Sunday, November 7, 2010

Stop Motion Photography

Next week we are going to create stop motion movie shorts.

Explore these websites to see various techniques:

Pick 3 of your favorites and comment on each:

  • List the title and web link
  • Describe the mediums that were used: wire, chalk, sticky notes, clay...
  • Describe how you think they did it: what were the technical aspects of production...overhead cameras, lighting, sound...
  • Why did you like it: appealing content, cool idea or creative theme... 

Have fun! 


    1. 1. -So I picked my favorite from each of the links, and for the youtubes one I really enjoyed 3. DEADLINE, I think it nailed the whole stop motion concept.
      -They used a variety of colored sticky notes, common and creative.
      -For the camera, I think it was shot from the back, excluding the beginning of the video. Lighting pretty much stayed consistent throughout the video.
      -I thought the idea of using the post-it's to create a story was quiet unique and it was actually captivating to me. In this one you could actually tell it was stop motion and not a video, it was artsy and cool in general.

    2. 2. -From the Stunning Stop Motion, I picked 4. TXT ISLAND.
      -They mainly just used a simple board and some plastic letters to create a whole movie. I especially enjoyed the part at 2:27 because it looked like an actual building site.
      -Lighting didn't change until close to the end it got a little darker cause of the neon. I haven't figured out exactly HOW they produce stop motion videos but they look really realistic.
      -It was really cool how you could see the creativity of using simple letters like V's to make cranes and forests. It got boring at times but other points had my attention piqued.

    3. 1) My three favorites were her Morning Elegance from 10 Best Stop Motion, Deadline post-it stop motion form Stunning Stop Motion, and Lego Millenium Stop Motion from 50 Incredible Stop Motion Movies.

      2) A bed sheet and pillows, quite a few post-it notes, Legos.

      3) Lots and lots of pillows, different sheets, overhead camera, used the shifting light to speed up time, and put to a music track to make it interesting.

      They probably had to grid out the wall to accurately place out all of the post-it notes in the correct position.

      Just a lot of patience putting the pieces together at a good pace without jumping too many steps while at the same time adding all the extra movement around the main piece.

      4) I really liked the motion of the first one, it had a very Mario like motion to it that I found engaging.

      The post-it notes were fun to watch because it had that 8 bit feeling to it and all I could think of was how much time they must have had to put into placing everyone of those little squares every single time.

      The building of the Millenium Falcon was cool because I just thought they were going to simple show it put together piece by piece but I was truly shocked to see all the other motion and work they put into surrounding motion.

    4. 1. My favorite 3 videos were "Her morning elegance", "Deadline", and "Game Over". All three of them are in the article you linked to us.

      2.In "Her Morning Elegance", they just used a bed, different colored sheets, pillows, articles of clothing and people.

      "Deadline" only used sticky notes

      "Game over" used all sorts of household items such as food, toy cars, salt shaker, watches, shark teeth, bugs and leaves.

      3. "Her Morning Elegance" used a fixed over head camera to give the effect of standing and walking when the girl was just lying down.

      "Deadline" used just a stationary camera, but there was probably some sort of grid used to keep the sticky notes in such a uniform manner.

      "Game Over" used good lighting, and wasn't so much technical as it was creative.

      4.I liked "Her Morning Elegance" just because of the creativity, and how well they did the walking animations for the girl and how they made everything take place on a bed.

      "Deadline" was also creative in the sense of the different colors and positions of the sticky notes to make it seem like an 8-bit pixelation.

      "Game Over" was one of my favorites because of the use of everyday objects to imitate familiar video games. I also liked it because it was so simplistic that it looked like I could do something like that.

    5. 3. -From 50 Incredible Stop Motion Videos, I picked 7x7x7 stop motion assembly.
      -In this particular video, I think they did a great job illustrating their purpose, as well as making it fun and creative. They used little blocks, and made them come together to make a rubix cube as well at the end they had a regular one with tape.
      -They most likely had regular lighting, and just a plain camera, nothing special in the production category.
      -I thought this one was very interesting because it always interests me how people can solve it so fast and in this video they made the cube then solved it which is totally cool.

    6. 1) My favorite stop motion videos were Her Morning Elegance and Deadline which are link. Super Mario Bros. 3 are linked to 50 Incredible Stop Motion Videos.

      2) Her Morning Elegance used a bed but had the girl walk and swim. The pillows acted like stairs and clouds.

      The Deadline used a lot of sticky notes but made it look really cool and funny by far this was my favorite.

      Super Mario Bros. 3 used kinda like a gameboy to play this game, but it look like it was a paper playing the video.

      3) Her Morning Elegance definitely had an overhead camera because they made it look like she walking and swimming. All though it also looks like it has a side camera or the camera is position to make it look side ways and on top.

      The Deadline I don't really know what kind they use because it was sort of tricky.

      Super Mario was look like a computer because it had video game material but a camera could have still been used.

    7. 1. I liked, "O Filme" from the Stunning Stop Motion link. The Original Human Tetris from the 50 Incredible Stop Motions link, and I liked T-Shirt War from the Top 10 website.

      2. In O Filme, they used chalk and a blackboard, in Human Tetris, they used multicolored shirts and people, and in T-Shirt Wars, they used t-shirts and markers.

      3. O Filme was done by changing the drawings slowly to give the appearance of motion, as well as some first person camera views. In Human Tetris, they moved people in rows with different colored shirts to give the appearance of tetris blocks, while using an overhead camera to give the tetris screen appearance, and in T-Shirt Wars, they drew the shirts with the camera facing to give a "battlefield like quality.

      4. I liked O Filme because i thought that using the blackboard for weapon and quote layout was clever. Human Tetris I liked because I had no idea how it could be done when I read the title, but after watching, I thought the concept was cool. With T-shirt wars, the whole concept of a "t-shirt war" in the first place is downright awesome.

    8. 1. I liked T shirt War, Game over by PES, Stop Motion Rubik's cube these are from the top ten website.

      2. Lots of T-shirts, a rubik's cube, and lots of food.

      3. I think it was done just by taking the objects and moving them a little bit each time, like if they wanted to move an object across the table they would just move it a centimeter then take a picture then repeat until it got across the table then it would appear to be moving.

      4. I liked them just because they were different, and I had never seen ones like them before.

    9. 1. "Stop motion wolf and pig" @ I liked this one because they used actual photos and made a stop motion movie with stop motion photography which makes it slightly more complicated and doubles the steps. One thing that they used was double sided tape, but i could also tell that when they used the sink as the swimming pool you could see the water line.

      2. Ivan Ives "All my life" music video @ This video was great because i suspect they had a larger budget compared to most the other videos. The best part is that they use tons of different things through out the entire thing instead of sticking to one method like all pictures or all sticky notes. They also used more fps which made it a little more entertaining to watch except a few parts were a little choppy.

      3. Mellenium falcon @ He used legos as his medium. I thought it was awesome mainly because it is related to starwars. He definitely used a lot of over head lighting. The theme was the appealing part, the technique wasn't even slightly original.

    10. Im going to use a pass in this one

    11. 1. Stop Motion with Wolf and Pig -
      I liked the use of individual pictures to make it look like a moving object instead of just a regular terrible looking not-video. the way it moved around the house was really cool too.

      2. DEADLINE -
      I have seen this video before and it is one of my favorites of all time. Which is weird, because i hate latching stop motion films usually, unless they look REALLY good, which this one does. The post it notes was a great idea. I love the human interaction, and they actually used a projector to line up all the post its everytime, which is awesome.

      3. T-Shirt War -
      This is one i have seen before too. I love all the shirts and the ideas and everything about it is pretty amazingly well done. pulling things out of the shirts and stuff was really cool


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