by each other to make something greater than they can possibly on there own.

    4. The Compass 2015 plan is the PAradise Valley School Districts plan to change the learning method and future, by making every interaction interesting and very fun/ enjoyable. This may help students from dropping out, feeling bored and feeling pointless.

    5. The amp zones at Shadow Mountain High School are really impressive. They allow the students to get a piece of the technological home into school. These labs will turn the fun "gaming" world into a new world of what I like to call "gamer intellect".

  21. 1. It talks about the skills needed to succeed in our time. We are building amp zones to bring people with similar interests together. We are building the compus lab as a sort of tech center for our community where the GenYES can spread the knowledge of technology. The promethean board is here to help us find better and easier ways of teaching. Such as the votes that we will be learning about.

    2. The 4 C's are about thinking out of the box instead of the same teaching methods. Critical thinking is deciding weather something is true or false. Communication is important in order to get new fresh ideas. Collaboration is important to brainstorm for new ideas or even a new, better way to do something. Creativity is thinking outside of the box and not doing the same old ideas. If we didn't have the four C's we would never progress.

    3. The video focuses on the idea of thinking out of the box to find better ways of doing things. Our future holds an infinite amount of possibilities and innovation will lead us to a brighter future.

    4. Compass 2015 is the district's vision of a better tomorrow. They see a future where students have a lust foe knowledge and satisfy it through improved learning environments and focused district operational resources.

    5. We will be helping our community learn basic tech skills that will change our future. The Compass lab and AMP zones are our tool to begin teaching. Amp zones will bring people with common interests together wile being actively involved in school.

  22. The paper was about how the are trying to get students to connect their skills, also with how to be succesful you need to use technology that is modern and be able to talk and interacte with other kids.Gen yes can do that because we incorprate all of that. smhs is a leader in technology and we need to set the path for other schools by being innovative.

    critical thinking, communication, collabaratiom, and creativity. These will all lead to being succesful.

    this video shows how we can take an average idea or plan, and turn it into a new and revelutionary idea by working together and striving to achieve greatness among your peers by thinking outside the box, our compass lab is a step in this direction by showing a example to others of our work.

    The lab is about a new revelution and step in technology in smhs and the world, we are trying to create an enviorment that can be used for furthering education and that we can also use to help others and make our students and school improve to 100%.

    prepare the students with tools for the future and and help to be innovative for the future.

  23. 1. Our school is laying down the foundation for the future. We have just completed our compass lab. Which is a state of the art facility. It has brand new equpiment for teachers and students to use. We are trying to focus on group work instead of working by yourself. We have the amp zones so we can have group collaboration. The Compass lab is there so kids and teachers can learn all the new tecnology of the world.

    2. Yes, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

    3. This video applies to the classroom of today in many ways. Students and kids today need to think outside the box. Many are just gear to do exacty what they are told, and need to wait for instructions to do something. This is because of how kids our taught they need to be taught where they can work together and not just focus on memerizing pointless facts.

    4. Compass 2015 is all about helping students sucseed. They are trying to help students prepare for college better. They are also getting them ready for what ever might lay a head after highschool. To bad Ill be gone by then.

    5. SMHS part is compass 2015 is to prepare students for what they need to be a better part of society than kids have been in the past. Also so kids can learn new tools to make highschool more enjoyable and so they get more out of high school.

  24. 1) It is about making education more fun and interactive to help students learn better. If we make learning more engaging and appealing for students, then they might understand,learn better. Amp Zones, Promeathean Boards, and the Compass Lab with help bring technology into learning and make more interactive and fun for the students.

    2) The new ideologies are Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity (4C's).

    3) Thinking outside the box, and being creative, and trying new things is what this video is about. Two kids with different skill sets, collaborating new ideas with each other, and creative and testing new ideas. This applies very much with what is happening today and in the future. If everyone followed the rules and wasn't creative and every one had the same skills as others, then we would branch off and try new things, new things that be a huge help to them and every one else around them. This is what we are doing in GenYES, trying new things such as the new Compass Lab Mac's and building the Amp Zones to help build new was to learn that can effect how people learn in a big way.

    4) Compass Lab 2015 is about engaging students and maximizing there potential for learning and be success as students as well as citizen in rapidly-evolving world.

    5) Shadow Mountain's Compass Lab is doing exactly what it should be, preparing the students with the tools they need to succeed in life.


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