Sunday, January 30, 2011

(S1) Mac Apps!

1) The Mac app store has been launched! How will the addition of the mac app store effect the "Lite" and spam apps already on the regular iTouch app store? 

2) With piracy being so prevalent on the web, what's to stop pirates from taking the software and creating a mac based cydia? 

3) You've all seen it. The iPad commercials brag about being used with third party items such as a guitar and the camera connector cords in tandem with app store apps. What would you like to see an app for?  What ports are you looking forward to seeing on the mac? (other than angry birds) ARD for the ipad? car control?  


  1. This is the first of student blog articles. At the end of all the student blog topics we'll have a contest to see who can guess who wrote them all.

  2. So far Apple is slacking big time in third party items, If apple can do anything, it is a plus.

    PC FTW!!!

  3. 1. It won't. They are separate.

    2. Cydia is not piracy software. As to piracy, the store has the same barriers as normal software piracy does. That is to say, this question doesn't have an answer.

    3. The Mac App Store doesn't make connections with Apple's other devices any easier. It actually makes it more difficult because it doesn't allow access to protected APIs on the Mac. Any application in the Mac App Store could be developed without the Mac App Store, and Angry Birds is already on Mac without that store. In the end, the Mac App Store is basically meaningless.

  4. 1) It wont affect them at all, they are completely separate entities.

    2) Cydia does not distribute illegal software. does though. And they are already developing a mac store called Kickback, which will distribute paid mac apps for free. Just like the regular internet has done for years.

    3) I don't look forward to anymore apps. This store doesn't make apps more effective, it simply makes Apple approved apps easier to download.

  5. 1) The apps on the App Store are only some of the approved Apple apps that are overpriced and not useful to the average user or a tech person, only for people that need help or want to draw/chat "Whiteboard and FaceTime"

    2) I think Ninjas will beat pirates but I don't care if they create a "Cydia" because it can be very useful to the Poor Mac owners.....? $1200 computer...

    3) I would love to have a Firewire Port so I can use the iPad as a Portable Flash HDD, I would use it all the time like I do with my iPod. Being able to control my car would be great for the mornings when its cold. A physical keyboard for the iPad. Sims is a great game for the iPad.

  6. 1) Seeing how many spamy and free apps are on the iTunes store I bet there will be lite and FREE apps on the mac store too. However I doubt that Apple will change their policies very much.

    2) Nothing will. Hackers and pirates will always be able to illegally download the mac apps. It will be up to the program to decide if they feel putting their product on the app store will be worth the risks.

    3) I would like to see more game apps for mac to boost there gamer side of macs. Distributing games that way will help boost macs potential.

  7. 1) It don't think that it will change at all.

    2)I don't think that anyone will stop them physically but i think that it would be an idea easily shot down with sites like the pirate bay and kick ass torrents and all that good stuff. So there really wont be a need for a mac based cydia or rock application.

    3) I would like to see an advanced app that allows you to record and edit music. It would be nice to have a few inputs for 1/4 inch cables too.

  8. 1. There will be many of both but I don't think they're similar at all. So I don't conclude there would be any effect of one to the other.

    2. Piracy is due to changes in the web, so I think that nothing can stop it. Pirates could always find a way to install illegal apps,etc. that are supposed to be paid for. In my opinion, Cydia works for jailbroken ipods/iphones so this doesn't matter to piracy.

    3. Well, it would be cool to see with the new SDK to share files, like for example. A shared Desktop app that allows the ipod to collaborate with the desktop to download pictures instantly without wi-fi. I would like to be able to also see the difference in maybe a picture and my drawings/sketches.

  9. 1. The two stores are entirely seperate, therefore they would not affect eachother.

    2. It is impossible to stop pirating. People will always find ways around it, no matter how hard we try to stop it, and no matter how many things we throw in to try and stop it.

    3. Macs seem to be lacking as a whole in the gaming department, so seeing some more high end games added to macs, not just games such as Angry Birds, would be awesome.

  10. 1. I dont think it would have any effect, other than if developers stop making apps for the itouch which i doubt they would. They are two separate things.

    2.There isn't anything to stop them. They are always going to pirate. So there is nothing to stop them.

    3.I think it is really cool how you can use it as a ticket to bored the airlines. I dont know what I would like to see, just cant wait to see what new amazing thing they will come up with next.

  11. 1. It won't. They are two separate stores.

    2.They can't be stopped. As long as torrent sites and file sharing are still around, there is nothing apple will do to prevent piracy. They can only attempt to stifle it and lessen the degree it impacts sales.

    3. I would like to see more game apps. Although a large number of iphone apps are games, I think with the introduction of the new mac app store there is great potential for game developers.

  12. 1) This mostly likely not effect it at all. They are separate parties.

    2) Even though Cydia isn't an illegal site people will never stop taking free apps. Apple is pretty much outta luck because that can't stop file sharing sites. But this may only effect Apples sales.

    3) They need to have more app games. but car control would extremely awesome. I think mac app store will soon be a big hit for their game development

  13. 1) just like every other "junk" web page out there this new app store may just end up "sloping up" the internet. There are a lot of great uses for the internet out there, but there comes a point where on must simply say "no" and not allow things like this to rule there life's. "EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, BUT NOT ALL THINGS ARE PERMISSIBLE"

    2)the question of piracy was raised, and it is a very relevant topic. Honestly, I dont think that there is really and truly ever a way to control the pirating flow of programs, movies, and other electronic data. there is always someone out there who is wiling to take the risk and go the extra time to "crack" the code.

    3)yes, we have all seen it. The "amazing" IPad! honestly, the only difference between the ipad and the ipod is size. Granted there are notable uses for a bigger screen, but it serves little difference then to serve the economy with yet another way to fall into debt. It would be cool however to see an app be developed that allows the user to wirelessly control their car and act as if there playing a game.

  14. 1. the not same...,

    2. I didn't read the question, but I like pirates, people will take things forever, deal with it.

    3. An app of me all of the time, the Elliot app, or THE GOD APP, an app that can only be described as awesome... Personal apps would be neat, rather then "tweating" everything you do, an APP just narrates your life.


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