Sunday, September 19, 2010

Spirit of Discovery

Fun homework!  Is that possible?

Hoshi Saga game.  Lots of critical thinking and discovery!
Here is the workaround if you are at school: Hoshi Saga Safe

Your task this week is to play the Hoshi Saga game and discover the stars in each row which will open up all the squares with the ? marks.

Uncover all the ? marks in the first level.  You must also collaborate in this blog with your colleagues by leaving (at least) one hint below about any star box.  You can also submit questions on some of the tough ones if you want!

Accomplish all the ? marks* and one comment hint in the blog and you are done with this weeks homework!

Challenge!  If you choose to go on and complete the next levels, the top player will receive a free homework pass for next week!  All homework entries due by Saturday Midnight!  See note below

Submitting your homework entry: Take a screen shot of your final board. Try to catch the score at the top.  Email it to me.

* (if you fail to complete a row thus leaving a ? mark = -5 points per ? each remaining on your board)

Have fun!

PS It used to release new levels when you completed the board.  Now they are separate and actually different too!  So if you want to do the "Challenge!" here are a few more levels:
Hoshi 2
Hoshi 3
Hoshi 4
Hoshi 5 

That's it!


  1. stage 12. its all about timing. stop and go as you need to, but keep in mind you cant go back

    any advice for numbers 17 and 19?

  2. Use your Lunar Landing skills be beat Stage 11

  3. OH! And on stage 10, before you do ANYTHING, look at all the dots and find what your looking for in each level, the outline the shape with the dots by simply moving over them. Sorry if it's vague =)

  4. Oh stage 13, think about the game Tug-Of-War, and you should be on the right track. :) Interesting blog, really fun.

  5. How do you get past the level with the circles?

  6. Its easier to beat the level where you have to memorize that shape and then connect the proper ends if you take a screen shot.

  7. Stage 14, continue clicking in the center until all the points are discovered, there are more than you would expect.

  8. Stage 35, Turn the light on for at least a minute and then turn it off and the stars will appear.

  9. Just beat the game on a PC so I can't take a screen shot, but as for my hint, on PC's at least, if you right click, hit "play", then right click and hit "play" again, you automatically win.


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